Chapter 477: No Choice But To Submit

    Chapter 477: No Choice But To Submit

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    Looking at the gazes everyone was casting in his direction, Zhou Xingwen said calmly, "Xingjian is training in seclusion and won't be coming. However, he has prepared a letter for you."

    "Oh? Has he surrendered?" Hearing this, Tian Yi only felt that it was a matter of fact. He felt that he was the one who was the strongest in the world and it was impossible for Fang Xingjian to win against him. What else could he do but to surrender?

    However, this did not matter to Tian Yi and he said, "I had initially heard that Fang Xingjian is the best swordsman in the Great Western Region and wanted to have a spar with him so as to corroborate my cultivation path.

    "However, I've already attained a new breakthrough. Even if he were to come and fight it out with me, it would be rather insipid. It no longer matters if we fight or not."

    Hearing that Fang Xingjian had not even dared to come, everyone's gazes were filled with astonishment. To them, Fang Xingjian entering into seclusion for his training was merely an excuse.

    The other party had already come knocking on the door to issue a challenge, yet he did not even come forth to accept it. This was as if he was saying that he would be throwing all of his reputation and status away.

    Moreover, the challenger was not a nobody. It was Tian Yi, the person who had defeated almost the entire Great Western City.

    To everyone, Fang Xingjian seemed to have chosen to avoid the battle.

    Hildebrand looked at this scene in disbelief. To think that Fang Xingjian, whom he had thought of as being extremely powerful, and who was equipped with unfathomable sword arts, had chosen to avoid the battle. This was simply unbelievable!

    Although the power which Tian Yi had displayed earlier was very intense, Hildebrand did not feel that this was something that could completely override Number 10's malevolent will. Hildebrand could not understand why Fang Xingjian would choose to avoid the battle.

    Next to him, Hoult shook his head and said, "I had thought that Fang Xingjian's sword arts path was one which pushed on valiantly without turning back. I hadn't expected that there would be instances when he would feel scared."

    Thinking of this, Hoult could not help but sigh, "I had thought that in this part of the Great Western Region, the two of us were the main leads. In the end Tian Yi suddenly appears and snatches away all of the grandeur."

    Just as everyone thought that Fang Xingjian had decided to avoid the battle, Zhou Xingwen continued to walk toward Tian Yi and said, "I don't know what Xingjian's intentions are, but he got me to personally hand this letter to you."

    "Letter? There's no need to bring it here. I have no interest in Fang Xingjian." Tian Yi shook his head and said, "My next step is to head to the Myriad Star Palace to have a discussion of the path of cultivation with the Astral Ancestor."

    When everyone heard that The School of Sword Arts wanted to head to the Myriad Star Palace to discuss about the path of cultivation with the Astral Ancestor, they were all extremely astonished. Hoult also smiled and said in a loud and clear voice, "Our Myriad Star Palace is going to hold the Stellar Ceremony soon and we've invited The School of Sword Arts' previous generation's Supreme Chief, Zhan Hongchen, as well as the Ancient Path of Hell's current Sect Master, Abyss Lord. We've also invited Eight Directional Crimson Dragon's leader and all of us will be having exchanges on the cultivation paths for Knights.

    "Grandmaster is also full of admiration for Brother Tian Yi's talent and thus has invited him to join us for the exchange."

    Hoult's Grandmaster, the Astral Ancestor... The School of Sword Arts' previous Supreme Chief who had been training in seclusion, Master of the current Supreme Chief, Heng Tianxiao... Ancient Path of Hell's Abyss Lord... Eight Directional Crimson Dragon's leader... The four of them were among the ten Divine level experts of the Empire.

    Hearing that these four characters were going to meet up and that they had even invited Tian Yi to join them for the exchange, everyone's gazes toward the latter instantly changed.

    To them, Tian Yi's value was skyrocketing.

    However, Zhou Xingwen seemed as if he had turned a deaf ear to all these and continued to walk toward Tian Yi. Tian Yi frowned and said, "Didn't I say that I won't be reading the letter?"

    "However, Xingjian has said that I must definitely hand this letter to you personally."

    Seeing how obstinate Zhou Xingwen was being, Tian Yi laughed out loud, shaking his head and said a little impatiently, "Alright, I shall see what this Fang Xingjian has written to be wanting me to read it personally."

    At the same time he spoke, he moved with a flash and appeared before Zhou Xingwen. His speed was so fast that it struck terror in everyone's heart.

    Then, with a flash, his left hand grabbed out toward the letter in Zhou Xingwen's hand. However, during this simple process, he came to an abrupt stop.

    It was because as Tian Yi continued to reach his hand out, he kept feeling a strange pressure descending from the sky, plunging down into his heart.

    It was not something actual like gravity, or a force created by someone. It was purely a mental pressure that was pressing down on Tian Yi's heart. He felt as if a great mountain was pressing down on him.

