Chapter 495: Final Warning

    Chapter 495: Final Warning

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    "Damn it! Damn it all! This Fang Xingjian is really audacious!"

    "The design, invention, experiment, and production of the Zero troop took over ten billion dollars. To think that they are destroyed just like that... Someone must take the responsibility for this!"

    "Old Tang is no longer suitable to continue his work in the Planetary Defense. Send him to the court-martial."

    "The problem now isn't about who will be held responsible for this, but how on earth did Fang Xingjian defeat the Zero troop? You've all seen the recordings of the scene, but we don't even know what means he used."

    In the Federation's meeting room, a bunch of people were breaking out in commotion. It was not that they had not expected Fang Xingjian to be capable of standing up against the Zero troop. After all, he was an expert who had been able to push back Li Shuanghua's clone.

    However, what they had not expected was that Fang Xingjian could actually defeat them so easily.

    At the head of the table, a middle-aged, white-skinned, bald man, whose face was filled with scars, said, "There are so many people here, but no one is able to see what means Fang Xingjian used?"

    This man was the Commanding General of the Planetary Defense of the Earth's Federation. His nickname was the Flame Demon.

    Hearing what the Flame Demon said, everyone fell silent. Most of the people wore a hint of guilt on their faces, yet they could not rebuke him.

    The Flame Demon knocked on the table and said, "The Fang Clan sent a letter saying that it's from Fang Xingjian. Take a look at it."

    He tossed a letter onto the table, and a military officer picked it up unconsciously. The military officer tore open the letter and was about to read it. However, a gush of sword intent came surging toward them at the next moment, pressing everyone in the meeting room down onto the floor. They were not even able to lift their head.

    The Flame Demon's strong and bulky body smashed into the ground with a loud boom. He was also the only one present who could manage to just barely lift up his head. Clenching his teeth tightly, he glared and seethed, "This damned Fang Xingjian..."

    However, Fang Xingjian's current sword intent was even more terrifying than the one he had back in the Great Western Region. After the Flame Demon just said that line, his entire head was then smashed into the ground with a boom . From then onward, the Flame Demon was no longer able to move another inch.

    Simultaneously, a voice entered everyone's hearts. It was the message Fang Xingjian had left behind in the letter.

    "Before 12 tonight, if you don't hand Li Shuanghua over to me or tell me where she is, I'll flatten the Federation personally."

    Killing aura surged in the room, accompanied with Fang Xingjian's message. A few military officers were unable to withstand the agitation from the killing aura, and they fainted on the spot.

    After a very long period of time, the sword intent finally dissipated, and the entire room turned into a state of chaos.

    "Doctor! Get a doctor over here immediately!"

    "All the people who fainted must be carried out immediately."

    "Make way! Make way! Don't block up the exit!"

    The Flame Demon smashed his fist onto the table in fury, rendering the round table in the meeting room into dust. Behind him, an adjutant asked, "Sir, what should we do? If we don't draw a clear line from Li Shuanghua and tell Fang Xingjian her location, then Fang Xingjian will probably be bathing the headquarters here in blood tonight."

    Another adjutant said, "Sir, we mustn't stay where the danger is. Regardless of our decision, it's better for us to move to another location quickly. This place is too close to Fang Xingjian. It's too dangerous."

    "Damn it!" Hearing the two adujants' suggestions, the Flame Demon was even more infuriated. As the Commanding General of the Planetary Defense of the Earth's Federation, when had he even been so cowardly before?

    "This Fang Xingjian is utterly lawless! A person like him who holds no regard for the society's regulations really is opposing the society as well as mankind! We must have him destroyed!

    "Despot and Thunder Monarch still haven't sent their replies?"

    "Lord Thunder Monarch has already been in the research room for over 30 days, and there's still no reply from him. Despot said that he enjoys seeing internal strife within the Fang Clan the most. He'll come over if he's asked to come to kill Li Shuanghua."

    None of the five Divine level experts on Earth were coming forth to help the Flame Demon suppress Fang Xingjian. This was the Flame Demon's greatest worry at the moment.

    However, just then, a young man, who had a 70% to 80% similarity to the Flame Demon but was much younger and had more youthful vigor, walked in. When the young man saw the infuriated Flame Demon and the chaotic meeting room, he smiled and asked, "Hi Elder Brother. It seems that you have encountered some trouble?"

