Chapter 390 Snatch Away

    Chapter 390: Snatch Away

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    At level 26, one could directly attack the structure of physical objects. However, the ether synchronization rate, which those at level 26 had, would only allow them to destroy with a vague aim. Only a level 29 expert would be able to accurately damage physical structure, hitting wherever the targeted spot was. If they continued to cultivate, they might even be able to destroy a level 29 Superior Divine Weapon.

    In short, aside from being indestructible, a level 29 Conferred Knight even possessed abilities which surpassed those of Conferred Knights at all other levels.

    However, this iron law was now being broken by Fang Xingjian.

    Sasa clenched his teeth tightly and looked at Fang Xingjian with some disbelief.

    However, this was still insufficient to make Sasa give up. The most powerful part of a level 29 expert would still be his physical body which was close to being indestructible. Moreover, he had yet to attack seriously.

    He had initially only wanted to get rid of his opponent easily, but he had not expected Fang Xingjian to have undergone so much progress during the past few months. To think that Fang Xingjian could already exchange blows with him barehanded!

    Therefore, Sasa let out a cold laugh and breathed in deeply, fully absorbing the Divine blood in his body into his heart. The surging powers were channeled into his body in streams, and he then immediately performed his Killing technique.

    With a tap of his finger, invisible and intangible sword Qis were activated. Every place they passed by, everything would be demolished, being broken down into the most basic physical particles.

    Any casual attacks from a level 29 Conferred Knight would be targeted toward their target's heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces. Additionally, when they used such means to synthesize countless skills and unique Killing techniques, they would become even more terrifying.

    However, when faced with this terrifying sword attack, Fang Xingjian immediately activated his Prodigious Demolition Sword Physique, and demolition sword light encompassed his entire arm.

    Clenching his five fingers tightly together while not dodging at all, Fang Xingjian punched straight into those invisible and intangible sword Qis. Amidst Sasa's astonished gaze, Fang Xingjian's punch pushed through, bringing about an extremely powerful force, and blasted the sword Qis away. He continued to send his fist smashing into Sasa's chest and then piercing through it.

    Ba-thump ba-thump ba-thump. Sasa's heartbeat could be heard as Fang Xingjian clenched his hand tightly around Sasa's blood red heart and said, "What's this inside?"

    Sasa let out a cry and grasped at his own heart. However, even though a level 29 Conferred Knight's body was close to being indestructible, it was still a physical body. The moment his heart was removed, Sasa's powers reduced tremendously. Fang Xingjian kicked him in the stomach and sent him flying outward.

    With an explosive boom, Sasa collided against the rock walls, sending bits of rock flying and dust scattering.

    Fang Xingjian continued to look at the heart which was still beating. Then he asked calmly, "From the very start, you've been trying to hide this thing. And right now, you've even put it into your heart. What is this? Did the First Prince give it to you?"

    Sasa walked over slowly from the dust. The wound through his chest had already completely disappeared. This displayed the terrifying vitality of a level 29 expert.

    "Fang Xingjian, let go." Sasa's voice was extremely cold. Extremely violent emotions were reflected in his eyes, and his face had a very malevolent expression. He was clearly immensely infuriated.

    That was Divine blood, something which could increase one's potential by ten million points and cultivate their heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces to perfection. After which it would then allow the toughness of one's body to become as strong as a level 29 Superior Divine Weapon, greatly raising the chance for him to attain a breakthrough to the Divine level.

    Seeing that this thing was being held in Fang Xingjian's hand right now, Sasa felt so horrible as if ten thousand ants were biting at his heart.

    He felt like immediately dashing over, slashing off Fang Xingjian's palm, and snatching back the Divine blood.

    However, the abilities Fang Xingjian had displayed earlier made Sasa hold reservations for doing this. If he was not careful and the Divine blood got destroyed as a result, he would really go crazy.

    Therefore, Sasa could only glare at Fang Xingjian, focusing all of his attention on him.

