Chapter 386 Offering Sacrifice

    Chapter 386 Offering Sacrifice

    Confronted with the gushing willpower impact, the three Gray Knights let out furious bellows, trying their best to defend.

    However, the willpower impact was a purely spiritual attack. It was a competition between the willpower of both parties, so it was useless no matter how strong they were physically.

    Additionally, in terms of sparring with one's willpower, Smiling Face was clearly the expert.

    The three monsters started trembling under the willpower impacts, unable to say a word. They started bleeding from their eyes, noses, mouths and ears. It felt as if even their brains were going to evaporate.

    The gray flesh which was controlling the three Conferred Knights also started to tremble non-stop and scream under the impact of the white light. It was as if the willpower in their cells was drenched in sulphuric acid, continuously killing the cells.

    However, Smiling Face's actual target was the Terrene Shrine's bishop, the man who had disgusting tentacles sprouting out all over his body. Yet the latter merely spat out a mouthful of blood and then looked coldly at Smiling Face, without saying a word.

    'How is that possible?

    'Even a level 27 Conferred Knight couldn't possibly just get away with spewing out a mouthful of blood after receiving my willpower impact. This guy...'

    The bishop laughed, "Is it very hard to understand?"

    He gradually raised his hands, revealing countless faces twisting and deforming under his skin. There were even many parts of his flesh which were bulging out, forming shapes that looked like human faces. Their agonizing howls, furious bellows, and cries for help sounded as if countless ghosts had descended.

    "I beg of you! Kill me! Kill me!"

    "Someone, please save my child!"


    All sorts of voices, coming from elderly and children, men and women, rang out.

    Right at that moment when Smiling Face was stunned, the surrounding environment changed profusely. It was as if countless black shadows of varying ages and sizes had dashed out and grabbed onto his body.

    There were elderly crying out and grabbing his neck.

    There were young children holding onto his ankles.

    There were also men letting out furious bellows as they grabbed onto his arms.

    A myriad of ghostly shadows moved about, as if they were going to drag him through the pitch-black door before him.

    Then at the next moment, the lights and shadows switched places, and Smiling Face could see that the door was actually the bishop's body, which was covered by countless twisted tentacles.

    Smiling Face glared at the bishop, sending waves of martial will wildly in his direction, tearing the human shadows which were grabbing him into shreds.

    "What on earth have you done?!"

    "What have I done? Mortal, you still don't understand?" The bishop laughed out loud. "What we have aren't just powerful physical bodies. I've added in the consciousness of those insignificant nobodies, thereby allowing us to always be able to win battles of willpower impacts."

    Smiling Face suddenly turned to discover that the three Gray Knights, who had been bleeding out from their eyes, ears, noses, and mouths, were now standing there without any signs of injury. The man with a lion's head twisted his neck a little and said coldly, "It's now my turn to get some fresh air."

    All three Gray Knights had their bodies stuffed with the consciousness of countless humans. When confronted with willpower impacts, if one of the consciousness were to die, all they had to do was to switch to another.

    Looking at this scene, Smiling Face's expression turned cold as well. He stared at the bishop and asked, "How many consciousness have you stuffed into your body? How many people have you killed?"

    "Oh? Do Conferred Knights also care about the number of those insignificant nobodies?" The bishop shrugged, "But even if you ask me, I really have no idea. Would you remember what you ate for breakfast yesterday, the day before, or even one month ago?"

    Violent martial will shot out in all directions from Smiling Face's body. The three Gray Knights let out maniacal cries as they were struck by this power.

    However, the bishop smiled and faced the violent gush of martial will head-on. He used a commoner's consciousness in his body to receive this impact. As long as the lives in his body had not been completely depleted, there was no way in which he would be defeated by the impacts from the martial will.

    Smiling Face looked at the bishop, and his heart gradually sank. 'His body doesn't die, and his mind won't be wrecked. This is bad.'

    The bishop laughed out maniacally and said, "The reason Conferred Knights can win with willpower impacts is because ordinary people doesn't know such techniques. However, when you're facing the willpower impacts from several tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people... what would it feel like?

    "Enjoy it. Enjoy their agony."

    In the next moment, frantic and turbulent consciousness, filled with various fury, desperation, terror, and sadness, surged out from the bishop's body. As if a myriad of ghosts had emerged, countless black shadows engulfed Smiling Face in that instant.

    Plaits and Old Man looked at this scene in astonishment. The cells in their bodies, which had been controlling their consciousness, were killed by Smiling Face's willpower impacts. So, both of them stood up as well, readying themselves for battle.

    The bishop looked at this scene coldly, his face filled with disdain. Then he instructed, "I'll handle this. Number 1, go get the last person over here."


    In the underground tunnels, Fang Xingjian came to a large hall which was filled with the stench of rotting corpses. He walked quietly on the path in the middle of the hall. On both sides of the path, there were deep pits with countless skeletons and rotting flesh.

    There must have been at least several thousands of people who had died in these endless pits of corpses.

    Looking at the many corpses, killing intent seemed to be gather in Fang Xingjian's eyes. The mental cultivation method in his brain continued to circulate at an increasing speed.

    Suddenly, a black figure emerged from the pit. However, before it had gotten near, sword light flashed consecutively and blood splattered as the person fell before Fang Xingjian.

    When Fang Xingjian got a closer look at the black figure lying in the pool of blood, the killing intent in his eyes grew even more intense.

    It was the body of a child who was about three to four years old. However, the limbs of the child had been changed to that of a dog's while his eyes and ears had both been sealed up. As Fang Xingjian sensed the chaos and dying wish coming from the child, he could clearly tell that the child had gone completely insane.

    Sending out some sword light, he killed the child who had been modified.

    Fang Xingjian increased his speed as killing intent swelled up in his eyes. He continued to head on deeper into the cave. However, wherever he passed by, long sword marks were left on the ground, as if an uncontrollable power was emanating from Fang Xingjian's body.

    After passing by the corpse pits and walking through a tunnel which was over 1000 meters long, the stench of blood gushed forth.

    The scene which entered Fang Xingjian's line of sight was of countless bodies of both men and women which had been hung up from the top of the cave.

    Each of the human bodies had wounds of varying degrees. Some of them had half their heads chopped off, while others had their limbs cut off...

    Blood flowed down to the ground, turning the entire hall into the color of blood.

    A deadly aura emanated from Fang Xingjian's body, and the ground under his feet continued to shatter, as if a longsword was slashing through it continuously.

    The killing intent in his eyes was like a strong gale as he stepped in the pools of  sticky blood and headed toward the center of the blood-colored hall.

    On his way there, other than being able to see the many corpses which had been hung up like dead pigs, he also saw various instruments of torture with fresh blood and minced flesh left on them. There were even some corpses lying on the instruments with expressions of terror.

    Sounds of blades being sharpened came from the deeper area of the hall. When Fang Xingjian arrived at the source of the sounds, he saw a small human figure sitting there in full concentration while he was sharpening a kitchen knife.

    A maniacal voice kept coming out from the person's mouth.

    "Hehehehe, a baby's flesh is the most tender and melts in the mouth.

    "The flesh of an aristocratic lady is the most refreshing and is best eaten with a cold dressing.

    "A Knight's flesh is the most chewy, making one want to grilled it every time."

    As the sound of Fang Xingjian's footsteps got closer, the shorty slowly turned over to look at Fang Xingjian. The shorty's kitchen knife glided past the sharpening stone as an ugly face with twisted features full of burnt marks was revealed.

    Looking at Fang Xingjian, he chuckled, "Hehehehe. There's more meat to eat again." As he was saying this, drool flowed down uncontrollably from the corner of his lips.
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