Chapter 497: Outer Space

    Chapter 497: Outer Space

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    At this moment, even with a high level magic like the Gracefulness of Time, when faced with such pressure coming from all directions, there was nothing Shan Kong could do.

    Bellowing furiously, gold light burst out from Shan Kong's body and countless gold prints encompassed his body, propelling it into a crazy dash.

    However, as the plot of land continued to accelerate, charging into the air, the pressure coming down from the sky got increasingly stronger. This caused Shan Kong's speed slow down significantly. Each step he took felt as if he was moving several tens of thousands of meters deep in the seas.



    Shan Kong's strength gathered from his entire body once again swelled up and he suddenly expanded to become over twice as big as before. Many blood vessels in his body had burst.

    Around him, more and more buildings and people were being pressed into meat pies. Under the friction produced from the high speed, flames started to show, burning everything into ashes.

    The Flame Demon watched everything within his sight being smashed into meat pies and then burned into ashes.

    His eyes were filled with desperation and regret, 'Fang Xingjian... You're really vicious!'

    With a loud boom , the Flame Demon was completely blasted into countless pieces by the wind pressure and from the high temperature.

    Shan Kong also finally managed to reach the borders of the plot of land in the final explosion. By this time, the piece of land had already reached the stratosphere. He looked down and there were nothing but white fluffy clouds under him.

    The moment he was about to take a step forward and leap off the land, the wind pressure was increased to the near highest limits. With a bang , Shan Kong fell onto the ground. It was as if a palm had smashed down on a toad, he was unable to move at all.

    From then on, no matter how much he struggled, no matter how much force he exerted, he could only watch as he got closer and closer to outer space.

    In the end, as he got closer and closer to outer space, the air got increasingly thinner. The flames gradually disappeared and the wind pressure became increasingly lower. The temperature continued to lower incessantly and frost kept forming in the surroundings.

    When Shan Kong slowly stood up with a battered body, he was slowly floating and his nose could no longer take in any air. He looked at the black space around him and his eyes were in a daze.

    The entire plot of land had entered outer space. Without the obstruction from the atmosphere, it no longer decelerated, but was instead continuing to accelerate as it flew out further and further into space.

    Shan Kong turned his head and looked at the small blue planet that continued to shrink in size before him. His eyes were filled with desperation.

    Right now, he was the only one left alive on that piece of land.

    His vitality was also slowly dissipating as the temperature continued to lower and the air continued to grow thinner.

    However, till now, he had not even managed to catch a glimpse of Fang Xingjian.

    "Fang Xingjian..." With a bang , Shan Kong dropped to his knees. "What an amazing Fang Xingjian..."

    Suddenly, as the land continued to fly, he looked in the direction of the moon and saw that behind it, there was a huge 'Left' word that had been carved on half the moon.

    "What the heck is that?!"


    On Earth, the scene of the plot of land soaring into the sky of Demonic City had spread out through the entire world.

    The net was filled with clips of the horrifying scene people in Demonic City had taken with their cell phones and cameras.

    On weibo 1  , on blogs, on various popular website portals... Everywhere, it was only discussions relating to this horrifying scene.

    "On February 2037, 12.14 a.m., in the northwest district of Demonic City, a plot of land exceeding 250,000 square meters rose up into the air and broke through the atmosphere..."

    "Based on the observations by the specialists from the Space Academy, after the plot of land broke through the atmosphere, it attained a breakthrough of the third cosmic velocity and will eventually fly out of the solar system about 50 years later..."

    "Currently, there have been no organizations or individuals who are taking up responsibility for this event..."

    "The local residents have said that after the piece of land flew up, they witnessed a man floating in midair for over five minutes..."

    "The Dow Jones Industrial Average 2  took a sharp dive by 500 points this morning. We'll now invite specialists to discuss how this event would impact the world's economy."

    The entire world seemed to have been stirred up by Fang Xingjian's sword attack.

    However, the members of the world's top organization, the Earth's Federation, seemed to be completely silent.

    They were not the only ones who were silent. All the clans who knew that this sword attack came from Fang Xingjian had all fallen silent.


    North of Xin Country, Hua Clan.

    Although not part of the Five Great Clans, Hua Clan was one of the Xin Country's most powerful influences. They were entrenched in the northeastern area of Xin Country, and enjoyed a monopoly over many businesses.

    Right now, Hua Clan's Old Master was staring at the tablet in his hands. Standing before him, a middle-aged man said, "Father, this Fang Xingjian is too disrespectful toward us. Why did he have to cripple Meimei when he wants to find trouble for Li Shuanghua? Meimei is your granddaughter!

    "We must let Fang Xingjian pay the price for this!"

    The middle-aged man was clearly talking about how Fang Xingjian had crippled Hua Meimei.

    This matter had enraged the entire Hua Clan. Especially after finding out that both the Federation and Li Shuanghua both wanted to deal with Fang Xingjian, all of them now wanted to be a part of it.

    As the middle-aged man spoke, the other members of Hua Clan all appeared to be fired up with indignation.

    However, before the middle-aged man said anything, Hua Clan's Old Master lifted his head and asked, "Which one of you can send a piece of land that has an area of 250,000 square meters flying into outer space?"

    The middle-aged man smiled and said, "Father, what joke is that? Even a Divine level expert might not be able to do something like that..."

    The next instant, the Old Master projected the clip from the internet with the scene of the plot of land being sent flying into space onto a larger screen.

    Looking at this scene, the Hua Clan's meeting room remained silent for very long.

    Hua Clan's Old Master eventually let out a sigh and said, "Just take it as if I don't have this granddaughter."


    Concurrently, to the east of Demonic City, a black man with a height of over five meters who looked like a chimpanzee was soaking in a man-made hot spring. Around him, there were numerous beautiful ladies dressed in see-through clothing serving him. They poured water for him, massaged him, and cut fruits for him.

    This person was the head of the Onassis Clan, one of the Five Great Clans, and also one of the Earth's five Divine level experts. He was an extremely violent person with the nickname 'Despot'.

    Right now, part of the Earth's Five Great Clans were respectively the Fang Clan, the black Onassis, as well as the white-skinned Medici Clan, with a long history, and which Jessica belonged to.

    As for the remaining two, one of them was the Ford Clan, who exerted control over the latest powerful technology. The other one was the Tiandao Clan, which was the most mysterious clan. No one knew what race they belonged to, and they were also the clan with the strongest Divine level expert.

    Before Despot, an old black-skinned steward with a head of white hair said, "... This is the general gist of it. Clan head, should we consider handing Caroline over to him? After all, it's unwise to offend an expert like this. We can totally join forces with him to deal with Li Shuanghua. She is the true enemy of our clan."

    Despot, who looked like a huge chimpanzee, said, "Hand her over? What kind of joke is that? You want me to bow down to Fang Clan?"

    The old black-skinned man had yet to react when a palm the size of a door came slamming down from the sky, slapping him into a lump of paste.

    "Tell Caroline that with me around, she can continue to stay in Demonic City. If that Fang Xingjian dares to lay a hand on her, I'll tear his body into pieces."
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