Chapter 440: Thrashing

    Chapter 440: Thrashing

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    Under everyone's astonished and terrified gazes, Fang Xingjian's fist smashed down onto the head of the flesh buddha with a loud thud.

    Although it looked as if a fly had landed a punch on a human's face, the created effect was astonishing.

    The flesh buddha's head seemed like a large metal hammer had just smashed into it heavily right then. The spot where Fang Xingjian's punch had landed was now sunken in.

    Tyrant, in the form of a bangle, said with indifference, "The Gray Robed Mages' black magic is primarily based on the summoning of power from the lives of those from other worlds. This person summoned a high-grade lifeform called the 'Ten Thousand Buddha' and merged it with his own body. It's a level 6 black magic, and its main trait is the power to shuttle through space."

    While they spoke, the eyeballs of the Ten Thousand Buddha, who had received Fang Xingjian's punch, popped out of their eye sockets and were sent flying. The Ten Thousand Buddha's nostrils were also deformed, and his entire face had shattered. Amidst the Ten Thousand Buddha's terrified cries, Fang Xingjian was already launching another punch down.


    When this punch came down, the violent and tremendous powers turned into endless streams of sword force after being transformed by Fang Xingjian's sword bones. They smashed through the Ten Thousand Buddha's deformed head, turned into myriad sword Qis, and ran amok.

    Blood vessels, muscles, bones, nerves... Countless things were being torn apart, crushed, and stirred by these sword Qis. They turned those things into a rain of blood and flesh pieces which scattered explosively.

    The two consecutive punches had turned the Ten Thousand Buddha's head into dust. Fang Xingjian then kicked out, stomping down on the Ten Thousand Buddha's shoulder. It was as if a tank had smashed through a building. As Fang Xingjian stomped down explosively, the Ten Thousand Buddha's shoulder turned into meat paste and sunk into the ground.

    However, after three consecutive attacks, the Ten Thousand Buddha finally reacted. The over 1,000 fists he had on his back once again punched out wildly, sinking into void space one after another and then sending out the forces to explode inside Fang Xingjian's body.

    In his brain, stomach, heart, chest, lower body...

    Several hundred or thousand tons of power continued to crush, explode, and run amok in Fang Xingjian's body. However, they were not able to even tear through even one of his blood vessels.

    The toughness of a level 29 Superior Divine Weapon did not meant that Fang Xingjian's body was very tough. Rather, it meant that while each and every part of his flesh and blood maintained their physical characteristics, the sturdiness between his physical particles was being strengthened limitlessly.

    Each and every physical particle was being linked together by thick streams of heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces, connecting them together tightly.

    Things like his brain, blood vessels and nerves continued to feel soft and tender, yet they were extremely sturdy. Violent powers would not be able to break the connection between the physical particles, which meant that there would not be any form of physical damage caused.

    As he let the forces of his opponent's punches run amok in his body, Fang Xingjian put his palms together and activated the Prodigious Demolition Sword Physique. His entire body seemed to turn into an indestructible and invincible sharp sword.

    Charging out from his location, streams of sound waves were sent rolling out through the air. Fang Xingjian created a long air current behind him as he dashed through the Ten Thousand Buddha's body.

    Then as soft sounds of swoosh swoosh swoosh rang out incessantly, Fang Xingjian's silhouette was moving so fast that he had turned into many black lines. He pierced through the Ten Thousand Buddha's body time and time again, turning it into pieces which burst out and dispersed.

    The Ten Thousand Buddha was an expert of the Terrene Shrine and a top performer amongst the Gray Robed Mages. So, just like his comrades, he also had a strong vitality comparable to that of a level 29 Knight.

    All 1,000 of his palms were exerting force wildly and lashing out. They caused the surrounding air to be stirred up into a large-scale tempest. The Ten Thousand Buddha's flesh, which was being chopped up, continued to regenerate incessantly. However, there was nothing he could do to stop Fang Xingjian who was still moving to and fro.

    The Ten Thousand Buddha was like a large piece of delicious fatty meat waiting to be cut up. No matter how much he ran amok, causing the earth to tremor fiercely and strong gales to create chaos... he was unable to stop Fang Xingjian from tearing his body up.

    The people, who were standing in the distance and watching this scene, were all wearing astonished expressions. Even the strongest one of them all, the Radiant Cult's Cult Master, had his mouth agape, unable to speak a single word.

    After all, in the Horned Frogs Valley, the level 27 Cult Master was already the strongest. Each punch and kick he launched would be able to flip over an entire street.

