Chapter 386 Visit

    Chapter 386: Visit

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    It was a few days later, deep into the night. After Fang Xingjian had kept himself in seclusion for over a month, a small wave blew all the way to the Great Western City. No one had expected this small wave to bring forth such a tremendous wave within a short period of time; it astonished everyone.

    At that moment, the Governor's manor was encompassed by darkness. A silhouette entered through the front door, knocked out all the guards, and then sat before the highest ranked person of the Great Western Region, Governor Devitt.

    Governor Devitt looked at the person coldly and said calmly, "Dark Knight, for you to charge upfront into the Governor's residence... Are you thinking of rebelling?"

    The person, who had just arrived, was one of the First Prince's Hell clones, an existence which represented the power of darkness. He was a top notch second transition and level 29 expert, the Dark Knight.

    Within a few seconds after he had barged in, over five Conferred Knights had also arrived at the Governor's office, surrounding him.

    In black clothes and armor, the Dark Knight stood amidst a black fog and laughed, revealing a set of pearly white teeth. "I wouldn't dare. I just have some matters that I wish to discuss with Lord Governor."

    The Governor frowned and asked, "What matter?"

    The Dark Knight laughed, "The representatives of the Church of Universal Truth have already arrived at the palace. This time around, their visit is mainly for the Martial Techniques Grading Plan. Lord Holy Orison has recommended Fang Xingjian, so of course, we need him to make a trip to the palace."

    How could Devitt possibly let Fang Xingjian head to Central? He said directly, "Xingjian is currently cultivating in seclusion. He'll probably be unable to go."

    The Dark Knight asked, "He's just a student who is cultivating in seclusion. Even Lord Governor is unable to call him out?"

    "The Great Western Region treats worthy men with courtesy and will not rely on violence to act as we please." Governor Devitt threw a glance at the Dark Knight with sarcasm and said, "If there's nothing else, you can leave."

    The Dark Knight laughed coldly, "Fang Xingjian is just a mere student. You want to let the Church of Universal Truth and the important people in Central to accommodate to him?"

    Devitt said, "Xingjian's seclusion has entered an important phase. How can we disturb him as we please? Don't you know how dangerous a Conferred Knight's cultivation is? If there's even just a slight problem which makes him unable to accept the gush of information, and he ends up turning from a genius into a lunatic... Will you be able to assume the responsibility for this?"

    The Dark Knight spoke with disdain, "He's merely a student. Lord Governor, you shouldn't be flattering him so much."

    Devitt laughed and said, "A student who was able to decipher the Pantheon Monument, come up with the Rebirth Sword Technique, and advance to the second transition and level 25 within a few months... He's much more than just a genius.

    "In another one or two more years... Dark Knight, even you won't be a match for him."

    Letting out a cold snort, the Dark Knight said, "Since that's the case, I'll have to wait it out for him then. His Highness, the First Prince, said that I can forget about going back if I don't have Fang Xingjian with me. The esteemed guests from the Church have called for Fang Xingjian specifically. I can't possibly return empty-handed."

    Governor Devitt looked at the Dark Knight coldly while trying to contemplate what his intentions were.

    Was it because Fang Xingjian's actions at the Gao Clan had infuriated the First Prince?

    Was it because the trade of the Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves had ignited the First Prince's greed?

    Or was it really because the Church wanted to meet Fang Xingjian, and thus the Dark Knight was only going by the book?

    Not long later, Hoppes, who was the head of the sword arts team, as well as James, who was the Governor from two generations ago, had also arrived. The Great Western City's top three experts sat together and looked at the Dark Knight.

    After all, as the First Prince's top subordinate, the Dark Knight's abilities were a notch higher than that of Devitt. Furthermore, he still had the First Prince's clone in his body. If the three of them were not together, they had no confidence to be capable of keeping the Dark Knight in place.


    Elsewhere, Zhou Xingwen frantically arrived at the door to the training room and knocked. Seeing that there was no response, he could not help but shout, "Xingjian! Are you there? It's a disaster!

    "This is extremely urgent! Quickly, let me meet you!'

