Chapter 452: Layers of Conspiracy

    Chapter 452: Layers of Conspiracy

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    Fang Xingjian's body flickered once again, and he reappeared in the hall of the Ice Palace's base. Looking at the Saint and Great Priestess, he tossed the man in black to the ground and said, "I've already dealt with the people who came barging into the Ice Palace's base. You guys can interrogate him. See if you can get anything out from him."

    Right now, the man in black was completely filled with terror. He had seen how wild Knights, who were about his level or even stronger than himself, had been killed by Fang Xingjian as if he had been tearing apart toys. So, how could the black-clothed man not feel terrified?

    Currently, to him, Fang Xingjian was already an extremely terrifying existence who could be on par with the Illumination Society and the Eternal Night Society.

    Fang Xingjian turned his head. Looking toward the distance, he said calmly, "Their people are all together right now. Since that's the case, I'll take this opportunity to wipe them all out."

    With that, Fang Xingjian stepped forth and moved in flashes of light. With each flash of light, he would appear several kilometers away as he dashed toward the foot of the mountain with strong gales blowing.

    The Great Priestess looked toward the man in black, whose face was filled with terror and body was covered in serious injuries all over. Then she asked, "Is there anything you want to say?"

    "Say?" The man in black immediately said, "I'll talk, I'll say everything. It's the Black Wings. The Black Wings informed me to come over and even said that they'll provide support from the outside. It's because of this that I came over like I was possessed. Who could have expected that the Vicious Knight is so powerful? With his abilities and cultivation, there'll definitely be a place for the Ice Palace in the Great Western Region in the future."

    He looked at the Great Priestess respectfully and said, "Please allow me to join the Ice Palace and to swear my service to Lord Vicious Knight."

    The Great Priestess and the Saint exchanged a glance in surprise. To think that the expert who had almost killed them instantly was now begging for forgiveness so easily. What on earth had he seen?

    The Great Priestess went up and punched out toward the black-clothed man who no longer had any ability to resist. Layers of cold air directly froze over him. In the blink of an eye, the cold air turned into an ice coffin which encompassed the black-clothed man.

    She then called for her subordinates, "Keep him on watch and reinforce the cold air. With his current situation, he'll definitely be unable to escape."

    The Saint could not help but ask, "Master, where are you going?"

    "I'm going after Fang Xingjian." As the Great Priestess spoke, her eyes were already filled with longing. "A battle between top notch experts in the Great Western Region... What a glorious and resplendent battle it would be! How could I possibly miss it?!"


    Ever since Fang Xingjian had exposed his dimensional storage equipment in the market, in merely less than two days, countless wild Knights had come here to participate in the martial arts gathering on the Dark Shadow Mountain.

    After the first group of people took action tonight, more and more people followed their lead. It was as if a powder keg had been lit up.

    To begin with, the dimensional storage equipment was a strategic battle equipments, and countless people coveted after it.

    Furthermore, with majority of the Great Western Region's experts from various factions gathering here, there were even more people with strong feuds. At the beginning, everything seemed fine since there were the three great factions suppressing down. Yet after the Black Wings took action abruptly and the three great factions also drew their weapons against each other for the dimensional storage equipment, the entire Dark Shadow Mountain became a state of chaos.

    However, most of the people ran toward the Ice Palace's base. Therefore, more and more people were gathering at the foot of the base.

    Just then, at the highest peak of the Dark Shadow Mountain, Heavenly Shadow Peak, an one-eyed old man was looking down at the foot of the mountain where sparks were soaring and killing intents were seething. He broke into a cold smile.

    Beside him, a middle-aged man stood quietly. The man was dressed in snow-white clothes, and even his hair, eyes, and lips were white. He looked just like a ghost. If there were disciples from The School of Sword Arts here, they would definitely get a shock. It was because this man dressed in clothes which were white as snow was actually The School of Sword Arts's Supreme Chief, a man situated at the pinnacle of sword arts in the Empire.

    Additionally, the person standing behind the two of them was Peter, from Great Western Region's Regional Academy. He was the subordinate of Hildebrand, who had gone into hiding.

    He was also the Conferred Knight whom Fang Xingjian wanted to find this time around.

    The one-eyed old man said, "Supreme Chief, what do you think of this? For him to be wiping out the many factions in the Great Western Region this time around... Fang Xingjian has really helped us a lot."

