Chapter 512: Unyielding

    Chapter 512: Unyielding

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    When the Despot finally got his strength back once again, he felt his powerful physical body and the seething power growing incessantly within it. Then the Despot broke into an excited smile.

    However, at the next moment, he saw that Fang Xingjian was still shaking his head, saying, "Now that you've regained your strength, I can now bring up the other matter with you."

    "What?" The Despot looked at Fang Xingjian, puzzled.

    "I received some news. Your clan's steward said that if Li Shuanghua wanted you to join forces with her, you would want half of my mother's remains. Was this something you said?" Fang Xingjian's gaze was sharp like sword light, encompassing Despot's entire body. In that instant, Fang Xingjian's killing aura seemed to have materialized and covered the Despot entirely.

    Hearing this, the Despot knew that he was in trouble. Standing up suddenly, he was about to flee at full power.

    Black magic prints flashed wildly, turning into surges of materialized power and exploding on Fang Xingjian's body. Simultaneously, the Despot backed off abruptly, wanting to escape.

    However, even at peak condition, the Despot had not been a match for Fang Xingjian. So, how could the Despot possibly win against Fang Xingjian now when he was only just starting to recover?

    The Despot's martial will struck against Fang Xingjian's body and was stopped by the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent. Fang Xingjian did not even sway in the least.

    Simultaneously, the Despot's physical body had just taken one step back when Fang Xingjian launched out an attack across space with his palm. The Despot's body was crushed, and he was pushed into a metal wall like a meatball.

    The Despot's body became twisted and deformed. He looked at Fang Xingjian with vengeance-filled eyes and said, "Fang Xingjian, with the way you go back on your words and act on your free will, you won't end up in a good plight."

    Fang Xingjian smiled. "You call this acting on my free will?"

    He shook his wrist and tossed Tyrant out toward the Despot while saying, "Tyrant, let him know what it means to be acting as one pleases."

    Looking at the body of this Divine level expert, Tyrant was extremely excited. Although the Despot was in a bad condition, with his vital energy and blood in a weakened state, the attributes of a Divine level expert were still there.

    Tyrant's physical strength would definitely increase once again after engulfing the Despot's body.

    At the next moment, the entire prison was filled with agonizing cries and munching sounds, as well as the sounds of bones and flesh being crushed.

    Looking at the extremely brutal scene before them, Fang Yuehe, Fang Yueming, and Hua Meimei all revealed terrified expressions. Even the Thunder Monarch could not really bear to watch this scene. Li Shuanghua was the only one who had remained expressionless from the very beginning, as if there was nothing that could shake her heart anymore.

    Immediately following this, Fang Xingjian looked toward the Thunder Monarch.

    Under Fang Xingjian's gaze, the Thunder Monarch felt that the pressure in his heart was extremely heavy. The Despot's terrible plight seemed to have been imprinted into the Thunder Monarch's mind, becoming a scene that he would never be able to forget.

    Various contradicting thoughts flashed through the Thunder Monarch's mind until they all turned into a single sigh.

    The Thunder Monarch's eyes revealed a helpless gaze as he said to Fang Xingjian, "Fang Xingjian, if I revere you as my lord, will you do the same thing to me as what you've done to the Despot?"

    Fang Xingjian shook his head. "I don't really have a grudge against you, nor do I have any opinions about you. As long as you're willing to come under me, I'll naturally be willing to let you off."

    Hearing Fang Xingjian's reply, the Thunder Monarch nodded and said, "Then that's fine. Fang Xingjian, as long as you recover my cultivation, from today onward, I'll stand with you in the Federation and also revere you as my lord."

    It was so hard for one to gain the power of the Divine level. All the Divine level experts had gone through much work and effort just to reach this cultivation level. Now, all he was being asked to do was to submit to Fang Xingjian. How hard could that be? It was not as if he was like Li Shuanghua or the Despot, who had various feuds with Fang Xingjian and were therefore unwilling to submit.

