Chapter 496: Rising Into The Air

    Chapter 496: Rising Into The Air

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    "Xingjian, there's still no news from the Federation."

    Fang Yuehe looked at Fang Xingjian's back and had a vague feeling as if a longsword was suddenly pressing against his body. Even his entire face felt a slight piercing pain.

    Hearing Fang Yuehe's words, the killing intent in Fang Xingjian's eyes grew increasingly stronger.

    Based on what Fang Qian had previously said, in another one to two days Li Shuanghua and the others would get started on refining the Divine Weapon. However, the Federation had been stalling for time.

    After one day and one night, having fought three times, the Federation had yet to completely admit the situation. They even felt as if they had been lucky for pulling through the encounters, and viewed themselves with an air of superiority of being the number one influence on Earth. This made Fang Xingjian's killing intent grow increasingly stronger.

    "I gave you a way out, but you're pushing the limits."

    The next instant, as Fang Xingjian activated the sword of Infiltrating Void, he had completely disappeared.

    Fang Xingjian had found out the location of the Planetary Defense's headquarters in Demonic City long ago. This time around, he did not plan on holding back anymore, bent on leaving a massacre behind him. This was so that the Federation's upper echelon would not think that they could continue to stall for time and that they were still able to stand up for Li Shuanghua.

    Standing in midair, Fang Xingjian looked at the headquarters, which took up several hundred thousands of square meters. The entire Planetary Defense's headquarters seemed to be as big as a University campus. Countless people were patrolling about, and various weaponry and machinery were all being prepared. Fang Xingjian could even see five to six fighter aircrafts occasionally flying through the air.

    'I'm still too naive. I thought that my performance this far, having fought three consecutive times, was sufficient to astonish the Federation.

    'I guess I haven't been vicious enough and this led them to think that they could maintain a neutral stand or even to subdue me.

    'This time around, I must make sure that blood will flow.'

    Fang Xingjian wanted to let the entire Federation know that if they did not give up on Li Shuanghua immediately, the entire Federation, the entire Earth would be faced with an unbearable and tremendous loss.

    And him, Fang Xingjian, was worth a lot more than Li Shuanghua.

    With a dash, Fang Xingjian, from within spatial gaps, entered over 100 meters underground. Countless sword forces that could cut down mountains and slash through rocks exploded underground, slicing through.

    In a mere few minutes, Fang Xingjian had used his sword force to forcibly cut through the ground around the headquarters and to loosen up the soil, forming an oval shape. He had weakened the connection between the headquarters and the ground, and had even completely destroyed their underground defenses.

    In the command post, sensing the endless tremors under his feet, the Flame Demon stood up, "What's wrong? Is there an earthquake?"

    However, thinking about it, he felt that it did not make any sense. This area in Demonic City was not on the seismic belt. How could there possibly be an earthquake?

    However, the tremors under his feet grew increasingly intense and even buildings were starting to sink down slightly. Everyone started to feel that something was amiss.

    The Flame Demon bellowed, "Send someone to investigate what on earth is going on!"

    Almost everyone in the headquarters was mobilized as they tried to find out the reason for the tremors. However, they could not find any reason. All they knew was that the ground under their headquarters continued to tremor ceaselessly. There were even infrastructures sinking, and large areas of cracks were appearing in the ground.

    All the buildings that were a street away were totally unscathed.

    Hearing his subordinates' reports, sensing the endless tremors coming from under his feet, the Flame Demon frowned deeply. He looked at his younger brother worriedly and asked, "Shan Kong, do you think that Fang Xingjian's the one creating trouble underground?"

    "Fang Xingjian?" Shan Kong seemed totally unconcerned. "Is he trying to dig underground and bring down our buildings?

    "If he can even bring himself to do something so despicable, then I've really overestimated him."

    The Flame Demon sighed and said, "If it's really him, we can't let him continue like this. We must stop him."

    Just as the two of them were talking, they suddenly felt that their bodies had become lighter as they suddenly started floating upward.

    "This is...?"

    "There's no more gravity?"

    The two of them were both level 29 magic prints Warriors and Shan Kong cultivated black magic as well. They were both extremely powerful and had very fine control over their bodies. In this moment, as they felt their bodies becoming lighter, they could sense that it was because gravity was no longer acting on their bodies.

    But this was not happening only to them. All the things in the room were starting to float as well.

    Outside the room, all the buildings were faintly swaying, as if they were going to float into the sky. Everyone else also slowly started to leave the ground, looking at this scene in astonishment.

    Terra Ingurgitation had been activated.

    The activation of the level 8 Terra Ingurgitation caused all the gravitational force within a range of eight kilometers to completely disappear. Everyone looked in a daze as their bodies started to float. They were all extremely astonished.

    There was someone who was on the computer, and had floated up together with the computer...

    There was someone who was taking a bath, and had floated into the air together with the water droplets...

    There was a couple engaging in sex, and they screamed in shock as they began to float...

    As a big city in Xin Country, the population in Demonic City was extremely high. The activation of the Terra Ingurgitation this time around immediately attracted the attention of countless people.

    Fang Xingjian had gone deep underground, under countless high-rise buildings. The gravitational force gathered by the Terra Ingurgitation this time around was like never before.

    This terrifying power was now being guided by Fang Xingjian's Swordless Path to the surface of the ground, several hundreds of meters above his head.

    50 meters underground, a clean finger suddenly appeared with a flash in void space. Then, endless terrifying power exploded from the fingertip in an instant.

    Guiding this astronomical power that could crush any human creations on Earth, the white finger was like a embroidery needle, carefully and gently tapping on the stratum above him.

    The sword arts cultivation which Fang Xingjian demonstrated at this moment had almost reached an extreme level of the state of lifting something heavy as if it was light. The astronomical power was gathered onto a single finger, and skillfully unleashed like an embroidery needle.

    The power started to spread out from a single point throughout the stratum, heading upward like layers upon layers of continuous drizzling rain drops.

    It was precisely like a water ripple, extending outward from a single dot.

    Wherever the power of Terra Ingurgitation passed by, the ground would be crushed into powder from the tremors. When the power reached 50 meters from the earth's surface, the violent explosive force became a compelling force. It pushed up the entire area of land that the headquarters took up, which was several hundreds of thousands of square meters, into the air.

    With a loud rumble, under the astonished and terrified gazes of countless people in Demonic City, an area of land that was several hundred thousands of square meters, the size of a University campus, soared up into the air. It paused in midair for an instant, and then flew up into the sky at rapid speed.

    On the plot of land, Shan Kong was the first one to react. He let out a cry in surprise and terror, and was about to dart out of the plot of land. However, he had only taken one step forward when the pressure coming down at extreme speed onto the plot of land from the sky turned into many invisible big hands and came pressing down on him.

    From the front, back, left and right, all the air within a 50-meter range turned into astonishing tornados as the plot of land continued to accelerate and accelerate. The tornados then headed for Shan Kong.

    The moment they came to a 50-meter range from Shan Kong, the speed of the tornados started slowing down more and more. However, the power of the impact was not weakened at all. They were like waves of tsunamis, slowly and firmly crushing toward Shan Kong.
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