Chapter 456: Light Meteor

    Chapter 456: Light Meteor

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    In that instant, the world tremored! Large mountain areas were smashed open, and everyone present had their mouths agape while their eyes seemed like they were popping out. Everyone looked at this scene as if they were looking at a miracle.

    This was especially so the moment all the dust scattered, and everyone saw Fang Xingjian pressing down on Ye Huang's head with one hand while his other hand grabbed onto the Night Arrival long saber. Fang Xingjian's entire person was sitting down firmly on Ye Huang's body. This scene was so shocking that everyone's minds blanked out.

    Ye Huang, a great expert who had dominated over the Great Western Region for several decades, was someone who had not suffered a single defeat after attaining level 29. Yet he had lost just like that?

    However, the situation far surpassed their imagination. The instant that Ye Huang was defeated, Illumination Society's Chief took action.

    'This Vicious Knight isn't bad. To think that he had managed to defeated Ye Huang just like that...

    'However, Ye Huang went through many years of hard work and cultivation. Although he hasn't been able to become a Demigod, his abilities aren't to be undermined. Even if the Vicious Knight has defeated Ye Huang, he must have expended a tremendous amount of physical energy and vital energy. This is a good chance for me to take action.'

    A series of thoughts flashed through Light's mind at great speed. Concurrently, the Radiant Longsword in his hands cut across the air with the weight of world creation, thrusting toward the back of Fang Xingjian's head.

    Seeing how Fang Xingjian had made no effort to either dodge or avoid the attack, the Illumination Society's Chief was certain that Fang Xingjian could not avoid it now.

    In the past, Light had used his World Creation Light Sword to flatten an entire mountain range. As long as he could strike his opponent head-on, he had the confidence that he could kill Fang Xingjian with a single move.

    However, under his astonished gaze, the back of Fang Xingjian's head was struck by the the World Creation Light Sword. Amidst the shocking clashing sounds, Fang Xingjian stumbled and was sent flying back a few kilometers. However, he then stood up unscathed.

    Meanwhile, the Illumination Society's Chief's light sword shattered, scattering into the air.

    Fang Xingjian stood up and shook his head. His body was extremely sturdy and at the level of a level 29 Superior Divine Weapon. Therefore, he had been able to take this move head-on. However, his physical power could not stand up to the force of the World Creation Light Sword and thus he had been sent flying.

    Right now, the Illumination Society's Chief's expression was extremely grim. Stretching out his hand, a myriad of light swords were called forth, and it was as if a meteor shower were falling down from the skies. Several tens or hundreds of World Creation Light Swords came smashing down toward Fang Xingjian.

    Looking at the scattering World Creation Light Swords which had come down like a meteor shower, Fang Xingjian put his palms together. He activated the Zenith Light Sword Formation, and six light spots which were like brilliantly large suns rose behind Fang Xingjian's back. They turned into countless light swords and shot out toward the Illumination Society's Chief, sending out sword rain against sword rain.

    Streams of World Creation Light Sword struck Fang Xingjian's body, sending him flying in all directions while preventing him from coming to a stop. Simultaneously, the Zenith Light Sword Formation, which had a high temperature of several tens of thousand degrees celsius, struck the Illumination Society's Chief. However, they were stopped by his light shields and even absorbed.

    "Vicious Knight, to think that you want to use light swords to fight against me. Should I say that you're naive or foolish?"

    By this time, Illumination Society's Chief was already certain and thankful that his guess was not wrong. After Fang Xingjian defeated Ye Huang, both his physical strength and vital energy had been depleted tremendously. So, he was currently at a the weakest point of his abilities, and it was the right time to take action.

    Tyrant, in the form of a bangle on Fang Xingjian's hand, grinned and said, "How is it? Do you need me to use the Gates of the Netherworld? The Gates of the Netherworld would be able to easily deal with these attacks easily."

    "No need. My sword arts will be sufficient to deal with everything."

    Fang Xingjian, who had been struck flying into the air, let out a furious bellow. The Universal Truth Longsword was activated, repelling all the World Creation Light Swords to the outside.

    Streams of light pillars stopped three meters before him but continued to tremble non-stop, inching in bit by bit. It was as if at the next moment, they would break through Fang Xingjian's Universal Truth Longsword and shoot through his body.

