Chapter 464: Church and Base

    Chapter 464: Church and Base

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    From there, that question was followed by the members of the upper echelon trying to get hold of a variety of information about Fang Xingjian. They even asked Gardner a series of other questions, including what Fang Xingjian's character was like, what Fang Xingjian's thoughts about the Church of Universal Truth were, about the God of Universal Truth, as well as if Fang Xingjian had any intentions of getting married.

    At the end, they then stressed again on the questions regarding Fang Xingjian's appearance. They even got Gardner to transmit images of Fang Xingjian's appearance through his martial will.

    The countenances of the numerous members of the upper echelon changed slightly, and they left the room after exchanging nods.

    Gardner respectfully watched as they took their leave. Had Fang Xingjian's appearance attracted the attention of the upper echelon of the Church of Universal Truth after all?

    Simultaneously, he could not help but ask his supervisor, "Boss, what's going on? Is the Church thinking of dealing with Fang Xingjian?"

    "It's not really about dealing with him." Gardner's supervisor gave it some thought before saying, "You'll get to know about it sooner or later. I might as well tell you first.

    "Three days ago, within Sinkodati's Great Western Region, Fang Xingjian single-handedly defeated three people who had joined forces. One of them was a level 29 expert, another was a Demigod with one tier of perfection, and the third one was a Demigod with two tiers of perfection. Under such circumstances, Fang Xingjian killed two of them, and the remaining Demigod, with two tiers of perfection, escaped."

    "What?!" Gardner listened to this piece of news in a daze. He felt as if he could understand all the individual words his supervisor said, but when all the words were put together, he was not able to make sense of it.

    "Fang Xingjian defeated a Demigod with two tiers of perfection?"

    At the next moment, an insuppressible surge of dejection filled up Gardner's entire body.

    Gardner now knew that he had been mercilessly surpassed by Fang Xingjian and that he would never be able to catch up. With time, the gap between them would only get wider and wider.

    "Is talent... really that important?"


    Anthony sat on the couch uneasily, letting out a helpless sigh as he looked at the refreshments placed on a table next to him.

    This was already the tenth day since he had arrived at the Eastern Sand Region's Wang Clan.

    The reason why he was here was of course to invite Wang Clan to participate in Fang Xingjian's plan to forge a longsword. The longsword intended to be a Divine Remains Equipment with that piece of Divine level spinal bone as its primary ingredient.

    However, aside from having been received by Wang Clan's Eldest Miss on the first day, no other members from the Wang Clan, who had the authority to make decisions, had came to meet him.

    Just like that, he would visit everyday, generally waiting from morning till night. He would be told repeatedly this person or that person was very busy and unavailable to meet him. They would then tell him to visit again the next day.

    However, it was not as if he had not gained anything at all by toiling through these ten days. At the very least, he was very clear of Wang Clan's attitude.

    As the world's best blacksmith clan, a clan with a legacy which included having experience with forging Divine Remains Equipment, Wang Clan was acting very haughtily.

    For the past ten days, Anthony had seen numerous factions coming to request for a weapon but returned with nothing. Countless people had prepared all the materials, hoping to request for the Wang Clan to help them forge a weapon, but none of them had succeeded.

    Beside Anthony, an old man said, "It seems like there's no chance again today." The old man had arrived three days earlier than Anthony and had also waited for a very long time.

    Anthony smiled but did not say anything.

    Just then, a steward walked over, threw a glance toward Anthony and the old man, and then said casually, "The chief steward isn't free today either. Please take your leave."

    As Wang Clan's steward, he was already used to being fawned upon and cajoled by those who came to purchase weapons.

    The old man walked up, stuffed a few gold coins into the steward's hands and begged, "Steward Zhao, please help me out."

    Steward Zhao slowly nodded and said, "Alright, I'll help you to ask tomorrow." Then he threw a sideward glance toward Anthony, who sighed and said, "Steward Zhao, I've been giving you money for tea everyday previously, and you also promised me everyday that you would ask on my behalf. You've been asking for ten days already. Is there still no result?"

    Steward Zhao frowned. "Hmph, Wang Clan is a great clan with immense businesses and many things to deal with on a daily basis. There are so many subordinates of Governors and Regional Chiefs waiting as it is. What do you want?"