    However, right now, a gigantic monster had suddenly appeared. The typhoon he created just by waving his 1,000 hands about was sufficient to send a small town flying, and the power his punches were lashing out into the ground was sufficient to cause a small-scale earthquake.

    Moreover, even after the Great Envoy had turned into such a monster, he was still able to use his ability to move through space, smashing the insides of his target's body.

    If a monster like this were to attack the Horned Frogs Valley, then even if the people present were to join forces, they would not be able to defeat him.

    However, such a terrifying monster was staggering under Fang Xingjian's attacks, unable to show any resistance.

    Looking at this scene in great astonishment, the Ice Palace's Saint mumbled, "Too powerful... He really is... far too powerful..."

    The Priestess next to her was also so shocked that she could not say anything. First, she had suddenly seen a monster whose punches and kicks could flip the ground over and split the cloud and skies apart... Then she saw a monster like this being beaten up with no means of resisting... Her mind completely blanked out.

    The Blood Kaiser's countenance was even paler. As he watched large pieces of flesh being chopped off from the Ten Thousand Buddha and then vaporized, he was unable to say a single word.

    He exclaimed inwardly, 'I probably won't be able to surpass this person even if I were to spend my entire life on it.'

    When there was only a small gap between two people, there would be motivation for the one lagging behind to catch up. However, when the difference was as large as Mount Everest, one would only lift his head up and watch. He would not be able to summon any motivation to fight on.

    The Ice Palace's Great Priestess let out a sigh, while feelings of regret flashed across the face of the Radiant Cult's Eldest Martial Brother Sean.

    However, no matter what they thought, they would not be able to change Fang Xingjian's actions. Then a heat wave surged out. Accompanied by over 1,000 Ether Sword Ripples sweeping out at high temperatures, the Ten Thousand Buddha's remnants were turned into ash and scattered into the air.

    As the countless remnant particles struggled wildly in the flames, Fang Xingjian's right hand grabbed out toward the ground with a flash, and a small grey-skinned lizard was grabbed in his hand.

    Having had the experience of dealing against Tyrant previously, how could Fang Xingjian not be wary against this move which was often used by the Terrene Shrine?

    Grabbing onto the small lizard's tail, Fang Xingjian said, "You guys from the Terrene Shrine really like to turn into small animals and escape."

    The small lizard's eyes were filled with both fury and terror as he looked at Fang Xingjian and yelled, "Since you know about our Terrene Shrine, then let me go immediately! Aren't you afraid that our Terrene Shrine would take revenge?"

    Fang Xingjian said, "I'll kill all of you from the Terrene Shrine, no matter how many comes my way."

    Just then, Tyrant, who was in the form of a bangle, said to Fang Xingjian through information currents, "Hand him to me. Fang Xingjian, a fervent believer like him won't say anything no matter how much you were to torture him."

    Fang Xingjian replied calmly, "You better not be trying any tricks." With that, he placed the small lizard onto the bangle. In that instant, countless tentacles grew from the bangle, piercing into the small lizard's body and turning the lizard into a part of Tyrant himself.

    Then at the next moment, Fang Xingjian appeared before the Cult Master with a flash and asked coldly, "How much do you know about the issue of the human trafficking?"

    The Cult Master's face seemed as if he had suddenly aged by ten years. He could not bring up any will to resist and asked dejectedly, "What do you want?"

    "Everyone who has participated in human trafficking has to die. You must also commit suicide to atone for the evil you've done. As for the Radiant Cult, it'll be dismissed on the spot."

    With that, he then turned his gaze toward the Blood Kaiser and the Ice Palace's Great Priestess, and said, "The Valley Alliance will be handed to the Ice Palace's Great Priestess and the Blood Kaiser.

    "All of these must be completed within a day."

    As Fang Xingjian said each word, the Cult Master's face trembled. When he heard the last part about how the Radiant Cult must be dismissed and that he would have to hand over the position as head of the alliance to someone else, his eyes turned bloodshot.

    He asked in a hoarse voice, "What if I don't do as you say?"

    Fang Xingjian said, "If I move at my greatest speed, I'll be able to kill all the members of the Radiant Cult in the Horned Frogs Valley in about two hours. Do you want to try that?"

    The Cult Master lowered his head while wearing a bitter expression. He had wanted to resist, but upon recalling how Fang Xingjian had killed the Great Envoy with such great brutality, all of his courage to resist turned into dust and scattered.

    "My disciple, Sean, is unaware of all of these. I hope that you can spare his life."

    Through his Heaven's Perception, Fang Xingjian sensed the Cult Master did not seem to show any signs or emotions of lying.

    Fang Xingjian nodded. "If that's the truth, I can do that."
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