Chapter 424: Smashed Easily

    Chapter 424: Smashed Easily

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    Somewhere about one kilometer away, Peter stood at the top of a building by himself. He used his Heaven's Perception to read light waves and looked at the scene one kilometer away. His gaze was fixed on Fang Xingjian's horse carriage.

    'Big Brother said that there's an 80% chance that Tynon will come. He hasn't done so yet. Could it be that he has given up?

    'However, although Fang Xingjian's talent is exceptional, he isn't considered to be top notch in abilities. With Tynon's hot temper, it's likely that he will appear.'

    Just as he was thinking about these, the horse carriage disappeared, and a human figure retreated at great speed. In that instant, there were tremendous changes. Watching the two people who were looking at each other, Peter's thoughts changed at the speed of lightning.

    'Tynon was already a level 28 great expert back then. On his return, not only has he reached level 29, but he has also gained a number of powerful means. This will probably be a tough fight for Fang Xingjian.

    'However, this is the Great Western City after all. Tynon would not dare to drag this battle out. He will probably try to suppress his opponent a little and then take his leave...'

    Then at the next moment, both his eyes and mouth opened wide like he had just seen something unbelievable, as he stared at where Fang Xingjian was standing.


    Looking at Fang Xingjian who had just suddenly appeared, Tynon was taken aback. This time around, Tynon had changed his appearance and used the unique trait of the Gates of the Netherworld in attempt to catch Fang Xingjian unaware.

    He had never imagined that Fang Xingjian would be able to catch up with him in an instant.

    However, so what if Fang Xingjian could catch up with him? He had already heard that although Fang Xingjian's talent was unrivalled, the time Fang Xingjian had spent as a Conferred Knight was far too short. Fang Xingjian's best battle achievement was just that he had killed two level 27 Sand Country assassins.

    Although this was already an exceptional achievement for someone at Fang Xingjian's age, Tynon was confident, at least for this moment, that Fang Xingjian was definitely not his match.

    Moreover, Tynon had the Gates of the Netherworld. In terms of potential, it was impossible for even a genius like Fang Xingjian to compare with him.

    Therefore, when he was confronted with Fang Xingjian, Tynon did not give it a second thought. As power swelled up in his body, he slapped out his palm, activating the Gates of the Netherworld. A violent crimson flame gushed out. This was the ultimate technique he had used to seriously injure Achilles, the Great Red Lotus!

    The crimson meteor disappeared with a flash, ramming toward Fang Xingjian. The violent force caused the surrounding streets to flip over, while the high temperature melted the tiles on the ground.

    Faced with such a terrifying technique, Fang Xingjian merely punched out at it head-on, sending violent sword force surging forth and colliding against the Great Red Lotus.

    At the next moment, the sword Qi ran amok, and the entire Great Red Lotus exploded and scattered out in the air like a firework. It turned into countless sparks and then gradually disappeared.

    Fang Xingjian had split apart the entire Great Red Lotus with a punch, disintegrating it.

    While glaring at Fang Xingjian, Tynon once again activated his Gates of the Netherworld. A green dragon, a phoenix, a white tiger, and a black tortoise [1] came charging out. Howling, they turned into four gushes of power and pounced toward Fang Xingjian.

    This was the Killing technique of the Four Phases Sect, the Four Phases Killing Formation. Each of the four divine beasts materialized from ether energy contained an extremely concentrated power. Not only were they extremely strong, but they could also work together and form a cycle of energy. As long as there was at least one still alive, the others would be revived even if they had been killed.

    Tynon wanted to use this Four Phases Killing Formation to hold back Fang Xingjian and then use a powerful technique on him.

    However, what Tynon did not know was that, with his current abilities, he had no rights to use the words 'hold back' before Fang Xingjian.

    Tynon had merely taken a step back when over 1,000 waves of Ether Sword Ripples swept out. The green dragon was dismembered, the phoenix was slashed into minced meat, the black tortoise was stirred into meat paste, and the white tiger's head was crushed by Fang Xingjian's foot when he took a step forward. Then amidst flashing light, the white tiger was then cut up into pieces.

    At this moment, Tynon looked at Fang Xingjian with an extremely grim gaze. The Gates of the Netherworld on his palm was trembling, as if a power which could destroy the entire world was going to burst at anytime.