    'Hmph, trying to fight me with will?'

    Tian Yi condensed his consciousness and unleashed an explosive martial will, gradually dissipating that heavy feeling. However, the feeling had not disappeared for long when it increased once again as his hand got closer to the letter.

    Now, Tian Yi was not the only one who could sense the weight. The people within a range of over ten meters could sense the pressure that was pressing down on their hearts.

    'What a powerful will.'

    Tian Yi could sense how powerful the will contained in the letter was. He did not dare to hold back anymore and unleashed all his martial will explosively as one of his hands continued to accelerate toward the letter.

    This was a direct collision between Tian Yi's and Fang Xingjian's martial will across space.

    The people within a 100-meter range all felt as if their hearts were beating very loudly. Ba-thump, ba-thump! Over half the people felt as if a huge mountain had pressed down on their hearts and with a loud bang, they dropped down to their knees. They could neither summon any strength at all nor could they stand up.

    Tian Yi, who had received the letter, felt an even stronger feeling than the others.

    If previously, it was said that there was a huge mountain pressing down on his heart, then right now, he felt as if an entire spread of mountain range was pressing down on him.

    Tian Yi's body continued to tremble and and sweat continued to form on his forehead as his body moved downward inch by inch, as if he was going to drop to his knees.

    "You want me to kneel down to you?

    "It'd be impossible even if you were to come here personally, let alone when it's just a letter."

    The Stalwart Eidolon Conviction was something that would become more powerful the more obstinate a person was. Not only did the pressure coming from Fang Xingjian's letter not crush Tian Yi, it even stimulated his arrogance. Tian Yi's martial will grew increasingly stronger until it reached 120%, allowing himi to forcibly straighten his posture as the Stalwart Eidolon Conviction went against that heavy weight in his heart.

    After forcing himself to hold up against Fang Xingjian's willpower impact, Tian Yi exhaled and sneered as he looked at the letter before him.

    Next his fingers moved and his opened up the envelope, bringing out the letters.

    The letter was empty, with one line of words written on it with a sword's tip.

    'No choice but to submit!'

    With an explosive boom , as the words entered his eyes, an absolutely immense pressure lunged toward him. This was not a power that would affect the material world, but purely the clash of martial will, an attack of information currents.

    If previously it had been a mountain range, right now it felt as if the entire ground was crushing him.

    Tian Yi bellowed furiously, but his body continued to get nearer and nearer to the ground. However, just as his knees were just an inch away from the ground, he forcibly came to a stop.

    Gritting his teeth tightly, the muscles throughout Tian Yi's body trembled crazily as his willpower was brought up to 140% under the crazy reinforcement from the Stalwart Eidolon Conviction.


    Tian Yi furiously tore up Fang Xingjian's letter into pieces.

    However, despite having done so, the pressure had not been reduced in the least.

    Countless sword light rays flashed and moved about to and fro in the spot where the letter had disappeared. The sword light formed the same exact words in the air, lighting up the area within a 1,000-meter radius.

    A terrifying pressure came gushing forth. If the pressure from earlier had been from a mound, from a mountain range, from the ground itself, right now, the gushing pressure that came from the words formed by the sword light felt as if the entire sky had come crashing down.

    One could cause mountain ranges and the ground to explode and shatter, but what could one do when the entire sky came crashing down?


    With an agonizing cry, Tian Yi knelt to the ground, blood flowing from his seven apertures. At the same time, as the words in the sky soared in the air, sounds of explosions rang out incessantly. Bang bang bang bang! Rows of people dropped to their knees. In a mere few seconds, everyone who had come to watch the battle, regardless of their gender or age, had dropped kneeling to the ground. Only Zhou Xingwen, who had brought the letter, remained standing in the center of everything. However, judging from his gaze, Zhou Xingwen was already in a daze.

    Afar, Hoult had also dropped to his knees as he looked at the big words written out in the sky. "No choice but to submit?" In that instant, he only felt as if his body had been pierced by countless sharp swords, while his face had turned extremely pale from the pain.

    The entire area around the arena fell extremely silent, the big words lighting up the sky. Tian Yi looked at the words, his eyes bloodshot, his face filled with extreme embarrassment and fury. Again, he bellowed furiously, wanting to get up to his feet. However, no matter what he did, no matter how much he sent his martial will gushing forth explosively, he seemed to have been firmly pressed down by the collapsed sky. That tremendous mental pressure had made his body unable to move even a single inch, let alone stand up.

    Such a mental blow was extremely destructive even to an ordinary person, not to mention a person like Tian Yi, who had cultivated the Stalwart Eidolon Conviction.

    As he let out a heart-wrenching cry, in agony, Tian Yi's eyes were suddenly shrouded in darkness and he fell unconscious.

    On this day, countless people in Great Western City could only kneel down and bow in submission when faced with that undefiable and indomitable terrifying sword intent.
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