Chapter 470: Evolve

    Chapter 470: Evolve

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    While everyone in the command post was astonished by Fang Xingjian's and Number 10's performances, a wall behind them trembled furiously. Then a big part of the wall started to pop out.

    As it protruded till its limit, the surface of the entire wall started to shatter and develop many deep cracks. This carried on until a fist pushed forth from the center of the cracks, creating a big hole in the middle of the wall.

    Upon walking in and looking at the five people who had fallen to the ground, Number 10's gaze was filled with excitement. He jumped impatiently toward the Phantom Knight, biting and breaking off his neck.

    Even though the pitiful Phantom Knight was a Demigod who had attained one tier of perfection, he could not unleash even a hint of extraordinary strength after being hit by the malevolent willpower impact. Although he was on the verge of death, his physical body, which had attained a perfection in specialty seeds, unleashed an explosive outburst of powerful energy. The Phantom Knight continued to give it his all, struggling and fighting back. He almost caused the collapse of the entire command post, yet he was still unable to hurt Number 10 and ended up having a large part of his body eaten up.

    After engulfing a Demigod who had attained one tier of perfection in the area of specialty seeds and thus had a body containing boundless power... Number 10's body, which was in a pathetic state, started to recover at a rapid rate. Even his physical strength rose up once again.

    This was number 10's true power. Through engulfing living things, especially the bodies of humans, he could rapidly increase his power.

    In less than a second, he ate up the Phantom Knight completely. Then, with another pounce, he grabbed the despairing Enraged Lion. This ex-spy of the Steel Lion Kingdom was now like a defenseless baby before Number 10.

    The Enraged Lion frantically punched and kicked out at Number 10. However, as the colliding sounds of bang bang bang bang rang out and Number 10's body continued to tremble incessantly, all the power from the Enraged Lion's attacks was completely absorbed and negated. The attacks could not stop Number 10 even for a split second.

    Number 10's mouth opened up at an unbelievable speed, until it was almost as wide as the width of Enraged Lion's body, and he engulf the entirety of the Enraged Lion's upper body. As Number 10 exerted force into his teeth, the Enraged Lion let out frantic and terrified cries. Then the Enraged Lion's body continued to be broken up and swallowed into Number 10's body.

    In that instant, the Enraged Lion had already explosively unleashed all the power in his body and started to struggle. Intense sounds of explosions kept ringing out from Number 10's body, and over 100 or even 1,000 imprints of punches popped up from the surface of his skin. His body continued to expand and shrink, but the frequency started to decrease with time.

    Then, under Fang Qian's terrified gaze, the Enraged Lion's bloody head popped out from Number 10's mouth.

    "Save... Save me!"

    The Enraged Lion's face, which was covered with tears and blood, was filled with complete despair. However, he was eventually pushed back by Number 10, who was smiling.

    A loud swallowing sound emerged from Number 10. After consecutively engulfing two human experts, his physical wounds had completely recovered. Moreover, under Hildebrand's and Fang Qian's astonished and horrified gazes, Number 10's body abruptly trembled for a moment. There even seemed to be hints of electricity extending out slowly from his body.

    Many green veins covered his neck, and his spine protruded prominently.

    Fang Qian said in astonishment, "What happened? What happened to him?" She looked toward Hildebrand who shook his head in a daze and said unconsciously, "Seeing this... why does it seems as if he is increasing his body's toughness and cultivating his heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces?"

    However, at the next moment, an even more astonishing scene appeared. Number 10's eyes gleamed, and rays of light which were like a seven-colored glaze appeared on his eyes. This was Phantom Knight's illusion technique!

    Fang Qian then looked at Number 10's hands. They had changed in shape at the very next instant. The muscles in his hands contracted and stretched out, then many sharp claws protruded out from his fingertips.

    "This is the Enraged Lion's technique-the Steel Lion Kingdom's Beast King's Claws. It can instantly change the structure of the user's hands starting from the surface of the user's physical particles. The hands would gain an increase in sharpness and speed, the ability to poison as well as induce paralysis, and other effects.."

