Chapter 469: Chasing A Dog

    Chapter 469: Chasing A Dog

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    Confronted with this malevolent will, the martial will of the Phantom Knight and the others had no ability to resist. Furthermore, as they faced with this aura, their consciousness seemed completely defenseless. This malevolent will was the nemesis of all humans, rendering them utterly incapable of resisting.

    Fang Qian, Hildebrand, the Phantom Knight, the Death Warrior, and the Enraged Lion all dropped down limply to the ground. They realized that under the malevolent willpower impact, their sets of consciousness were in pieces. This meant they were no longer able to circulate Waves and mental cultivation method in their mind. It was because when they tried to do so, tremendous pain would attack their minds.

    In this moment, they could no longer utilize extraordinary strength. Due to the immense pain in their brains, even their limbs seemed to be out of their control.

    They could only watch the image of Number 10 who was reflected in the mirror and see what his next step would be.

    Fang Qian looked at that crimson red figure in disbelief. "What on earth is this monster? Why do we have such huge differences in terms of consciousness attacks?"

    As a second transition magic prints Warrior, she had not gone through as many levels as Conferred Knights. However, with the help of the evil god's power, she was not far off from Conferred Knights of the same level in terms of the five attributes or other skills and techniques. She might even be even stronger due to the presence of the evil god.

    However, right now, confronted with Number 10's consciousness attack, she had no means of resisting. Moreover, as she had not tempered her martial will the way Conferred Knights did when they broke through the Ten Heavenly Barriers step by step, her resistance toward the malevolent willpower impact was even weaker.

    The Enraged Lion shouted, "What on earth is this willpower impact? It's as if... It's as if it's naturally restraining us."

    The Phantom Knight was also in disbelief. "Even across a distance of five kilometers, he is able to render us immobile with just a single thought? How on earth did he do that?"

    Fang Qian's countenance turned increasingly grim as she realized that she was unable to focus her concentration. The giddiness which had struck her head prevented her from controlling her body's extraordinary strength.

    "It's as if this ability naturally represses humans."

    As Fang Qian looked at the image of Number 10 reflected in the mirror, her eyes were filled with deep terror. "If this goes on, we'll all be killed."


    After engulfing the Heavenly Demon, Number 10 turned to look at Fang Xingjian and said, "Kid, why is there a detestable smell coming from you?"

    Fang Xingjian sensed the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent's excitement and nodded while asking, "What are you? Are you a test subject that the people in this base created?"

    "Test subject?" Number 10 broke into an extremely disdainful smile and said, "Created by the likes of them? They're but a bunch of clowns who just so happened to awaken me."

    He then looked at Fang Xingjian's face and broke into an evil smile. "Let me have a taste of you first."

    At the next moment, a malevolent will gushed into Fang Xingjian's mind. It was like that malevolent will which had been in that Divine level spinal bone from the other time. The will exuded a terrifying horror and evilness which would render one immobile, like it wanted to destroy all wonderful things in the world.

    However, in comparison to the malevolent will in that Divine level spinal bone from the past, the intensity of this malevolent will was clearly much weaker. Although Fang Xingjian felt horrible, it was not as hard to fend off as the previous time.

    Under this willpower impact, he could still move as well as activate the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent like he had done the previous time.

    Sensing the increasingly intense battle will coming from the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent, Fang Xingjian did not suppress it and instead let it move as it wished.

    Then at the next moment, the sword intent gushed out from his mind and dashed into Number 10's consciousness.

    If Number 10's malevolent willpower impact was some sort of biological repression on most humans, then the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent was something akin to a natural nemesis for Number 10.

    Within less than a second after the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent dashed into Number 10's consciousness, Number 10 immediately grabbed his head and let out an agonizing cry. He could only feel that the memories, consciousness, instincts, and other information in his brain were all being stirred up into a complete mess.

    Surges of malevolent will wanted to fight back. However, before the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent, they were like melted butter and got sliced up into fragments easily.


    Number 10 let out an astonishing cry, "What is this thing?!"

    At the next moment, Number 10 endured the agony coming from his head and charged toward Fang Xingjian, with his figure bringing along countless crimson red afterimages.

    Faced with Number 10's counterattack, Fang Xingjian's body flickered slightly. Then he completely disappeared, leaving behind only countless streams of sword light sweeping against Number 10's body.

    The Astral Obscurity Sword was activated.

    Fang Xingjian's longsword swept out toward Number 10 without stopping. Under streams of sword light, Fang Xingjian once against displayed his unrivalled sword arts cultivation.

    The most powerful aspect of the Astral Obscurity Sword was that it could allow the user to hide his physical body between spatial gaps and be in an almost invincible state.

    However, the user's attacking powers would be relatively weaker by a huge degree. Even the Supreme Chief, who was a great talent in sword arts, had not managed to continue working on improving the Astral Obscurity Sword after creating it. Instead, he had to use the Astral Obscurity Sword in conjunction with other sword techniques.

    However, all these were too easy for Fang Xingjian.

    At the same time when the Astral Obscurity Sword was activated, the Prodigious Demolition Sword Physique was also activated. With the disappearance of Fang Xingjian's body, in addition to the many sword slashes, there were also countless streams of demolition sword light landing on Number 10's body.

    In that instant, Number 10's flesh and blood continued to splatter in all directions. Under the impacts from Fang Xingjian's Astral Obscurity Sword and Prodigious Demolition Sword Physique, his powerful physical body, which could withstand and absorb various impacts, had no means of resisting. Number 10 could only continue to withstand the physical damage at the physical particles level.

    Then Number 10's consciousness became bleak, and his body continued to be slashed. He did not even know where his opponent was, so he could not even launch any attacks.

    Releasing a shocked and terrified bellow, Number 10 knew that this could not go on. He summoned all his strength and headed deeper into the base.

    Pfft, pfft . Streams of sword intent penetrated through his brain, but he used all his power in attempt to suppress them and heal himself. Behind him, several tens of streams of demolition sword light landed on him intermittently, following closely behind him. They slashed his body continuously, sending blood and flesh splattering.

    However, Number 10's vitality was really strong. Even though he was being slashed by the demolition sword light ceaselessly, that only depleted 40% of his body's structure and he could still move as per normal. Just like an tank charging onward, he smashed through layers of walls and even dug through layers of rock. He continued to close in toward Fang Qian and the others.

    The guards whom he had finally encountered on his way were like small bugs, directly crushed by the shock waves from the two people passing by. The two of them did not even have to pay any special attention to the guards.


    In the command post, everyone was breaking out in cold sweat as they looked at the image reflected in the mirror.

    "Fang Xingjian... How is it possible that he can perform the Supreme Chief's Astral Obscurity Sword?" Hildebrand spoke out in astonishment. "Could it be that the Supreme Chief and the others..."

    "Let's not be bothered with that for now," the Phantom Knight said anxiously, "They're coming."

    Fang Qian stared at the streams of sword light in the image. She was finding it hard to believe that Number 10, who could defeat them easily from a five-kilometer distance, was being chased like a dog by Fang Xingjian.

    Moreover, it had only just been earlier that they were still thinking of how they would deal with this Fang Xingjian...
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