Chapter 502: Arriving, Life and Death

    Chapter 502: Arriving, Life and Death

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    A nuclear missile with a yield of 50 megatons was one of the highest level of nuclear missiles which could be used for experiments. It held about 10% of the sun's solar power, being capable of destroying the entire Demonic City with a single hit. It would turn everything within a 15 kilometer range into ash, and the area within 30 kilometers of itself, into ruins.

    The mushroom cloud created from the explosion would be 40 kilometers wide and 60 kilometers tall. It was seven times taller than Mount Everest.

    The hot wind it produced could cause people who were 170 kilometers away to suffer from third degree burns.

    The flash produced from the explosion could hurt the eyes of witnesses that were 200 kilometers away, even causing cataract and blindness.

    The strong gales it produced had a pressure of 100 kilograms per square meter, and could extend up to 1,000 kilometers away in every direction.

    The explosion could even cause Eurasia to move nine millimeters to the south.

    The usual intercontinental ballistic nuclear missile used would only have a yield of 0.5 to 1 megaton.

    A nuclear missile with a yield of 50 megatons could potentially annihilate any target on Earth.

    Li Shuanghua had forcibly faced such a weapon head-on, and she had even been at the center of the explosion.

    Thinking of this, a chill ran down Fang Yuehe's back. He could not think of any ways that could kill Li Shuanghua.

    Other people clearly thought the same.

    Therefore, Fang Yuehe, who had came to watch the battle by himself, appeared extremely miserable, unlike how he had been a month ago, when he was enjoying great glory.

    Until the day of the battle, he had still yet to get into contact with Fang Xingjian. This had made him sleep less over the past three days, not even exceeding two hours in total.

    There were all sorts of rumors. Some said that Fang Xingjian had escaped, some said that he had already admitted his wrongdoings before Li Shuanghua... There were even some who said that he had committed suicide as he could not withstand the pressure. Nothing good was mentioned at all.

    As Fang Yuehe headed out of the airport, a row of people suddenly blocked his path.

    It was Fang Clan's third son, Fang Yueming. Right now, his head was tilted as he sat on a wheelchair. He was fully covered in bandages, bearing morbid hatred in his gaze.

    The person pushing his wheelchair was Li Meimei, Fang Yueming's wife, whose cultivation had been crippled by Fang Xingjian. She was now looking at Fang Yuehe with a gaze of contempt.

    Some time ago, Li Shuanghua had sent people to bring her over. No one had dared to stop her.

    Looking at Fang Yuehe's astonished gaze, Fang Yueming spoke while clenching his teeth, "Second Brother, you hadn't expected that I'm still alive, right?"

    Fang Yuehe exhaled, saying, "Third Brother, it's good that you're alive."

    "It's good that I'm alive? Do I look like I'm alive to you?" Fang Yueming smirked. "You thought that you could become the clan head, but you hadn't expected that Fang Xingjian wasn't reliable at all, right? Having climbed all the way out only to be pulled down so easily... How does it feel?"

    Li Meimei also said, "Second Brother-in-law, your choice to take the wrong path this time around has infuriated Mother. I think you'd better start thinking of how you can pacify her when the time comes."

    The two of them laughed loudly and left, leaving behind Fang Yuehe with a bleak expression, feeling extremely terrified.

    Letting out a sigh, he continued to head toward the location of the battle. No matter what, with Li Shuanghua's power, there was nowhere he could run even if he wished to. He thought of how he was also Li Shuanghua's son, after all. The worst possible thing that could happen to him would be for him to be chased out of the clan. She could not possibly have him killed.Just as he was rushing to the Sahara Desert, Li Shuanghua was already standing atop a sand dune, hands crossed. There was not even a hint of a breeze within a one kilometer range, nor was there a single speck of sand flying in the air. Even the temperature did not seem to be experiencing any change in the least.

    Countless people who were here to spectate were standing several tens of kilometers away from where Li Shuanghua was.

    When a Divine level expert made a move, the damaging prowess would be very big. Even if there were many experts amongst the people coming as spectators for the battle, no one was willing to get near the battle scene.

    They practically relied on their unique abilities, binoculars, detectors, satellites, or other means to observe this battle from afar.

