Chapter 465: Breakthrough

    Chapter 465: Breakthrough

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    Fang Qian said calmly, "When they're back later, you must hand Fang Xingjian over to me." A cold light gleamed in her eyes. "I'll take care of him personally."

    It was clear that their geographical location was too far out, and they had yet to get news from the Great Western Region.

    Additionally, Hildebrand clearly did not know that Fang Qian had come from another world. Neither did he know that she held the power of magic prints, and all her abilities came from the evil gods beyond the heavens. Therefore, she would not come across any bottlenecks while leveling up during the second transition phase. Just by praying everyday to communicate with the gods, her abilities would increase explosively.

    This was the reason why there were so many magic prints Warriors on Earth, as well as how it was possible for there to be several Divine level experts produced in a mere ten years or so.

    Hildebrand thought that she was simply an extraordinarily talented person whom the First Prince placed in high regards. Just this alone was sufficient for him to be respectful toward her.

    He said, "Haha, this is but of course. When the time comes, we'll hand Fang Xingjian over to you. However, his talent is exceptional, and he's also a very uniquely gifted individual. Don't go overboard and end up killing him."

    Fang Qian smiled and wore a profound look on her face as she said, "Don't worry. I can't bear to kill him."

    Just then, security alarms rang out in the secret base.

    "What happened?" Hildebrand asked puzzledly. Ever since arriving o this secret base which the First Prince had spent a lot of hard work to create, this was the first time he had heard the security alarms go off.

    If it were any other time, even if the Sand Country's army had passed by, it would only be reported by the adjutant.

    However, at the next moment, a Knight-level adjutant ran up to Hildebrand and said, "Sir and Madam! The Commander has requested for the two of you to make a trip to the command post."

    The commander of this base was the leader of the Phantom Congregation, also known as the Phantom Knight. He was one of the First Prince's trusted subordinates and had also signed the Hell's Map. Otherwise, the First Prince would not have entrusted such an important base to him.

    When the two of them heard the adjutant's report, they exchanged a glance. They could see the perplexed expressions in each other's eyes.

    "What on earth has happened?"

    Soon after, the two of them rushed over to the command post. However, not only did they see the commander, Phantom Knight, but the other two residents who had signed the Hell's Map were also there.

    The man who sat on the left side had an effeminate appearance. He occasionally revealed a cold and eerie smile, giving off a strange atmosphere.

    Hildebrand knew this person. He was a second transition Knight who had been exiled by the northern country, Steel Lion Kingdom. The man was called Yalante, the Enraged Lion. He had initially belonged to the Steel Lion Kingdom's intelligence department and knew of countless secret arts for killing. Additionally, he specialized in stealth, ambush, and assassination, and could be said to be a great master of darkness and intelligence.

    To the left, a man carrying a huge two-meter-long bow sat quietly. He appeared to be very ordinary, did not exude any aura, and seemed no different from an ordinary person.

    If there was something special about him, it would be that he was far too quiet. Hildebrand could not even hear his breath nor the sound of his heartbeat. The quiet man was just like a corpse.

    Hildebrand knew that this person was a death warrior who had been trained by the First Prince since young. He was said to have experienced countless brutal trainings and massacres, and had been the only one left standing amongst over 1,000 Knight apprentices. The corpse-like man could be said to be a death warrior who truly existed for the purpose of killing.

    He did not have any name. All he had was a code name-the Death Warrior.

    Although he had been sitting there quietly, he had actually been continuously trying to condense his specialty seeds. It was clear that he was trying hard to achieve perfection in them.

    Seeing the arrival of Hildebrand and Fang Qian, Commander Phantom Knight nodded. He was a rather charming-looking middle-aged man with a small beard and neatly combed hair.

    "Take a seat," Phantom Knight said, "We have an intruder."

    "Intruder?" The Enraged Lion sneered, "There really are people who aren't afraid of death. Is it an intentional act?"

    "It should be, and he is very powerful. He has already broken through the second external defense." The Phantom Knight said, "Wait. He has broken through the third external defense as well." He frowned and added, "He's too fast. Something isn't right. Let me take a look with the Phantom Mirror."