    The Steel Lion Kingdom, a great country in the north, could be said to be the country with the greatest level of mastery and prevalence in using shapeshifting techniques in the world. Their experts tended to be able to change the shape of their bodies time and time again, gaining many abilities they did not have before.

    Seeing Number 10 perform the techniques belonging to both the Phantom Knight and the Enraged Lion, a terrifying thought appeared in everyone's minds.

    Then at the next moment, Number 10's strange laughter rang out in the minds of the remaining three people.

    "Your guess is correct.

    "Other than excelling in willpower impact, my physical body's true ability is to continuously evolve and increase in strength by repeatedly engulfing other people. There's even a slight chance of be being able to steal their techniques.

    "As long as I am given enough time, I'm invincible."

    Hearing the message Number 10 sent to their consciousness, Fang Qian, Hildebrand, and even the Death Warrior, who had been maintaining an expressionless face like an ice mountain, started to show signs of despair on their faces.

    Number 10's consciousness attacks could seal the extraordinary strength of Demigods who had attained one tier of perfection, while the abilities of his physical body could continue to evolve as he engulfed his targets time and time again. He could even incessantly steal the techniques of others.

    'How on earth did such a monster emerge? He is no longer human... No... He is the nemesis of all living creatures!'

    Fang Qian started bellowing furiously in her heart. In her eyes, as long as he was given sufficient time, the current Number 10 would become a monster terminator that could destroy the entire human world and kill countless human experts.

    In her mind, she was not contemplating how she could survive this situation but rather, how she could pass this information out.

    'We must inform Divine level experts and let them kill this monster completely before he has fully matured.'

    Right now, she no longer cared about things like benefits, influences, and clans. At this point in time, Fang Qian was facing what seemed like a crisis concerning the survival of the entire human population.

    Number 10 broke into a brutal smile, and with another slight leap, he pounced toward the Death Warrior. However, just as he was about to pounce on the Death Warrior, there seemed to be a myriad of sword lights flashing past in void space.

    Clank clank clank clank . There were sounds of the streams of sword light colliding against the arm Number 10 had extended. Although they were unable to slash off Number 10's arm, they managed to stop his attack.

    Looking at the approximately one-inch-deep wound on his arm, Number 10 broke into a loud laugh. "Idiot, you're already too late. Right now, my body's density is no longer at a level which you can destroy so easily."

    It had only taken Number 10 a few seconds to engulf two experts, while the speed of Fang Xingjian's movement between the spatial gaps had slowed down significantly compared to his usual speed. This led to him missing out on the earlier scene during which Number 10 had engulfed two people.

    As he stood within the spatial gaps, Fang Xingjian's brows perked up slightly. Earlier, when he sent out a sword slash, he had wanted to chop off Number 10's arm. However, even after the demolition sword light was completely depleted, he had only managed to leave a wound which was about an inch deep.

    To think that after all the fighting and engulfing, Number 10 had gone through an evolution. Through the greatly increased density of the prodigious demolition sword physique in his body, Number 10 had fended off the demolition effect of Fang Xingjian's demolition sword light. As such, only a small part of Number 10's body suffered damage.

    Number 10 swung his arm, and the wound started disappearing at a visible speed.

    At the appearance of the flashing sword light, gleams of hope had started to light up Fang Qian's eyes. However, when she saw Number 10's reaction, all that hope turned into despair.

    'Even Fang Xingjian isn't able to kill him?'

    However, knowing that Fang Xingjian, who could perform the Astral Obscurity Sword, had arrived, she felt reassured. She knew that while Fang Xingjian was still not a match for Number 10, at the very least, Number 10 would not be able to catch Fang Xingjian either.

    Thinking this, she immediately shouted loudly, "Fang Xingjian! This monster can evolve by engulfing others, and he can steal their techniques by eating them!

    "You must find a chance to inform the First Prince and the Second Prince. If he is not eradicated before he has fully matured, the entire human world will face a great crisis!"

    Number 10 did not stop Fang Qian and instead looked at this scene with a grin and a strange gleam shining in his eyes.
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