    When Fang Xingjian had heard of the news that the Dark Knight had appeared at the Governor's manor, he had suspected that this was a means for the First Prince to bring attention away from Sasa.

    Fang Xingjian felt that the First Prince must have done this either for himself or for Sword Saint Sasa.

    If this level 29 expert were to join the First Prince and sign the Hell's Map, then it would clearly raise the First Prince's prowess.

    Therefore, Fang Xingjian made a trip here. While exchanging blows with Sasa, he had found something strange in him. In an ordinary Conferred Knight's body, it was impossible for there to be such a big lump of a blood clot. Moreover, Sasa was continuously trying to absorb the powers from this blood clot. When the latter let out an explosive blow at the very end, he had even absorbed the entirety of this blood clot into his heart. This went to show that it was definitely good stuff.

    Seeing Fang Xingjian's expression change, Sasa became extremely anxious. However, he tried to put up a calm appearance and said coldly, "Fang Xingjian, your talent is truly astonishing. To think that within a few short months, your battle prowess is already comparable to that of a level 29 Conferred Knight."

    Fang Xingjian smiled. "It seems that you want to kill me even more after I've gotten my hands on this."

    Sasa's eyes narrowed while holding endless killing intent. However, he controlled his own emotions and said, "This is blood essence which I've condensed byself. It can unleash explosive powers in crucial times. It's my blood. You won't be able to use it."

    "Oh? Condensing blood essence and storing energy?" Fang Xingjian knew of such a Killing technique, and there were indeed people practicing such a technique. However, he could see Sasa's behavior and sense the fluctuations of his emotions through Heaven's Perception. Even though Sasa tried his best to hide it, Fang Xingjian could feel that this blood clot in his hands was definitely not something simple.

    "But why do I feel that it contains the intent of a Divine level expert? And those seething powers... Isn't this the blood essence of a Divine level expert?"

    Having experienced the Holy Orison's intent for himself, Fang Xingjian was still quite familiar with the aura of a Divine level expert.

    Moreover, right now, what he sensed from the heart by using his Heaven's Perception was a Divine level expert's intent. It was filled with feelings of affectionate parental love.

    The moment Fang Xingjian said this, Sasa's countenance immediately changed, and he dashed toward Fang Xingjian.

    Fang Xingjian looked at Sasa and smiled, then he suddenly swallowed the entire heart.

    The moment the heart was put into his mouth, Fang Xingjian's teeth chewed it up into pieces. Then he swallowed the lump of flesh and blood. It entered his esophagus and then went down to his stomach.

    With the Divine blood in his body, in that instant, Fang Xingjian felt as if he had swallowed an entire sun. An extremely dignified, ferocious, and seemingly boundless and powerful energy exploded in his body, surging out toward every single cell in his body.

    Fang Xingjian's entire face immediately flushed red. That was because the surge of fresh blood had opened up his blood capillaries explosively. Then his body's metabolism rate continued to accelerate, accelerate, and accelerate.


    Watching the scene of Fang Xingjian engulfing the Divine blood, Sword Saint Sasa let out a furious bellow. His face immediately took on an extremely malevolent expression and distorted into a scowl, while his eyes seemed to be spewing out fire. Sasa looked just like a demon who had charged out from hell.

    "Fang Xingjian! I want you dead!"

    Martial will accompanied with strong killing emotions gushed into Fang Xingjian's brain. Sasa and Fang Xingjian immediately engaged into a fierce battle once again. Sasa's eyes were bloodshot, as if he had gone crazy. The streams of invisible sword Qis he sent out attacked Fang Xingjian wildly.

    Fang Xingjian met Sasa's attacks with the Prodigious Demolition Sword Physique. However, as the increasingly fiery energy in his stomach exploded, his battle prowess was also affected. With a loud whistle, he charged out of the prison and flew out of the academy.

    With a furious roar, Sasa pursued Fang Xingjian out of the academy.

    The two of them cut through the air, creating whirlwinds and sending the clouds scattering. They brought up streams of air currents, instantly alerting everyone in the academy.
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