Chapter 378: Kicking A Ball

    Chapter 378: Kicking A Ball

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    Amidst the lion's roar, the ground trembled, and great powers gushed forth from the lion man's body. His eyes turned bloodshot, and green veins popped out all over his head. Under his full prowess, he forcibly pushed against the Zenith Light Sword Formation and dashed up to three meters before Fang Xingjian.

    Due to his unusual body structure, the strength he was unleashing surpassed 180 points in strength attribute. It was an explosive force which was sufficient to flip over more than ten tanks.

    The air in the surroundings started to seethe, like an ignited fuel air explosive.

    However, even though he had unleashed such a monstrous strength in that instant, he was still forced to stop three meters away from Fang Xingjian.

    Bang! An Ether Sword Ripple slashed across his chest, but the lion head's eyes only grew increasingly red and savage. He pushed against the Ether Sword Ripple and advanced forward, inch by inch.

    Even the invisible Ether Sword Ripple seemed to be forced to reveal its form under such pressure. It was like an invisible sharp blade in the air, flashing with a translucent glow.

    Fang Xingjian continued to stand there motionless. However, as he looked at the lion whose eyes were bloodshot and who was ceaselessly roaring furiously, another five streams of Ether Sword Ripples were shot out in the next moment.

    A total of six streams of sword ripples slashed against the lion's body. Not only was the lion instantly cut up into pieces, but its corpse was even sent flying by the overwhelming power, and it banged against the walls once again.

    The Zenith Light Sword Formation then surged forth, with an even higher temperature this time, as they started to vaporize the man with the lion head's body.

    Roar roar roar roar roar!

    Letting out furious roars time and time again, while charging time and time again, the lion man displayed an extraordinary vitality. However, no matter how he charged forth, the moment he got near to Fang Xingjian, he would be sent flying by the slashes from the Ether Sword Ripples.

    Watching as his body continued to vaporize, the lion head let out a furious bellow, and the remains of his body swelled up like a balloon and then burst.

    Countless amounts of blood and flesh splattered out, with most of them headed toward Fang Xingjian.

    It was not as if they had never encountered powerful experts who specialized in elements such as fire and lightning which could destroy cells. However, their immortalized bodies could only be considered as an additional assurance for them to extend the duration of their battles, rather than a crucial factor for them to claim victory.

    The crucial means the lion man and the others relied on was cellular invasion.

    With just a bit of physical contact, they would be able to invade the flesh of others through their cells. Such an invasion ability was extremely powerful and fast. Even a level 25 Conferred Knight like Plaits had been unable to fend it off.

    This was because their cells had an intrinsic difference from those of a human's. It was just like how white blood cells were unable to kill cancerous cells. This was an intrinsic advantage. Even though a level 25 Conferred Knight was able to control the cells in their body, as long as they were unable to change the intrinsic qualities of their cells, they could be considered as only having a slightly stronger resistance.

    Watching as his flesh went splattering toward Fang Xingjian, the lion man laughed maniacally in his heart.

    'A little. Just a little. Even if it's one small piece of minced meat, one drop of blood, or a tiny blood cell... As long as I come into contact with you!'

    However, at the next moment, the Zenith Light Sword Formation's six light spots set up a barrier in front of Fang Xingjian. Six light swords continued to turn 360 degrees, turning into six light shields which guarded Fang Xingjian's entire body.

    This was Zenith Light Sword Formation's shield form.

    A high temperature of over 10,000 degrees celsius cooked the air in Fang Xingjian's surroundings, and all the blood and flesh which were headed in Fang Xingjian's direction were instantly vaporized.

    In the end, the lion man only had his head remaining, which dropped down onto the ground. However, in just a short moment, he grew out hands and feet, appearing like some strange mutant. The small hands and feet leaped out, wanting to pounce toward the corpses at the side to infect them and reassemble his body.

    However, even at his best condition, he had been unable to get past Fang Xingjian, let alone now.

    A foot came downward, stomping onto the lion man's head, holding it to the ground.

    'Damn it.' The lion man's eyes glared at Fang Xingjian. In the next instant, countless flesh spikes sprouted out from his cheeks, wanting to pierce through the soles of Fang Xingjian's shoes and into his feet.

    However, at the next moment, Fang Xingjian's lower thigh flashed repetitively like an illusion. Then, with a slight force, Fang Xingjian kicked the lion man's head as if it was a ball.


    It made the lion man extremely infuriated to be kicked out like a ball.

    The lion man was left with only a head, and underneath it, there were hands and feet the size of his nose and eyes. With this appearance, he looked just like a gremlin from the legends.

    He could hear Fang Xingjian's cold voice,"You wanted to come into contact with my body right from the start of the battle. Is it because you're like that worm and can absorb someone else's body?"

    The lion head was slightly taken aback. He had not expected Fang Xingjian to be able to figure that out so quickly. However, how could he possibly take the initiative to admit it when he was at a disadvantage?

    "It doesn't matter if you don't say.

    "I'll bring you to meet your boss like this."

    At the next moment, Fang Xingjian's body flicker and once again appeared in front of him. With a kick, the lion man's head shot out explosively, rolling non-stop. Each time it came to a stop, Fang Xingjian would flicker once again and land another kick.

    "B*stard! What are you doing?!

    "Stop it!"

    Feeling as if his head had been turned into a lump of glue-like consistency from the tremors, the lion head bellowed out crazily. However, he was unable to stop Fang Xingjian.


    In the hall of flesh and blood, countless figures surrounded Smiling Face. The glow he emanated grew increasingly weaker, like a candle light that was nearing its end and would extinguish at any moment.

    Throwing him a look of disdain, the bishop turned his attention to Plaits and Old Man, walking over slowly.

    "Hey, Plaits, it'll be too late if we don't go all out now."

    "Mmm." Plaits was wearing a conflicted expression that was solemn yet crazy.

    "Let's go all out."

    "Let's go all out."

    With fierce bellows, the aura on their bodies swelled up, and several tens or even over a hundred streams of aura rose up instantly .

    From the naked eye, it seemed as if many brilliant stars had shot up into the air.

    "Oh? Detonating specialty seeds?" The bishop continued to look at their actions slowly, as if he was looking at two clowns."It's a pity that you guys don't know what kind of existence you're going against at all."

    When a Conferred Knight reached level 25, they would able to control cells and modify their body. After which they would also become capable of condensing the essence of countless energies and flesh into powers known as specialty seeds.

    Such powers were controlled by the Conferred Knight's consciousness and not the physical body. Therefore, even if one's flesh was invaded, their powers could still be unleashed.

    A specialty tended to be capable of increasing a Conferred Knight's abilities in a particular area for life. The difficulty of condensing a specialty seed would vary according to the specialty in question. It would tend to require hard work of several days or even several months, as well as the depletion of countless heavenly and earthly treasures. How terrifying would it be for this power to be unleashed explosively at that moment?

    Once a specialty seed was detonated, there was no way to recover it. This meant that the two of them would never be able to attain full mastery in condensing specialties.

    Many light spots gradually lit up on the bodies of the two Conferred Knights.

    Then at the next moment, the two of them opened their mouths at the same time.

    "Wind God!"

    "Flame God!"

    The explosive powers gained from detonating specialty speeds seethed and surged within their bodies. At the next moment, the powers were respectively channeled into the two Killing techniques, Wind God and Flame God, turning into strong typhoons and high temperature flames. The two combined together and headed for the bishop's body.

    In that instant, a flame tempest engulfed the entire hall of blood and flesh, with an extremely high temperature that threatened to render everything in the hall into ash.
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