Chapter 379 Make A Move

    Chapter 379: Make A Move

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    The flame tempest gradually dissipated, and when all the smoke scattered, what appeared before Plaits and Old Man were two huge five-meter-thick tentacles. The tentacles came out from void space, emanating a silver metallic light. They had blocked off the flame tempest from earlier, and there was only a small piece of charred area left on the surface, as if providing proof of the previous attack.

    This was level 5 black magic, Darkness Tentacles.

    It could summon unknown metal creatures from another world and use their tentacles to attack and defend.

    The metal tentacles twisted around and shrank back into void space, revealing the bishop and Gray Knights who were standing behind them.

    The bishop smiled and walked over to the two of them."Is that it? Was it fun?" Seeing the two people who had broken down in desperation, he shook his head and said,"Pitiful mortals... You guys don't know what you're going up against.

    "God has blessed me with my unrivalled power. 25 years ago, if it wasn't due to the interference from the Church and those dratted Silver Robed Mages, how could mortals like you be able to win against us?"

    With each step he took, the tentacles on his body continued to twist and expand, stretching out toward Plaits and the Old Man. These lengthened tentacles were like numerous snakes. They twisted their bodies and wrapped around the two Conferred Knights whose bodies had been invaded, binding them down.

    Just then, a loud bang came from afar, and the bishop was stunned for a short moment."What is that?"

    Following that, there was a second bang . This time, it was louder than before, as if it was together with something's agonizing cries and furious bellows.

    Seeming as though he heard the voice, the bishop frowned slightly.

    Then another collision sound rang out, and a black shadow darted out from the tunnels and launched an attack in the direction of the bishop.

    One of the Gray Knights, the man with snake heads, let out a hiss and was the first to stand in front of the bishop to protect him. He unleashed all the powers in his body as he reached out his hands to block that black shadow.

    However, the moment it came into contact with his hands, he felt a terrifying power transmitting into his body.

    An overwhelming power, which was like that of the majestic mountains and seas, gushed down. He felt that what he had received was a block of mountain or an entire sea.

    Puchi puchi explosive sounds rang out from within his body, and his palms shattered, followed by the bones in his arms, elbows, and shoulders. His muscles were torn, and several tens of streams of blood splurted out from his arms. Breaking out into an agonizing cry, he retreated backward until both he and the black shadow collided against the walls. Only then did they come to a stop.

    That small black figure was actually the head of the lion man. Right now, the head had been kicked by such a tremendous power that it had sunk into the body of the man with snake heads. The latter's arms had been shattered, and while his arms were being reassembled, he looked in the direction of the passageway with astonishment.

    Just the action of tossing the lion man's head over had brought about such a terrifying damaging prowess. The other party's strength was unfathomable.

    Amidst everyone's gazes of astonishment, doubt, and curiosity, Fang Xingjian walked over slowly.

    Fang Xingjian looked at the two Knights who had knelt down on the ground, and at Smiling Face who had lost his consciousness and was just kneeling down in a daze. Then he looked at the light in the air which was encompassed by many black shadows.

    He looked at the two Gray Knights, the boar-bear man, and the man with snake heads, before finally landing his gaze on the bishop, who had reached out his tentacles and was grabbing onto Plaits and Old Man.

    "Seems like you're the boss of this Terrene Shrine's base?"

    The bishop blinked, and at the next moment, he burst out laughing,"Hahahaha, to think that I've made a wrong judgement too. Amongst the four Conferred Knights, you're the strongest one even though you are at level 24. To think that you could defeat Number 1. Seems like you should be an important character in the Empire."

    Fang Xingjian looked at the three kneeling Conferred Knights and said,"Thank you for taking care of my companions. But I'd still like to ask some questions."

    "Haha, are these your last words?" The bishop laughed, as if he did not care about Fang Xingjian's abilities at all.

    On the other side, the lion man's head screamed out. His head was gradually merged together with the man with snake heads, bit by bit.


    "Don't eat me!"

    The man with snake head hissed and laughed."Number 1, the weak shall join and be engulfed by the strong, and then the two shall continue to exist together. Isn't this what truth is for us? Don't be scared."

    "Damn it!" The lion head revealed an expression of extreme anxiousness and seemed to be at a loss. However, he had no way of changing the rate of absorption. In the blink of an eye, it was as if he had sunk into a swamp as he was absorbed into the body of the man with snake heads.

    The man with snake heads revealed an expression of enjoyment. However, at the next moment, he opened his eyes. He had received the memories of the lion man. As he looked at Fang Xingjian, he said,"Lord Bishop, this guy is very powerful. His attributes are stronger than that of the other three Conferred Knights, and he has a light-type Killing technique which is able to repress our body."

    "I see. It represses us? No wonder he was able to defeat Number 1." The bishop stroked his chin and looked at Fang Xingjian with a superior expression, as if he were a god looking down on a mortal."What questions do you have? Although you're still a mortal, with your abilities, I can show you some respect."

    Fang Xingjian said slowly,"Are you a Mage? Is the Terrene Shrine conducting black magic experiments here? The ones above... Were they all your doing?" Streams of killing intent exuded from Fang Xingjian, and his mental cultivation method circulated increasingly faster, as if it was going to attain a breakthrough to a new extreme.

    The bishop was stunned for a moment, like he had not expected that Fang Xingjian would ask this question. He shrugged and said,"Are you referring to those experiments? I was the one who did those. What about it?"

    "It's nothing. It's just that if I know that, I'll feel even better when I chop you up." As Fang Xingjian spoke, he opened up one of his hand. A domineering geomagnetic force caused a tremor in the ground, and a stone sword was pushed out from the ground, landing in his hand.

    "Oh?" The bishop was slightly taken aback, but at the next moment, he broke out laughing,"So, I see. You're really a righteous person. This is boring. I detest self-righteous people like you the most.

    "You have no idea what pain you'll experience. I know Conferred Knights are all people with strong determination. Do you really think that there's no worry that you'll experience any more pain? As long as one was human, it's impossible to not experience pain.

    "Haha, the pain created from torturing you guys will make the god happier than if we torture ordinary people. I'll treat you very well."

    The bishop looked at Fang Xingjian with a gaze that was now filled with hints of fury, as if it had overlapped with a silver silhouette from his memories.

    Plaits shouted,"Damn it! Cut the crap! Hurry up and escape! This guy cannot be killed!"

    Old Man also shouted,"Retreat first! We mustn't all here! Escape and call for reinforcements!"

    As they spoke, six light spots appeared on Fang Xingjian's back and expanded. The Zenith Light Sword Formation was activated!

    Amidst Plait's and Old Man's desperate gazes, violent light swords tore the air and engulfed the bishop's entire head. Then with a flash, it was as though Fang Xingjian had become one with his sword, thrusting toward the bishop's heart.



    Plait's and Old Man's martial wills surged toward Fang Xingjian, accompanied by various other information. They seemed to be trying to persuade him to retreat immediately.

    However, in the next moment, everyone felt that their bodies had become lighter, like gravity had disappeared.
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