    "At the very least, there must be a procedure, and you should let me know what's my current position in the queue?"

    Steward Zhao squinted his eyes and said, "Does our Wang Clan need you to supervise our work? I'll bring up what you've said to the chief steward. But I think you don't have to come tomorrow. No, you don't have to come for the whole of the next month."

    With that, he flicked his sleeves and left. The old man who was watching from the side sighed, pointed at Anthony, and said, "You're still too young. People like these shouldn't be offended."

    "I can't stand his attitude, making it seem as if we're begging him. He has taken our money and yet, he hasn't done anything. What's the difference if we give him the money or not?"

    The old man shook his head. "Some people are already giving great help just by not doing anything."

    Anthony smiled in self-mockery. However, he had not expected it to be so tough to enter through Wang Clan's doors.

    However, a few minutes later, Steward Zhao suddenly walked in with an awkward expression, forcing a smile. Under the old man's astonished gaze, Steward Zhao looked at Anthony and asked, "Mister Anthony, may I ask if you were sent by Master Fang Xingjian?"

    Anthony nodded, feeling puzzled.

    Steward Zhao walked over and said apologetically, "Mister Anthony, I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. The chief steward had long instructed me to invite you over, but I've overlooked this. It's my oversight. Come, come, come. The chief steward and Eldest Miss wish to meet you right now. Let us head over quickly."

    Anthony looked at Steward Zhao puzzledly. On the first day of his arrival, he had already made it clear that Fang Xingjian had been the one who sent him. However, during the past ten days, he had met many representatives of Governors, Regional Chiefs, and even members of the Central's upper echelon. This made it clear to him that even Fang Xingjian's reputation as a genius might not be of much use here.

    So, right now, he was very perplexed at the great enthusiasm Steward Zhao was showing.

    What Anthony did not know was that Steward Zhao was even more confused than he was. Why had the Eldest Miss' attitude toward Anthony suddenly taken a 180-degree turn? This caused Steward Zhao to feel extremely awkward. Yet, under the Young Miss' pressure, he had no choice but to change his attitude toward Anthony. He was now feeling extremely upset at this.

    While countless people and factions were changing due to Fang Xingjian, he, on the other hand, was standing in midair. He looked down at the sand dune under his feet and said, "The recent disappearances of a few soldiers all occurred here, so it should be in the vicinity. "

    With that, he tossed Peter out and spoke through his martial will, "Wait here for me."

    At the next moment, Fang Xingjian dashed out, charging deep down into the underground of the desert.


    Underground, the place was filled with densely packed corridors, and many staff members were wearing white uniforms, walking in all directions. They appeared to be extremely busy.

    Hildebrand, with gold hair like a prince, stood in the control station, watching the situations in the various laboratories. There was a satisfied and excited smile on his face.

    Next to him was Fang Qian, who was wearing black clothes intended for battle. She was the genius from Fang Clan who had supported the black-skinned warriors in the battle at the shores of the Western Sea.

    Hildebrand said, "Miss Fang, it's all thanks to you guys for providing us with the information about clones that the progress of the project on the nurturing of Divine level cells has been accelerated greatly. Once the plan is fully completed, we'll be able to produce numerous Divine level clones and create a Divine level army!"

    Fang Qian's eyes narrowed slightly. She had not expected that the adaptation of the cloning technology in Miracle World would be so great. Nor had she expected that the skills and abilities of the Ancient Path of Hell to be so powerful. They had actually succeeded in duplicating the cells from some Divine remains.

    Hearing what Hildebrand said, Fang Qian shook her head and said, "It isn't that easy. The nourishment required by the Divine level cells are far too difficult to get. There's a higher chance of success by nurturing Demigod bodies. Test subject number 13 is already a success. As long as the experiment on the transfer of consciousness is successful, you'll be able to instantly attain two tiers of perfection at one go and then own a Demigod clone."

    When Hildebrand heard this, he secretly felt excited. However, when he saw the lady next to him, his expression fell solemn again.

    This strangely dressed lady had been introduced to him by the First Prince. He knew nothing of her background or her identity.

    He only knew that when she first arrived, she had only been at level 21. In less than a year, she had already attained level 29, and her abilities were comparable to a Demigod who had attained one tier of perfection. He found it to be truly unbelievable.
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