Chapter 407: Rapid Speed

    Chapter 407: Rapid Speed

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    Through the cultivators' continuous prayers to the gods, their faith and abilities would get increasingly stronger. It was after this that the Church of Universal Truth's divine arts were bestowed upon cultivators.

    It was impossible for the divine arts to be studied, passed down, or learned.

    Signs of shock appeared on the faces of Governor Devitt and Head of Department James. Such a divine art was far too powerful, and the powers of the Church of Universal Truth which had such divine arts were unfathomable.

    Zhou Xingwen and Ferdinand exchanged a glance. Their gazes were filled with astonishment and worry. Since young, they had heard of how the prowess of the Universal Truth Divine Arts were boundless and how the Church of Universal Truth was the strongest influence in the church. However, they had not expected for them to have such an unbelievable divine art.

    'If that's the case, then in terms of the speed of learning, wouldn't this divine art that Gardner has make him the fastest in the world?' Ferdinand looked at Fang Xingjian, who seemed to be looking at the sword techniques written on the paper like he had been knocked silly. 'Sigh, seems like Xingjian won't be able to participate in the Martial Techniques Grading Plan. Participating in this plan would bring in millions or tens of millions of gold, as well as access to countless sword arts manuals... Pity, such a pity.'

    Gardner looked at the jumping numbers on his Stats Window. Eventide Sword Technique 11%... 12%... 13%... He then looked at Fang Xingjian, who seemed to be in a daze, and inwardly let out cold laughter uncontrollably. In a competition for learning speed, it was impossible for him to lose.

    However, just then, Fang Xingjian stood up. He had taken a look at the sword techniques Gardner had written on the paper. They were Universal Truth Longsword and Star of Adjudication.

    The two sword techniques were not difficult, and there were only a few thousand words written down. Fang Xingjian had merely gone over them in his mind and then visualized putting them into practice. Just like that, he had already managed to learn the sword techniques, Universal Truth Longsword and Star of Adjudication.

    Then Fang Xingjian stood up. As he clenched his hand into a fist, streams of water vapor gathered, turning into a water sword.

    Next, he swung the longsword about, performing the Universal Truth Longsword. The Universal Truth Longsword was one of the renowned sword techniques of the Church of Universal Truth. Based on the Church of Universal Truth's teachings, it had been put through the hard work of countless generations of people before it was created.

    The moment Fang Xingjian performed this sword technique, a majestic feeling gushed forth. This set of sword technique was extremely righteous and also extremely domineering. After the sword technique was performed, it was as if everything else was being excluded, and he entered an internal state of being the one and only.

    There was only one universal truth, and the same went for the God of Universal Truth. So, the Universal Truth Longsword had a state of being the one and only in the world.

    Gardner had been thinking of ridiculing Fang Xingjian for overestimating himself and swinging the sword after just a few looks. However, after seeing Fang Xingjian perform the Universal Truth Longsword, Gardner was so astonished his eyeballs seemed like they were going to pop out.

    How long had it only been? Not even a minute had passed. That was barely enough time for one to just read through the Universal Truth Longsword technique. Yet, to think that Fang Xingjian had already learned it?

    The more of the Universal Truth Longsword Fang Xingjian performed, the more astonished Gardner was. It was because Fang Xingjian's mastery of the Universal Truth Longsword seemed to be increasing at a crazy rate with every passing minute and second.

    On the first attempt, he was like an inexperienced beginner. On the second attempt, his movements were already rectified. On the third attempt, it seemed as if he had been practicing the technique for several years. Then when he came to his fourth and fifth attempts, Fang Xingjian looked as if he had been practicing for decades, and his level of mastery was extremely high.

    From there, as Fang Xingjian continued to perform the sword technique, the water sword he was holding emitted streams of strong pushing force. Everyone felt as if invisible powers were gushing toward them, trying to push them far away.

    The surrounding furniture and accessories were sent flying, then they landed on the ground. The soil under their feet was unearthed and swept away in layers. This force grew increasingly stronger and increasingly powerful. In the blink of an eye, the space within ten meters of Fang Xingjian had formed a vacuum.

    Gardner felt extremely bitter as Fang Xingjian was performing the Universal Truth Longsword at a level of mastery which was no longer below his own.

    Amongst the people present, Ferdinand was one with the lowest level of cultivation. He looked at this scene puzzledly and asked, "What sword technique is this? Is Xingjian using his Reduced Force Field to toss out everything?"

    "It isn't the Reduced Force Field. This is the Universal Truth Longsword." Head of Department James let out a sigh and said, "The Universal Truth Longsword is based on one of the Church of Universal Truth's teachings of there being only one universal truth. It stresses on being the one and only in the entire world. Extreme dominance and the state of being the one and only are required, bringing out the disposition of being the one and only in the whole world.

    "This sword technique isn't just a cultivation of sword theories. It is also a nurturing of one's disposition and character. At the start, it might not be as good as many other sword techniques, but the further the cultivation advances, the greater the prowess.

    "Right now, the Universal Truth Longsword which Xingjian is performing acts on pushing out all physical substances which aren't a part of him. There is currently nothing within a radius of ten meters around him. He is already demonstrating the Universal Truth Longsword of at least level 20."

    Ferdinand said excitedly, "Then does that mean Xingjian has succeeded? Has he learned the sword technique faster than Gardner?"

    James stared at the longsword in Fang Xingjian's hand and said, "It's not just that."

    Fang Xingjian did not stop, and the movements of the longsword he was wielding became increasingly slower. However, the slower it moved, the more everyone could sense that an extremely violent force was gathering on the longsword, as if trying to suppress and push out everything else.

    Finally, at the next moment, even the light was starting to twist. The area within ten meters of Fang Xingjian got increasingly darker, and everyone gradually could not see what was happening in there.

    "This... This...." James' mouth was agape as he said, "Has he attained a breakthrough to beyond level 20? To think that even light rays are being twisted and pushed out."

    Governor Devitt was also staring at Fang Xingjian, his eyes flashing with great astonishment and disbelief.

    The Knight of the Rising Sun, Gardner, looked at Fang Xingjian, who was slowly being shrouded in darkness. A turmoil of emotions ran amok in Gardner's mind like a series of turbulent waves.

    How could he not feel astonished? How could he not be taken aback? Right now, Fang Xingjian was already performing the Universal Truth Longsword at an extremely high level of mastery which surpassed that of his own.

    Or rather, it should be said that even though Gardner had been in the north for so long, he had only encountered four or five people with a Universal Truth Longsword of this level.

    'Fang Xingjian... Who on earth are you?' Watching as the area within ten meters of Fang Xingjian turned pitch-black, Gardner could not help but suspect, 'Could it be that he has learned the Universal Truth Longsword before?'

    Just as he was thinking this, a gush of cold wind came gushing toward him, and he shuddered unconsciously. However, at the next moment, he reacted, lifting his head and glaring toward that darkness.

    James' mouth was agape, and he moved slightly, not saying a word.

    However, Governor Devitt sighed and said, "He's even starting to push out heat. The temperature within the dark area keeps on plunging."

    Large areas of frost started to form on the boundaries of the darkness, freezing up the ground incessantly.

    Gardner was astonished. It was because he had never heard before of someone who had cultivated the Universal Truth Longsword to such a degree, let alone seen it for himself.

    "Impossible," Gardner suddenly said coldly, "It's impossible for someone to be able to cultivate the Universal Truth Longsword to such a degree within just a few minutes. You must have cultivated the Universal Truth Longsword before in the past. That's the only possibility!"
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