    The Phantom Knight came from a sect known as the Phantom Congregation. The entire Phantom Congregation had been taken over by the First Prince, and the members had all stationed themselves in this base in the desert.

    As such, the Phantom Knight had set up a Phantom Barrier over the entire desert base, so he could monitor the situation in many locations at any time.

    As he formed signs with his hands, there seemed to be water ripples moving in the air, slowly forming a mirror made of water. It reflected the scene that was in the distance.

    In the mirror, Fang Xingjian was strolling around, as if he was taking a walk along the streets. Occasionally, sword light would slash out, cutting through a layer of barrier, and he would continued to walk deeper into the base. Soon after, a group of Knights came to attack him. However, as Fang Xingjian flickered about, the group of Knights dropped to the ground.

    "This guy is..." The Phantom Knight looked at the scene in the mirror, feeling a little perplexed.

    However, Hildebrand shouted loudly, "It's Fang Xingjian! How can it be him? How did he get here?"

    The Phantom Knight tilted his head and watched as the layers of the base's defense barriers continued getting destroyed by Fang Xingjian. Then he said coldly, "Fang Xingjian? Isn't he at the Great Western Region? Heng Tianxiao and the others should have gone to deal with him."

    "Could it be that they missed each other?" The Enraged Lion broke into a grin. "But how could he have found his way here? It can't possibly be that Fang Xingjian defeated Heng Tianxiao and the others, and then forced the location of the base out from them, right?"

    "That's impossible," Hildebrand said. "The Supreme Chief is a Demigod who has attained two tiers of perfection, and Grandfather is a Demigod who has attained one tier of perfection. Although the Darkness Demon Lord is a little bit weaker than them, with the help of the Ten Directional Hell's Flag, he'll also be comparable to a Demigod who has attained one tier of perfection when he activates the Death Dominion. With the three of them joining forces to suppress Fang Xingjian, how could they possibly be defeated?

    "Based on our information, the highest estimation of Fang Xingjian's abilities is only at one tier of perfection."

    "In that case, the situation does certainly seem strange." The Enraged Lion lifted his head, looked at the mirror image of Fang Xingjian, and said, "We'll probably have to ask this kid to find out."

    "There's no hurry," the Phantom Knight said. "The barriers from the fourth defense barrier onward are all enhanced with Netherworld Field and superalloy. Even if he breaks through them, it would take a very long time. Let's just have a look at this genius' abilities for now."

    The Netherworld Field was a barrier the First Prince himself had personally set up over the entire base. It had a powerful defense and could absorb as well as transfer most attacks. The closer it was to the core, the stronger the defense would be. It could be said that one level would be even stronger and more amazing than the one before it.

    Just as the Phantom Knight said this, Fang Xingjian had already arrived before a large closed metal door. This was the fourth defense barrier which was enhanced with the Netherworld Field and had been made from superalloy invented under the First Prince's influence.

    Its toughness was comparable to that of a level 25 Superior Divine Weapon, and the walls had a thickness of ten meters. This barrier was said to be a stronghold that was hard to break through.

    Even a Demigod would probably need to spend over ten minutes or even several hours before he could break through this layer.

    Then after the fourth defense barrier, there were a total of five defense barriers which were even more amazing. It was clear how highly the First Prince regarded this desert base.

    Then under everyone's astonished gazes, as Fang Xingjian headed forward, there was sword light sweeping past the space one meter before him. Each stream of sword light slashed through physical particles while trembling at a frequency of over 10,000 times per second. The beams of sword light forcefully slashed through streams of heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces which were connecting physical particles together.

    He got through the ten-meter-thick defense barrier slowly like he was passing through a layer of tofu.

    Faint yellow light from the Netherworld Field flashed continuously, wanting to resist against the sword light. However, it was unable to succeed, and it was easily crushed like glass.

    Looking at how Fang Xingjian had broken through the fourth layer of defense so easily, the countenances of everyone in the command post turned grim.
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