    However, Fang Xingjian merely stood there while looking at him coldly. Then he said, "Hand over the stuff, and I'll let you have an easy death."

    Although the Golden Pellet was extremely valuable, it was the Divine level spinal bone that Fang Xingjian was bent on getting his hands on. How could he possibly have expected that it would be taken away by the other party? If it were not because Tynon's thieving methods were extremely skillful yet far too unbelievable, Fang Xingjian would have chopped off Tynon's head with a single slash of his sword.

    However, Tynon let out a long breath, and his body swelled up like air had been pumped into him. In the blink of an eye, he reverted to his original stature with a height of 2.5 meters. However, his face continued to have the appearance of someone else.

    "Well, well, Fang Xingjian. To think that you have been keeping your abilities concealed all this while, catching people unaware." Tynon looked at Fang Xingjian and said, smiling coldly, "However, do you think that you're the only one who has kept his abilities hidden?"

    The Gates of the Netherworld on Tynon's palm expanded to become something like a black hole. The light rays, air, and other things in the surroundings were all engulfed by it.

    "Try out this move of mine..."

    Before Tynon even finished speaking, everything before him suddenly turned black, like the sky was shrouded by darkness.

    No, it was not that the sky was shrouded by darkness, but that Fang Xingjian's big hand had descended from the sky, bringing along crackling strong gales and extremely violent power. Everything within a ten-meter radius seemed to have become a vacuum. The air sent out kacha kacha crushing sounds, and it was as if the entire sky had collapsed.

    At the next moment, Fang Xingjian's palm pressed down on Tynon's face, and endless violent forces came down on Tynon's forehead, as if trying to crush his entire consciousness.

    "To hell with your 'try'!"

    Tynon unconsciously grabbed onto Fang Xingjian's arm which was gripping onto his head. However, the moment he exerted force, he felt as if Fang Xingjian's strength was great like a mountain and vast like an ocean. It was like holding onto a heavenly pillar, as Fang Xingjian's arm did not budge in the least.

    'How is this possible?!' Tynon bellowed inwardly, sensing the over 200 streams of specialty seeds coming from the opponent's body, as well as the eruption of forces from those extremely weak physical particles. He was completely suppressed in terms of strength.

    'How did this happen? I have more specialty seeds than he does, and the eruption of forces from my physical particles are much more violent. How is it possible for me to be suppressed by him?!

    'This monster... My strength attribute is over 220 points. How many points is his for him to be able to ignore the difference between our specialties and physical particles?'

    Tynon grabbed onto Fang Xingjian's arm tightly with his two hands. However, the Gates of the Netherworld was unable to absorb living things. Thus, it was useless against pure physical attacks.

    At the next moment, their bodies flickered, and the friction in the air left behind two long streams of smoke. The high temperature and strong gales turned all the ordinary clothes Tynon was wearing into ash. Then, amidst a thunderous rumble, Fang Xingjian's palm pressed Tynon into the mountain peak which was over 20 kilometers away.

    It was remarkably astonishing! The entire mountain peak exploded in that instant, turning into countless fiery meteors which shot out in all directions.

    Ahh! Still having his head held down, Tynon let out a bellow. In that instant, wind, rain, thunder, and lightning appeared from the Gates of the Netherworld as over 12 Killing techniques were unleashed.

    The endless explosions, high temperature, and fire currents turned the surroundings within a 1,000 meter range into fine powder.

    However, Tynon felt the force on his head tighten. The over 12 types of Killing techniques did not even have the qualifications to let Fang Xingjian pause for a moment. Fang Xingjian grabbed onto Tynon's head and charged out once again, colliding against the ground like a descending meteor.

    Rumble! The sound of the mountain collapsing and ground cracking rang out, and the entire mountainous region seemed to turn into a sea of great fluctuating waves. The layers of the ground tremored as shock waves were sent out in all directions.

    The space 100 meters below Tynon was crushed into powder. Then as he felt as if all the bones throughout his body were shattered and fractured, he spurted out a large mouthful of blood.

    However, his gaze turned increasingly savage as he sent martial will sweeping out, "Fang Xingjian, die!"

    A terrifying wave of power emerged from the Gates of the Netherworld, and many light pillars soared into the air. With the blink of an eye, the area within a 100-meter distance was encompassed by the light.

    Tynon bellowed furiously, unleashing over 100 Killing techniques at once from the Gates of the Netherworld.
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