    Moreover, looking at the Despot's terrible plight, the Thunder Monarch could not find the words to reject Fang Xingjian.

    Thinking of the possibility of watching himself being eaten up bit by bit... even the Thunder Monarch could feel the hairs on his body stand up.

    After hearing the Thunder Monarch's words, Li Shuanghua lifted her head abruptly and said, "Are you crazy?! You're going to submit to this vile spawn just like that? When Tiandao and Titan come back, or when the Mage Association finds out the situation here, do you think that you'll end up in a good plight?"

    The other two Divine level experts in the Federation, Tiandao and Titan, were in Miracle World and had yet to return. Furthermore, the Fang Clan's Fang Xingchen was the disciple of the Mage Association's Black Mage King, and he had a close connection with the Fang Clan and Li Shuanghua.

    The Thunder Monarch smiled bitterly. "Even if the Black Mage King were to come to Demonic City, he won't be able to perform much black magic here. As for Tiandao and Titan, even if they have attained another breakthrough, they won't be a match for Xingjian.

    "Old lady, why can't you understand this? With Fang Xingjian's current cultivation, he's able to inspire awe throughout the world and become the strongest on Earth. Why do you have to remain so stubborn?"

    Fang Yuehe joined in as well, "That's right. Xingjian's sword arts is unrivalled. Moreover, how long has it even been since he started cultivating?

    "Not only is he the head of our Fang Clan, but he is also our hope for Earth's future. With him around, we won't have to remain on the disadvantage when we speak with the Mage Association or even other Divine level experts in Miracle World.

    "Mother, it's better for you to give in. It's inevitable for Xingjian to become the strongest on Earth and become the pillar of the Federation. Why can't you get over this?"

    Fang Xingjian smiled and sent out his Infiltrating Void, removing the sword intent restriction on the Thunder Monarch.

    The moment the sword intent restriction was removed, the Thunder Monarch started activating the martial will in his body. Electricity flashed on his body, slowly restoring his physical body and battle prowess. This caused the Thunder Monarch to wear an expression of joy.

    Li Shuanghua looked at the Thunder Monarch, who had regained his power, and sneered, "For you to submit so easily, you're leaving your martial will impure. This is the equivalent of leaving a flaw in your heart, and you'll no long have the spirit to press on forward with an indomitable will.

    "Even if you recover your power right now, you won't be able to gain greater heights in the future. While it appears to be the easier way out, you're in fact cutting off your future prospects. Your decision is really ignorant and laughable."

    A sneer flashed on the Thunder Monarch's face as he said, "Li Shuanghua, are you still going to be stubborn? Moreover, my ideologies are different from arrogant people like you.

    "In my opinion, the path of martial arts is one in which one can submit or assert themselves in different situations. Being able to bear with various setbacks and failures, as well as being able to admit one's weakness, is what it truly means to have a powerful will.

    "If one can't even accept the tiniest bit of failure, leaving behind flaws just because of a single loss, then a will like that is what it truly means to be weak. To not lose heart despite repeated failures, and to not regret despite having to go through multiple deaths 1  ... Do you really understand the meaning behind these words?"

    Fang Yuehe took over and continued speaking, "Mother, admit your defeat. After all, it doesn't matter how much you brag about it. Because no matter what you say, we can kill you easily right now. You don't even have the right to escape. This is reality.

    Or do you think that the Black Mage King or Fang Xingchen will be able to save you? Considering Xingjian's current battle prowess and how the Black Mage King won't be able to tap into diabolic energy in Demonic City, it would be impossible for the Black Mage King to win.

    "As for Fang Xingchen... Why don't you open your eyes to take a look at Xingjian's current cultivation? Fang Xingchen's aptitude won't be able to be a match for Xingjian even if he were to come chasing after him on a horse. Do you still not understand this?"

    Li Shuanghua did not say a single word and remained expressionless, as though she could not be bothered continuing the argument with them. It was also as if there was nothing which could affect her decisions.
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