    Upon the young man's arrival, the Flame Demon broke into a surprised expression, "Shan Kong, why have you come back? Weren't you training in the Tower of Time?"

    Shan Kong was previously part of the elite special forces of the Planetary Defense, and he was also the Flame Demon's younger brother.

    Five years ago, he had been found to have aptitude for black magic and had joined the Gold Robed Mages. He had been spending a long period of time cultivating the gold-type black magic at the Tower of Time in Miracle World.

    Although the Gold Robed, Silver Robed and Black Robed factions were low in number, they had always been seen as having the three strongest types of black magic for frontal battles.

    Unlike the Gray Robed Mages, who performed summonings from alternate worlds to change their physical bodies, or the Green Robed Mages, who used an imitation and unification process, the Gold Robed Mages' black magic excelled in the domain of time.

    The Flame Demon had always held high hopes for his younger brother. Back when Shan Kong was with the Planetary Defense, he had already been a level 29 magic prints Warrior, a powerful cultivator, and a sharp blade of the core troop. Shan Kong was a genius amongst geniuses.

    During the past five years, he had been cultivating black magic in Miracle World, and his cultivation had become increasingly unfathomable. There were even many people in the Federation who felt that Shan Kong was one of the geniuses who could become the Earth's sixth Divine level expert.

    "Li Shuanghua sent me news saying that you've encountered trouble."

    After hearing about the situation from the Flame Demon, Shan Kong laughed out loud and said, "He's just a Demigod who has reached one tier of perfection! However, he's quite capable to be able to push back Li Shuanghua's clone. He is at most probably just at the strength of a Demigod who has two tiers of perfection."

    The Flame Demon said, "That Fang Xingjian's sword arts mastery isn't to be underestimated. Shan Kong, don't be too careless."

    "Brother, you've stayed on Earth for too long. Don't think that it's such a big deal for him to have destroyed so many level 29 magic prints Warriors. The level 29 magic prints Warriors on Earth are all a result of mass production. They're so much weaker compared to the level 29 Knights from Miracle World."

    Shan Kong smiled, shook his head, and said, "The gap between Knights and ordinary magic prints Warriors is also the same between black magic mages and Knights. As long as they aren't people who have attained the Divine level, it doesn't matter how many people of Fang Xingjian's calibre are here. I'll kill them all."

    The Flame Demon looked at the expressions of the surrounding people and said, "Shan Kong, don't underestimate Fang Xingjian too much." In his heart, the Flame Demon actually felt that his younger brother was far too arrogant and was afraid that he might offend others.

    However, after having stayed in Miracle World for five years, Shan Kong was long used to the concept that Mages were of a higher status above others. Moreover, he was also a Gold Robed Mage who was quite rare in amongst the 12 factions of Mages.

    Shan Kong continued, "Don't worry, Elder Brother. I will be challenging even Li Shuanghua some time later, so Fang Xingjian is of no significance at all. I want to see how far away I am from becoming a Divine level expert."

    The Flame Demon shook his head helplessly, but he could only choose to trust in his younger brother. So, he started giving orders in the command post and waited for Fang Xingjian's arrival.

    When it was close to 11, the Flame Demon eventually could not hold it in any longer and asked, "Shan Kong, how confident are you? Do you want me to prepare the intercontinental ballistic missile?"

    Shan Kong shook his head helplessly, feeling that his elder brother was kicking up too much of a fuss. "Why is there a need for the intercontinental ballistic missile? Moreover, aren't you aware of the consequences if the intercontinental ballistic missile is used in a place like Demonic City?"

    Seeing that his elder brother still wore a grim expression, Shan Kong could not help but sigh and say, "Brother, I've already learned the level 9 black magic, Gracefulness of Time. No matter how amazing Fang Xingjian is, he won't be able to defeat me."

    "Gracefulness of Time? It's a level 9 black magic, so it must be very amazing?"

    "Of course." Shan Kong had on a proud look. "All attacks can't surpass the speed of 30 meters per second as long as they are within a range of 50 meters around me. Not even gods will be able surpass this speed."
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