    After arriving at the battlefield, Fang Yuehe found a random place and waited there. He dared not meet his mother. One reason was because Li Shuanghua had been a person of great authority and was extremely strict with her teachings ever since he was young. This had made Fang Yuehe very fearful of his mother, from a young age.

    Another reason was that, after Li Shuanghua had been revered as the strongest person on Earth, being called number one in the world, she had liaised with great clans and organizations, and she had even received the recognition of the five powerful nations. This had made her reputation grow even more, reaching an unbelievable stage.

    Just as Fang Yuehe was thinking about all these, he heard a voice with a strong air of authority coming from the sky. It resonated like a breeze of prestige from the heavens.

    "You unfilial son. Since you're here, why aren't you kowtowing and acknowledging your mistakes?"

    Fang Yuehe's countenance changed and at the next moment, as he was sent a majestic, endless, and omnipresent power extending out from void space. With a single pull, he was brought before Li Shuanghua, dragged across a distance of ten over kilometers.

    At the next moment, Fang Yuehe felt an immense pain coming from his knees as he knelt onto the ground.

    Before so many experts from all over the Earth, the moment Fang Yuehe dropped to his knees, he immediately glared with bloodshot eyes, saying, "Mother, do you really have to do something like this before so many people?"

    "Hmph," Li Shuanghua let out a cold snort, not caring for Fang Yuehe's fury and coldly spoke, "You defiant son. You went into cahoots with that vile spawn and you're thinking of snatching away our Fang Clan's assets. How dare you still show your face here today?"

    Fang Yuehe seemed to have decided to go all out as well. Ignoring Li Shuanghua's powerful aura, he said, "Mother, I'm your son as well. Do you only have Third Brother in your eyes? Is there anything wrong with me wanting to become the head of Fang Clan?"

    "That is you not knowing your own worth. With Xingchen's talent, he'll definitely surpass me in the future and he'll be the one to bring the Fang Clan to greater heights.

    "Since that's the case, you should hold back your thoughts and focus on helping him clear the path for his future.

    "Who would have expected that you're so foolish that you cannot be saved, even deciding to go along with that vile spawn." Li Shuanghua spoke in disdain. "That vile spawn is so arrogant and considered himself to be the best just because he had a fortunate encounter. Do you really think that he can achieve great things? You really are short-sighted. Based on this alone, the Fang Clan can't be handed over to you."

    Fang Yuehe grew increasingly recalcitrant, wanting to stand up and say more. However, he sensed waves of power gushing forth from void space and his entire body was completely suppressed by the Divine level expert's will. He could not move a single inch, let alone say a single word.

    This feeling made Fang Yuehe feel extremely aggrieved.

    Li Shuanghua continued to speak, "You can just continue to kneel and reflect on your own actions today. Once I've taught that vile spawn a lesson, you can head back with me to Demonic City. From now onward, you can wash your hands off of matters concerning the clan."

    Hearing this, the little bit of courage Fang Yuehe had managed to summon earlier seemed to vanish immediately. It was as if all of his soul and energy had been drawn out, as his eyes instantly filled with nothing but desperation and loss.

    He knew that from that day onward, he would only be allowed to do nothing but eat and wait for death. He would no longer have anything to do with power over the clan.

    At the same time, Tyrant turned into a white-skinned man, hiding amongst a group of people ten over kilometers away. He frowned to himself, "Damn, this old woman seems to be even more powerful now. I wonder if Xingjian will be able to handle her."

    Countless people were waiting in anticipation for this earth-shaking battle. Not only were there many people who had come to spectate, there were also countless cameras pointed at Li Shuanghua, providing live recording on the internet.

    Spies from a number of countries continued to check out the situation there, while reporting to their bosses.

    However, after waiting from morning until noon, and then from noon until night, Fang Xingjian still did not appear. Everyone's expressions were getting increasingly impatient.

    "It can't be that Fang Xingjian has fled, right?"

    "If I were him, I wouldn't dare to come either."

    "This coward. He fooled the entire world."

    As more and more grievances were voiced out and many more people felt that Fang Xingjian had stood Li Shuanghua up, in a hospital, a loud baby's cry filled up the entire room.

    Fang Xingjian's eyes suddenly popped open as well.

    'The end to life is death; the end to death is life.'
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