    However, just this slight pause gave Fang Xingjian an opportunity. As Fang Xingjian reached his hand toward his back, strange kacha kacha sounds rang out. Under everyone's astonished gazes, Fang Xingjian drew out his own spinal bone.

    HIs spinal bone was a pure white like jade, and it was entirely upright, just like a longsword made from jade.

    This was the first time Fang Xingjian had used his spinal bone longsword since completing his cultivation of the White Bone Divine Weapon and since reaching the level of a level 29 Divine Weapon for his body's toughness. It also showed that the Illumination Society's Chief was truly formidable.

    As Fang Xingjian drew out his spinal bone, he also activated one second of his Heaven's Volition Sword Intent.

    A surge of his aura, which was unlike how it had been in the previous battles, soared into the air as sword light burst out from his eyes.

    How could the current Fang Xingjian, who was holding onto a longsword, be compared with when he had been using his fists to fight?

    With a dash, he shot out toward the Illumination Society's Chief as streams of World Creation Light Swords gushed forth. However, they were wiped out and pushed away by Fang Xingjian, who was holding a longsword and had performed the Prodigious Demolition Sword Physique and Universal Truth Longsword together. The World Creation Light Swords turned into bits of light particles and scattered in midair.

    Soft swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh sounds rang out incessantly, and Fang Xingjian moved across several kilometers of space. Wherever he passed by, he eradicated over 100 light swords. Additionally, wherever he swung out his sword, there was nothing his sword did not cut through.

    His white translucent spinal bone swept out toward the chest of the Illumination Society's Chief with a faint fog.

    Although the Illumination Society's Chief did not know why his opponent had suddenly let out such a powerful and explosive battle prowess, he could no longer afford to bother with this.

    He detonated over 800 of his specialty seeds, scattered over ten Superior Divine Weapons explosively, and then activated his secret arts. Over 300,000 physical particles on the body of the Illumination Society's Chief seemed as if they were burning up, shining in boundless radiance.

    All the powers were gathered together and fused into the mirror in his hand.

    That mirror was translucent all over, scattering hints of milky white light. It was like the first ray of light which had been born when the world first came into existence. It was the level 29 Superior Divine Weapon passed down through generations of the Illumination Society-Heaven Splitting Mirror.

    At this moment, the Illumination Society was really fighting with his life on the line.

    Under the boost of having boundless energy, the endless white light burst out, forming light pillars which were ten meters in diameter.

    Wherever the light beams passed by, the air trembled and everything material was turned into dust.

    The Illumination Society's creed was that the first ray of light had opened up and created the world.

    However, there was deeper level of meaning hidden in the creed. It was that in the end, the world would also be destroyed by the last ray of light and then recreated. Just like that, the world would sink into the cycle of transitioning between darkness and light.

    The divine creation light, which the Heaven Splitting Mirror had created, could only be unleashed once a year. However, once unleashed, its prowess would be sufficient to shatter a level 29 Superior Divine Weapon.

    Despite this, it was still useless. There was a world of difference between a Demigod and a non-Demigod. Moreover, Fang Xingjian had even drawn out his spinal bone longsword and activated his Heaven's Volition Sword Intent.

    He dashed into the light pillar and sent his longsword sweeping out. With the enhancements from both the Universal Truth Longsword and the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent, everything was perfectly in sync. Fang Xingjian slashed through the electromagnetic waves, splitting apart the light and turning the light pillar into two. Then he appeared before the Illumination Society's Chief.

    With the boost from the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent, Fang Xingjian's sword arts level rose by another notch.

    Then at next moment, under the astonished gaze of the Illumination Society's Chief, Fang Xingjian's longsword pierced through the Heaven Splitting Mirror, causing the entire mirror to shatter into dust.

    Sword Qis smashed into the Illumination Society's Chief, sending him flying backward while spitting blood.

    However, due to the existence of the Heaven Splitting Mirror, Fang Xingjian's Heaven's Volition Sword Intent was used for another two seconds. So, he ended up using it for three seconds in total. With the amount of potential points he had, he was still left with 17 useable seconds.

    The Illumination Society's Chief final bit of power was completely exhausted, and he plunged downward to the ground, raising up a lot of dust

    "Who else?"

    Fang Xingjian, with his longsword in hand, stood in midair and swept his gaze over everyone. His voice rippled out like a thunderclap. It was like streams of electricity, clearing out the clouds within a ten-li radius.
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