Chapter 485: Ferocity

    Chapter 485: Ferocity

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    Faced with such a fierce punch, Third Uncle Fang Yueming was scared, stunned, and totally unable to unleash the power of his level 29 magic prints.

    He just watched as that violent punch smashed toward him.

    However, right before the fist was going to smash into Fang Yueming's head, another palm darted out to intercept with an aura which was like Nüwa patching the heavens 1  .

    If it could be said that Fang Xingjian's fist was like a huge and violent beast that would wreak havoc and create chaos, even tearing the skies apart... Then this intercepting palm was like the Goddess Nüwa's act of patching up the heavens. No matter how hard one were to crush the sky, it would still be mended again.

    In that instant the fist and palm came into contact, a muffled sound resonated in everyone's minds. It was as if their consciousness were completely shattered, and their minds had gone blank.

    At the next moment, violent gales rose from where the two hands had collided. The shock waves sent everything in the meeting room flying outward.

    When the next collision occurred, the strong gales brought about by the fist and palm sent the walls and the building itself flying. How terrifying were these physical powers?!

    Fang Xingjian lifted his head and looked over. The person who could react to his punch and even managed to fend it off was, as expected, his second uncle, Fang Yuehe.

    Fang Yuehe said furiously, "Xingjian, are you going to kill even your third uncle?"

    "I'll kill whoever tries to kill me. There's no relation to who the person is or who is backing that person up."

    With that, Fang Xingjian's body flickered and once again darted out toward Third Uncle Fang Yueming.

    Second Uncle Fang Yuehe let out a furious bellow and chased after him. There was a green glow lighting up all over Fang Yuehe's body. This was the light from the magic prints power. At this moment, Second Uncle Fang Yuehe had started to activate the powers of the evil god that was from beyond the heavens.

    Then at the next moment, wherever his hands passed by, the atmosphere seemed as though it had been commanded by a sovereign. It condensed and formed many huge dragons. All of them then headed toward Fang Xingjian in an attempt to bind him.

    Black magic was split into 12 types. This was the same for magic prints. There were 12 different types of diabolic energy, representing powers of 12 different influences.

    The green faction was different from the gray faction that summoned living creatures from an alternate world and modified living creatures. Unlike the Gray Robed Mages like Tyrant and Fang Qian's gray magic prints, the diabolic energy which green magic prints and Green Robed Mages possessed excelled in imitating and integration. The green faction's cultivators could integrate almost all the different abilities in the world.

    Therefore, Green Robed Mages and green magic prints formed a faction that was said to have the least distinguishing features, yet it was also the most unique. It was because the users could perform any kind of power.

    With Old Granny Fang as the head, the Fang Clan excelled the most in controlling the atmosphere. The second transition job which Second Uncle Fang Yuehe took on had also been Old Granny Fang's second transition job in the past. The job was the Heavenly Disaster Medium, which excelled in controlling the atmosphere and creating natural disasters.

    It was said that this ability to control the atmosphere was something which Old Granny Fang had imitated from a Divine level ferocious beast she had encountered on her past travels in Miracle World.

    At present, Fang Yuehe had created many atmospheric dragons. They stuck to Fang Xingjian's body, naturally encompassing and binding him.

    Concurrently, all the people in the surroundings also had a huge atmospheric dragon wrapping around and protecting them.

    Each of these atmospheric dragons condensed endless gases and contained power which was sufficient to overturn mountains and engulf great rivers.

    Watching as the several hundred atmospheric dragons were trying to tear up Fang Xingjian, Second Uncle Fang Yuehe shouted, "Xingjian, give in quickly. Once my Atmospheric Dragons Formation is really activated, even I won't be able to control its prowess."

    "They're just a few invisible earthworms. How dare they call themselves dragons?!"

    Fang Xingjian let out a snort and then inhaled deeply. Endless electromagnetic waves, radiations, heat, and light surged toward his body wildly, and his body was soon gushing with power. Over 1,440 streams of aura rose from his body, and the terrifying power continued to gush about in his body like an earthquake which had broken out in the ground.

    Crisp kaboom kaboom sounds rang out incessantly. Fang Xingjian exerted force, and the several hundreds of atmospheric dragons around him were all thrown off from the impact. Then he punched out, scattering several tens of atmospheric dragons into strong gales.

    Second Uncle Fang Yuehe's countenance turned into one of shock. He would never have expected that Fang Xingjian could achieve something like this. The density of ether particles in Demonic City was actually extremely low, and the same went for diabolic energy. Most Warriors would have to rely primarily on their physical power for battle, and their extraordinary powers would be over ten times weaker than they would be in Miracle World.

    Fang Yuehe had amassed a tremendous amount of diabolic energy in his body for him to be able to perform the Atmospheric Dragons Formation. However, to think that Fang Xingjian had managed to break through them merely with his physical power... How strong was his physical strength?!

    Fang Yuehe's countenance changed drastically, and he let out a loud bellow, "Explode!"

    In that instant, the atmospheric dragons, that were originally surrounding Fang Xingjian's body, exploded one after another. Each of the dragons, which were condensed from high pressure air, radiated wildly. The prowess from the explosion of each atmospheric dragon was seemed almost comparable to that of a fuel-air explosive.

    Now, all the several hundred atmospheric dragons were comparable to several hundred fuel-air explosives exploding. What kind of prowess was this?

    With just a single attack, the Fang Clan's entire manor was smashed into dust. The shock waves had also rendered several streets in the vicinity into flat land.

    A mushroom cloud soared up into the air, and the crazy tremors and deafening sounds coming from the ground resonated throughout all of Demonic City.

    All the members of Fang Clan's upper echelon, who had been dragged out by the atmospheric dragons around them, looked at this shocking explosion in fear. Only then did they understand that Fang Clan's second son had actually grown to such a level without them knowing. The most terrifying thing was that none of them knew what method he had used for him to be able to amass a tremendous amount of diabolic energy even in Demonic City. This unknown ability had allowed him to fully unleash such a powerful extraordinary power.

    However, just as everyone thought that Fang Xingjian was either dead or seriously injured, a black silhouette charged out abruptly and appeared before the Fang Clan's second son. It was Fang Xingjian.

    His clothes were all torn and tattered, but there was not even a hint of blood found on his body, let alone any wounds and injuries. He had gotten away unscathed.

    The Fang Clan's second son let out a terrified cry, and another over ten atmospheric dragons formed instantly. They grabbed out at Fang Xingjian and then exploded once again.

    However, this time around, Fang Xingjian opened his mouth and let out a maniacal bellow. The terrifying sound waves resonated toward the atmospheric dragons, sending all of them scattering outward.

    Then Fang Xingjian reached out to grab the Fang Clan's second son, smashing streams of air shields wherever he passed by. Fang Yuehe's battle clothes were destroyed before Fang Xingjian even got close. Just as Fang Xingjian's hand was about to grab Fang Yuehe's head, a brilliant jade which was of the purest green color flew out from Fang Yuehe's body. It exploded instantly, unleashing streams of green light. They formed a protective barrier with the intention of shielding Fang Yuehe.

    This was clearly the item which Fang Yuehe had used to amass the diabolic energy, and it was clearly a treasure.

    However, when faced with this abrupt and explosive power, Fang Xingjian did not even cast a look at it. There seemed to be huge beasts roaring out in the world as Fang Xingjian's violent palm force crushed the barrier. Then he grabbed Fang Yuehe's neck. As fierce power gushed out, all of Fang Yuehe's ability to resist was crushed, and Fang Xingjian lifted Fang Yuehe with his hand like he was lifting up a chicken.
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