Chapter 380 Confrontation Battle

    Chapter 380: Confrontation Battle

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    With a swing of his sword, Fang Xingjian performed Terra Ingurgitation.

    Simultaneously, the surface of his body was covered in countless silver-colored scales, as if flames were burning on his body. Countless supporting force fields encompassed his body, supporting him in this sword attack.

    Under the effect of Terra Ingurgitation, the gravity within a five-kilometer radius disappeared. Right now, they were several kilometers underground, so how terrifying was the gravity within a five-kilometer radius? It was as if Fang Xingjian had attracted all the prowess of the gravitational forces from above his head into this single sword attack.

    Several million or tens of million tons of power was pulled over, causing the prowess of this sword attack to be many times stronger than the one he had performed back when he had been at Gao Clan.

    Before Fang Xingjian got close, he swung lightly, and a shock wave swept across the entire area.

    The bodies of the remaining two Gray Knights and the three Conferred Knights first floated slightly, then they were sent clashing against the walls by the gushing shock wave. In that instant, all their nerves and bones broke.

    The layers on top of the Terrene Shrine's base, which comprised of corpses, earth, remains, and various other things, floated up. Even the ground within the five-kilometer radius was being demolished, with the earth's crust starting to crack. It was as if an invisible giant palm was going to grab onto the ground and onto the air.

    In less than a second the ground under which the entire base was located shattered as a violent power soared up into the air and pushed countless soil particles flying, as if an invisible shock wave was flying toward the sky.

    A gigantic hole, several kilometers deep, was created in the ground, revealing the location of the blood and flesh hall.

    From afar, it looked as if several hundreds of volcanoes had erupted at the same time. The ground cracked open amidst explosions and tremors. One trillion tons of earth soared up and entered the atmosphere before scattering down, covering large areas of the sky as if there was a sandstorm.

    The air and the atmosphere became foggy, and it was hard to see the surrounding situation. It was as if volcanic ash had engulfed within a range of several kilometers.

    However, at the next moment, a series of loud sounds came from deep within the fog. Amidst the terrifying loud sounds, streams of forces exploded out from the center, scattering all the smoke and dust. As though a series of strong gales had swept past, the base's ruins were revealed.

    This was the result of another sword attack Fang Xingjian had swung out.

    In the center of the ruins, the bishop stood quietly, gradually reassembling his body. Two huge tentacles expanded out from his chest, blocking the sword attack Fang Xingjian had unleashed again.

    However, at the next moment, Fang Xingjian's body flickered, and over 100 silhouettes appeared in that instant, surrounding the bishop and attacking him wildly. Waves of air currents swept out, sending the fragments from the ruins flying all over.

    Even though Fang Xingjian unleashed a series of fierce attacks, they were all fended off by the tentacles which kept on expanding on the bishop's body.

    "Lad, your power really astonishes me." The bishop's eyes moved continuously like a high speed camera, continuously trying to lock onto Fang Xingjian's silhouette.

    His gaze was filled with greed and terror. The prowess of Fang Xingjian's earlier sword attack from really scared him. If it was not because he had a physical body which could reassemble itself endlessly, using black magic to summon life from another world to replenish his body's depletion, the bishop would have died.

    After all, that absolute violence had smashed all of his cells. He had no choice but to perform black magic and summon life forms from another world to fend the attack off for him while he continued to engulf their bodies. Despite this, he was only able to barely fend it off, having depleted most of his powers.

    Right now, his body was only over 80 centimeters tall now. It was as if he had shrunk to less than half of his original size.

    This was because a large portion of his body had already been destroyed from that attack earlier. The only reason he was able to keep so much of it now was because he had performed black magic to summon life forms from another world.

    On the other hand, Fang Xingjian paid no heed to the bishop's greed and words. Power surged through his body, and his mental cultivation method seemed to be circulating to the extremes in his mind. At this moment, countless silver lights expanded in his consciousness as the skill seed representing the Universal Sword Dominance Lunisolar mental cultivation method seemed to turn into a silver-colored sun.

    Next, Fang Xingjian changed the stance of his sword, and demolition sword light appeared with a flash. He was already starting to perform the Prodigious Demolition Sword, clearly wanting to deal the final blow onto the bishop while he was still sustaining heavy injuries.

    With his Prodigious Demolition Sword, wherever the sword light passed by, the tentacles would be annihilated into nothingness, turning into the most basic heat energy and then dissipating.

    Sword after sword pierced down, and sword light encompassed the bishop's body, reducing his body mass at a rapid speed.

    The bishop had no choice but to perform black magic again. In void space, many metal tentacles stretched out and obstructed Fang Xingjian. However, they were easily slashed away by his demolition sword light.

    With a loud bang, the two Gray Knights pushed away the ruins covering them. The three Conferred Knights came out from the ruins as well.

    Looking at the spacious and shattered ground, and then at the sunlight shining down onto them, they could not believe what they were seeing.

    As the two parties in the far distance collided time and time again, strong gales blew past, causing their cheeks to tremble continuously.

    Plaits' eyes were filled with disbelief."To think that the prowess of this sword attack is so powerful?!"

    Everyone looked at the ruins in astonishment. Not long later, a silhouette in white light also appeared. It was Smiling Face who had performed Soul and Body Disassociation. He looked in astonishment at the center of the distant ruins. As he watched from the location where waves of air currents were sweeping out from, he said,"They are still fighting! That lad has the upper hand now!

    "He's actually this powerful?

    "Is he really a level 24 Conferred Knight?"

    The two Gray Knights, the man with snake heads and the boar-bear man, looked over. When they saw that the bishop was in a precarious state, with his body continuously being reduced in size under the attacks of Fang Xingjian's Prodigious Demolition Sword, the two of them dashed over.

    The bishop could sense that his flesh mass was reducing at a rapid pace. With a loud bellow, streams of gray-colored light flashed on his body.

    "Excellent. Young Conferred Knight, it's been very long since someone has been able to push me to this state."

    Level 6 black magic, Tentacles of Flesh and Blood was now activated!

    This black magic could tap into the evil god's powers to engulf the opponent's body and replenish his body as well as heal his injuries. The bishop had gone all out to keep himself alive from the attack of the Terra Ingurgitation. He was seriously wounded and had lost a lot of his powers. This was why he was performing this black magic to recover his energy.

    Moreover, the prowess of a level 6 black magic was not to be underestimated. The strongest Mage King of the the Mage Association could only perform level 9 black magic at best.

    As the gray light became increasingly intense, streams of gray tentacle-like energies stretched out from the bishop's body, and gray light was sent sweeping out at an extremely high speed. Simultaneously, they had a powerful attraction power as the tentacles wrapped up the bodies of the two Gray Knights who were nearing from afar.

    The two Gray Knights were very powerful, and their attributes surpassed that of ordinary level 25 Conferred Knights. In addition to their immortality prowess, they were comparable with level 26 Conferred Knights.

    However, these two powerful men had no means of resisting the energy tentacles. With a cry, they were dragged to the bishop's body and merged in at a speed which could be seen by the naked eye.

    "That's so powerful!"

    "This attack can't be met head-on!"

    Plaits and Old Man cried out, while Smiling Face's silhouette, which had been created from his will, had already dashed over toward Fang Xingjian.

    However, he was still one step late. The instant he dashed out, several tens of energy tentacles were already heading for Fang Xingjian.
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