    The Supreme Chief did not say a word, but Peter grinned and said, "That Fang Xingjian thought that he was being very discreet, but he hasn't expected that his subordinates' information channel was already exposed to us.

    "This is especially when he even exposed his dimensional storage equipment, which makes our plan this time around much easier. We'll be able to bring in more factions under our control."

    The one-eyed old man smiled coldly but did not say a word. He was a top notch level 29 expert, who was the previous Governor of the Beize Continent as well as Hildebrand's grandfather. In the recent years, he had been focusing on his cultivation, and thanks to a chanced encounter, he had even achieved perfection in condensing 1,440 specialty seeds. He was now a level 29 expert at the first tier of perfection, achieving the status of Demigod.

    Moreover, although he was at level 29 and had the ability to regenerate his physical body, he continued to wear a mask over one of his eyes. This made many people curious about what he was hiding under that eye mask.

    Ever since he heard that Fang Xingjian had been trying to find out the whereabouts of his grandson, Hildebrand, killing intent surged in his heart. When the First Prince completed the setup of an all-encompassing trap and gave him the orders to carry out the plan, he had agreed immediately.

    Yes, the one-eyed old man had long since signed the Hell's Map. If he had not done so, he would not have achieved the perfection in condensing his specialty seeds.

    The Supreme Chief said calmly, "If it wasn't because the First Prince found out about the improvement in Fang Xingjian's abilities through his secret channels, and also because this is a crucial moment for His Highness' plan, we wouldn't have gone ahead with this plan so thoroughly.

    "The time that we have is getting lesser and lesser.

    "The reason why we have the Death Dominion set up over the entire Dark Shadow Mountain and have us three great experts come together today is so that we can capture Fang Xingjian. Failure is not an option.

    "Taking in the Great Western Region's factions is only something that we're doing while we're at it.

    "But we must be careful. This person is extremely talented, and his sword art cultivation is just a notch lower than mine. We must definitely be careful, extremely careful. There's no tolerance for mistakes."

    When Peter heard what the Supreme Chief said, he was taken aback and thought to himself, 'Three great experts? He couldn't have counted me as well, right?'

    Just as he was thinking about this, a series of loud laughs rang out from behind him. He turned and saw a man who looked just like a big black bear walked out.

    When Peter saw the man, he was stunned because of the man's identity.

    'To think that it's the leader of the Black Wings...!'

    The leader of the Black Wings was in the first tier of amongst level 29 experts. Although he had yet to achieve one tier of perfection, he had been born with superhuman strength. Since a young age, he had been at the southern boundaries, fighting and killing several tens of thousands of wild beasts. His body had been tempered to a great degree. He had once killed two level 29 ferocious beasts head-on. The leader of the Black Wings was a monster known as the Darkness Demon Lord.

    Although he was not a Demigod, he was not to be underestimated.

    Seeing the arrival of the Darkness Demon Lord, Peter's emotions stirred, and he came to an understanding.

    'So, that's the case. Then it's no wonder that the Black Wings were so cooperative in taking action that they even lured people to the Ice Palace.

    'To think that the Darkness Demon Lord has long been taken in under the First Prince's wings and thus intentionally took action. He created chaos between the three major sects and caused all the factions in the Great Western Region to run amok.

    'He even treated his own subordinates and organization as cannon fodder? As expected of the Darkness Demon Lord.'

    The Darkness Demon Lord said, "Everything's ready." He broke into a vicious grin and continued, "With the Ten Directional Hell's Flag His Highness has bestowed upon us, the entire Dark Shadow Mountain has been placed within the Death Dominion.

    "If I'm the one deciding, we should just charge forth and kill them all. Why is there a need for us to wait here?"

    However, the Supreme Chief shook his head and said, "Don't underestimate Fang Xingjian. I've observed him from afar. This person's cultivation is unfathomable, and he has probably become a Demigod. Both the Illumination Society and the Eternal Night Society are both factions which have accumulated their powers for many years. It'll be good for us to let them fight before we attack them when they're exhausted."

    When Peter heard these, he was already starting to observe a moment of silence for Fang Xingjian.

    'With the ambush set up by the Supreme Chief and the previous Governor, who are both Demigods, as well as the Darkness Demon Lord, who is an expert at the pinnacle of level 29... Then there is also the Ten Directional Hell's Flags bestowed by the First Prince, and the Illumination Society's and Eternal Night Society's pursuit... Even if Fang Xingjian is a reincarnation of a god, he's doomed.'
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