Chapter 385 Identifying Appearance

    Chapter 385: Identifying Appearance

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    The feminine-looking young man looked at the beautiful maid in his arms and suddenly smiled. His right hand moved with a flash, creating a series of afterimages as he grabbed the maid by the throat.

    At the next moment, an expression of extreme agony flashed across the maid's face. She continued to age at a speed which could be seen by the naked eye. Her body was drying up while her hair continued to turn white.

    The maid's eyes filled with terror. She wanted to struggle, but she was unable to summon any strength.

    The feminine-looking young man broke into an expression of being greatly comfortable, and his cheeks flushed up. He trembled slightly and let out a series of cries.

    The old steward kept his head lowered respectfully as he stood beside the young man. He seemed to be used to this scene. Then after a while, the beautiful maid turned into a dried corpse and landed on the ground with a bang. It was only then that the old steward started to clean up the corpse.

    The feminine-looking young man broke into a satisfied smile. However, a short moment later, he opened his eyes, and his expression turned into that of displeasure.

    "This Great Western City is really troublesome. I have to be careful even when I want to look for some people. If I were at the headquarters, it wouldn't be so troublesome."

    The old steward said respectfully, "The Great Western City is but an undeveloped area taken up by a bunch of heretics. Of course, they have no idea of god's power and blessing."

    "Hmph, heretics? However, these heretics nurture a large group of talents every year. Their large population has always been their advantage." The feminine-looking young master said, "This Fang Xingjian is even being nurtured by the few old guys in the Great Western City to become the number one talent that only comes by once in every 100 years. I wonder how accomplished he is."

    The old steward smiled and said, "Of course, he won't be comparable to Young Lord. Young Lord is extremely capable, and is also valiant and dedicated in the path of black magic. Fang Xingjian wouldn't be able to compare to you even if he chases you on a horse."

    "Your flattery is too lousy." The feminine-looking young man laughed out loud. "However, the fact that Fang Xingjian can defeat Guderian shows that he is still quite capable. Despite this, he didn't have the good fortune to study the glorious black magic but instead went onto the path of the Knights. They are qualitatively incomparable to us, and it's useless no matter how talented he is."

    "Young Lord is right. Although Fang Xingjian's talent is still acceptable, his luck isn't that good."

    The feminine-looking young man shook his head. "But numbers are also an advantage. If not for the fact that there are too many experts in the Great Western City, I'd have barged into the academy to get him. It wouldn't have to be so troublesome.

    "Right now, we still have to think of a way to lure him out. What ideas do you have?"

    "Uh, what ideas would this old man have? We have to rely on Young Lord's intelligence."

    "Hehe, this old guy..." The feminine-looking young man's mouth twitched and said, "It's still the same old thing. Investigate to find out the people who are close to Fang Xingjian in the Great Western City."

    "At your command."

    "Governor Devitt and the other two old men are very troublesome as well. Send more people to collect more information. It's best to take action while they are not around."


    A few days later, at a restaurant in the Great Western City.

    The restaurant was extremely lively, and there was a very long queue at the door. It was clear that business was going really well for the restaurant.

    This was the restaurant Diana had set up with Fang Xingjian's support. Other than Diana's original grilled meat, there were also many specialty dishes she had come up with during a period of time. After over a month, the restaurant had attracted countless patrons, and there were even Conferred Knights who would come to patronize.

    Right now, the kitchen was extremely busy. Diana was giving out commands to every single person like a tyrant.

    "Mike, hurry up! Where's the seafood chowder? Are you going to let the guests wait until it's time for dinner?"

    "Jason, why is the asparagus so tough?" Diana spat out the asparagus from her mouth and into the trash can directly. "Didn't you cook it before frying it? Can you imagine what the customers would look like when they cut into this asparagus?"

    She then picked up another dish and said, "Why does the omelette have so many assorted colors? I won't have this served. My god, Mike, it's just an omelette. How hard can it be? Go remake this."

    Diana clapped her hands together and shouted, "Everyone, buck up! If you guys keep making such mistakes, our restaurant will have to close down tomorrow."

    Everyone shouted, "Yes, chef!"

    Although the kitchen was very busy, everything was very orderly under Diana's command. The shouts, bellows, clashing of kitchen tools, flickering of the flames, and the blowing of the wind gave one the feeling as if they were at war. However, under Diana's command, the standard of the dishes were maintained.

    The usual gentle and elegant Diana had lost her gentleness. She was now like an Empress who ruled her own kingdom.

    Just then, the head waiter entered, came up to Diana, and said, "Table 12's customers are very satisfied with the dishes and want to meet you."

    Diana replied inpatiently, "I don't have time for that, Billy. Can't you see that I'm very busy here?"

    The head waiter smiled helplessly and said, "They seemed to have connections with the municipal government. It's best for you to go meet them."

    Diana let out a breath, took down her apron, and then followed the head waiter out to meet the customers at Table 12.

    A feminine-looking young man stood up, with a face full of smiles as he said, "You must be Head Chef Diana. I really like the dish you made." He reached out his hand. Although Diana frowned, she still shook it and responded, "Thank you."

    However, at the next moment, the other party's finger gently stroked her palm. She abruptly took back her hand and threw a furious glare at the young man.

    "Do you have any other matter for me to attend to?"

    "Haha, has no one told you before that your beauty is above your culinary skills?"

    Diana frowned and said coldly, "If there's nothing else, I'll be heading back to the kitchen."

    The feminine-looking young man smiled. "It's nothing. I'm only here to see how you look in case I get the wrong person in the future. Haha, I've been a bother to Miss Diana."

    A hint of doubt flashed on Diana's face. She then threw a final glance at the feminine-looking young man, thought of the busy kitchen, and left.

    Watching as Diana left with a doubtful look on her face, the feminine-looking young man picked up a piece of grilled meat and ate while saying, "Am I short of a chef?"

    "Young lord, you're thinking of bringing her back? If that's the case, it'll really be her good fortune."

    "Hehe, we'll lure Fang Xingjian out first."


    Elsewhere, at the entrance to the Knight's Academy.

    A lady wearing a black robe hid in the small alley, looking at the students who were coming out in succession.

    Suddenly, she focused her gaze, turning toward the few students who had just come out from the entrance. The girl in the lead emerged skipping, filled with vigor. She was Fang Xingjian's female disciple, Lilia.

    The black robed lady asked in a cold voice, "She's Lilia?" She then threw a glance at the guy behind Lilia and asked, "Who is that guy?"

    Next to the black robed lady, a small fatty in his teens nodded fearfully. "She's Lilia. The one following behind her is Kite. I heard that he has reached the level to become a Knight and has been wooing Lilia."

    The corners of the black robed lady's lips curled up. "Talking about love at your age? Hmph, what background does this guy have?"

    "He comes from a clan of aristocrats. I heard that Kite's family has even produced a Conferred Knight before."

    The black robed lady nodded slightly and hid deep inside the small alley. A series of perplexed expressions flashed past the small fatty's face. It seemed like he had no memory of what he had just said.
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