    Zhou Xingwen shouted for an entire half an hour. When he was feeling dejected and felt that Fang Xingjian would not be coming out, the door to the training room opened with a loud bang.

    Zhou Xingwen's face lit up, and he entered. However, just as he arrived at the entrance, he felt a chill gush forth and wind blow into his face like blades brushing past.

    An unexplained terror surged in his head, and he suddenly felt that in this moment, it was as if his life was not within his own grasp.

    Holding onto his breath and then taking a few deep breaths, Zhou Xingwen thought to himself in great astonishment, 'Has Xingjian's cultivation raised once again? To think that I feel like I'm not in control of my own life and death before I have even gotten near to him.'

    However, Zhou Xingwen was a Conferred Knight after all. After stabilizing his emotions, he continued to head into the training room.

    On the way, he saw that the ground and walls of the training room were filled with many deep sword marks. They appeared to have very sharp auras and were extremely deep. Zhou Xingwen was on tenterhooks. He felt as if he was walking on the tips of swords.

    However, he continued to walk inside while breaking out in cold sweat. He soon saw Fang Xingjian sitting down on the ground crossed-legged. His back was facing Zhou Xingwen.

    Fang Xingjian's voice rang out, "Have you found members of the Terrene Shrine?"

    Zhou Xingwen was stunned for a short moment. He had not expected this to be the first question that Fang Xingjian would ask. Then he replied, "Not yet. These people from the Terrene Shrine have concealed themselves too deeply. We won't be able to locate them that quickly."

    "Sigh, then look for experts in the Great Western Region. There must be those who deserve to die." Fang Xingjian sighed and said.

    Zhou Xingwen questioned, "Sir, why are you looking for such people?"

    "I want to test out my sword," Fang Xingjian said. As he spoke, there seemed to be the sound of metal clashing, like several swords clashing together.

    Zhou Xingwen asked, "Can't you look for the Head of Department and the others? Every Conferred Knight would have a complex network of people supporting them. It's not good to be killing them."

    Fang Xingjian said calmly, "Right now, my powers have yet to be fully integrated through my body. I'm afraid that I might hurt them by accident."

    Zhou Xingwen looked at Fang Xingjian in a daze, as if he did not understand what Fang Xingjian was saying. Fang Xingjian was afraid that he might hurt Head of Department James by accident? That person was a top notch expert at the second transition and level 29!

    Was it really true that Fang Xingjian's abilities had soared tremendously during this period of seclusion? Or was he being far too arrogant?

    While Zhou Xingwen was in a daze, Fang Xingjian turned around. When Zhou Xingwen saw Fang Xingjian's straightforward gaze, tears flowed out from his eyes uncontrollably. It was as if a powerful sword light had encompassed Zhou Xingwen's entire body. He felt that there seemed to be many longswords brushing past the surface of his skin gently.

    As such, he could not help but lower his head, not daring to meet Fang Xingjian's gaze. 'What level has Xingjian's cultivation reached?'

    Aghast, he asked, "Xingjian, what level of cultivation have you reached?"

    "I'm reaching level 27 soon." Fang Xingjian spoke with indifference, "But my rate of advancement is too fast, so I'm afraid that people will die if I make a move. I'll need to find someone to test my sword on."

    People would die if he were to make a move?

    Zhou Xingwen felt that there was a strong smell of bloodthirst in these words. It was only the sixth month since Fang Xingjian had first entered the Regional Academy. To think that in less than half a year, Fang Xingjian was already reaching level 27 so soon! This was simply unbelievable!

    Fang Xingjian asked once again, "For what reason have you come here?"

    Zhou Xingwen let out another sigh inwardly. The moment he saw Fang Xingjian, he had become completely distracted, and Fang Xingjian ended up holding the lead to the conversation completely. Whatever Fang Xingjian said was whatever it would be. Like that, Zhou Xingwen had almost forgotten the reason why he had come.

    "The Dark Knight is here. Right now, the Governor, Head of Department, and Master Hoppes are keeping their eyes on him together. They're afraid that the First Prince wishes to do you harm and sent me here just to inform you."
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