Chapter 426: Engulf

    Chapter 426: Engulf

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    With a hiss, the little snake, which had kept himself hidden on Fang Xingjian's wrist, regained its vitality. The bangle turned into a little dark green snake, coiling up as he looked at the level 29 Conferred Knight with greed.

    If he could engulf this level 29 Conferred Knight, then he could at least regain 30% of his battle prowess. This was particularly because the other party also had a Killing technique which was like a dimensional storage, making the little snake even more interested.

    'If I can eat up this guy... If I can eat up this guy...'

    However, the little snake once again recalled Fang Xingjian's tremendous improvement during this period of time he had been by Fang Xingjian's side. Then the little snake felt discouraged once again.

    'Putting aside the fact that eating this guy won't allow me to recover all my power... Even if it did, I'm still no match for Fang Xingjian right now.'

    The little snake threw a careful glance toward Fang Xingjian while flicking his tongue in and out. Then he thought to himself, 'This guy's talent is far too terrifying. It's just like he is god's illegitimate son.

    'And to think that he can be immune to black magic... It's really... It's really...'

    As the thoughts went through his mind, the little snake had already slithered up to the pile of mushed flesh next to Fang Xingjian's feet. With its tongue flicking in and out, he asked, "You're really letting me eat him?"

    "You guys can engulf and infect a target at the cellular level, right? After engulfing him, you can also receive his memories, right?" Fang Xingjian said calmly, "I want you to eat him up and then return me my things."

    The little snake gave it some thought before breaking into a grin. "Then I'll be digging in!"

    At the next moment, he pounced toward Tynon. Right now, Tynon was extremely weak and could not even send out a hint of willpower impact, let alone try to resist. Tynon could only watch as the little snake ate up his body without stopping. The little snake was like a piece of modeling clay, incessantly merging the flesh into his own and growing increasingly bigger. Then the little snake slowly headed for Tynon's head.

    "What is this?!" Tynon cried out in shock. "Stop! Fang Xingjian! I'll give you whatever you want! Stop it quickly!"

    As a level 29 Conferred Knight, Tynon's willpower was amazingly strong. However, when he saw his own body being engulfed slowly, it was still an extremely great shock to him.

    Even so, no matter how much he cried out agonizingly, Fang Xingjian paid Tynon no heed and just watched as he was engulfed bit by bit.

    "Fang Xingjian! You shall die a horrible death!"

    As Tynon let out his final cry, his face was already encompassed by a layer of grey flesh. Then his vision went blank and only regained clarity after a few minutes.

    Tynon lifted his head to look toward Fang Xingjian.

    He saw that Fang Xingjian was just standing there, with his hands crossed before his chest. His back was even facing Tynon, seemingly utterly unafraid that he would escape or launch a sneak attack.

    However, he then thought of how Conferred Knights had Heaven's Perception, and at level 22, a Conferred Knight would already able to read light waves and sound waves with a 360-degree viewpoint. There was no difference between their front and back.

    Just after Tynon regained his senses, Fang Xingjian spoke, "How is it? Where's the stuff?"

    "Oh, this thing is called the Gates of the Netherworld. It's an extremely large space that can be brought along with you. But I don't know what the principles behind it are or who invented it." Tynon lifted up his palm, and the Gates of the Netherworld were opened once again. It was as if a whirlpool had suddenly appeared, and in a few seconds, the entire horse carriage, including the Golden Pellet and the Divine level spinal bone inside it, once again appeared before Fang Xingjian.

    It was not only these. As crashing sounds rang out, things were being poured out. There were various cultivating resources, secret manuals, as well as a few Inferior Divine Weapons. Additionally, there were also the items Tynon had won at the auction. Everything was just thrown out.

    Looking at Fang Xingjian's gaze, Tynon grinned. "Hehe, this is the thing that tall guy, Tynon, got from the auction earlier.

    "His Gates of the Netherworld is a great skill and only requires physical contact to absorb. Anything substance is fine as long as it doesn't exceed the size of his space.

    "Even light, air currents, and so on will work. It's really convenient.

    "Do you want to learn it?"

    "Not interested. It's enough for me to have my sword." Fang Xingjian spoke nonchalantly, "Then why did he come over?"

    "Hildebrand," Tynon shrugged and said, "He hinted of your identity." Tynon then broke into a vicious smile. "How about it, do you want to kill him? I can help you to eat him and then swallow up all his assets."

    Fang Xingjian shook his head. "He's not part of the plan for today, and I've already wasted a lot of time. I'll look for him in a few more days." With that, he threw a look at Tynon. "I still don't know your name. What are you called?"

    "You can call me Tyrant."

    "Alright, Tyrant. Now, change back."

    "What?!" Tyrant stared at Fang Xingjian and said, "You still want me to be a bangle? If this goes on, even I will go crazy. Moreover, I have gotten Tynon's identity and am fully capable of passing off as him. Don't you want to have another level 29 subordinate?"

    "Not interested." Fang Xingjian raised his right hand, shook his wrist a little and said, "Come up here by yourself."

    Seeing the increasing killing intent in Fang Xingjian's eyes, Tyrant pouted helplessly, "Wanting a man like me twining around your hand all day long... You're really such a pervert."

    "Quickly. Stop wasting time."

    Tyrant let out a sigh and eventually shrunk gradually, turning into a dark green bangle on Fang Xingjian's wrist.

    Fang Xingjian felt the additional weight on his body. It seemed that after Tyrant had engulfed Tynon, his weight had also increased by a lot. Fang Xingjian continued to say, "Then you'll be my dimensional bangle from now. Put everything back."

    The bangle revealed a narrow eye and said with dissatisfaction, "I'm not your tool."

    Fang Xingjian slapped down on the bangle, and even the ground seemed to tremble a little. Slightly deformed, the bangle let out a terrified cry and said, "I got it, I got it. Why did you have to hit me? I feel that I've gotten a little deformed."

    "Hurry up."

    Feeling helpless, Tyrant could only store back all the items one by one. Fang Xingjian then started to communicate with him through information currents.

    "Alright, on the way back, tell me about Tynon's background.

    "Just what kind of encounter did he have for him to get his hands on something like the Gates of the Netherworld."

    Tyrant said with a seemingly constipated expression, "What other encounter could there be? He merely chanced upon a tomb which was said to belong to a member of the Southern Sacrosanct Sect. The corpse was no longer there. He moved the coffin aside and discovered that the cultivation method for the Gates of the Netherworld was engraved under the coffin."

    "Southern Sacrosanct Sect?" Fang Xingjian stroked his chin and said, "It mustn't be an ordinary faction for them to be able to create a technique like the Gates of the Netherworld. However, why is it that I haven't heard of their name before? Have you heard of them?"

    "I've never heard of them before. God knows where they came from. But judging from the style of their name, they might have come over from the Western Land."
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