Chapter 516: Explosion

    Chapter 516: Explosion

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    King Manjaar was stunned. He had not expected that the other party had come knocking on their door for something like this.

    "Just because of this? Just because of something like this? You've killed so many of our Frostwolf Tribe's Elders and Priests... Do you want to annihilate our Frostwolf Tribe?"

    The middle-aged man shook his head and said, "Everyone who has made a move on the Shadopletely.

    Then the windstorm came to a stop, and the earth stopped its quake. Yet, the silver-haired middle-aged man merely wiped his mouth as if he had just killed an ant.

    However, he suddenly stood up, lifted his head, and looked toward the southwest direction with a puzzled expression.

    The short-haired young man asked curiously, "Master, what's wrong?"

    The silver-haired middle-aged man broke into a hint of a smile. "Someone's mental cultivation method has reached level 10."

    "Huh?" The short-haired young man asked puzzledly. "Isn't our mental cultivation method only passed down to one person in each generation? Why is there another person who knows about it now?"

    The silver-haired middle-aged man first appeared puzzled and then confused. In the end, he merely smiled and shook his head. "This is interesting. He should have been your disciple, but someone did something, and now, he's going to surpass you instead."

    "Huh? Then what should we do?" The short-haired young man asked.

    "What else can I do? Wait till he comes to the ice plains, the two of you can then fight it out then. The one who wins will be the Master."

    "What if he isn't willing?"

    "We have always been the type of people who win people over through virtue. You'll just have to beat him up till he is willing to accept this."

    "But we still have to wait for him here..." The short-haired young man felt vexed. "Can't we be the ones to head over?"

    The silver-haired middle-aged man shook his head, and a hint of nostalgic flashed in his eyes. "I promised someone that unless he's dead, I'll never take a step out of the ice plains."


    Elsewhere, just as various changes were occurring in Miracle World, Fang Xingjian also started his training on Earth.

    In the desert to the northwest of Xin Country, Fang Xingjian stood several tens of kilometers high up in the air by himself, looking down at the ground which had a circular shape.

    'The matters with the Fang Clan have finally been settled.

    'Next, I'll be dealing with the matters in Miracle World.

    'I must settle matters with the First Prince, and I also want to annihilate the Terrene Shrine.


    He then thought of his mother's corpse which the black-clothed man had taken away. Although he felt a little anxious, he felt that the black-clothed man did not harbor any ill intentions toward him.

    Moreover, regardless of whether it was the First Prince, the Terrene Shrine, or even the unfathomable black-clothed man... Fang Xingjian would require great power to get in contact with them and resolve everything.

    So, right now, the most important thing for him to do was cultivate.

    'I'll first train up my physical particles to perfection through nuclear explosions.'

    In Xin Country's command base, Fang Yuehe, Tyrant, and a few of Xin Country's and the Federation's generals had gathered together. They each wore different expressions as they looked at the Fang Xingjian displayed on the screen.

    "Operation 312 is officially beginning. Starting the first nuclear explosion."

    "The missile with a yield of 0.5 megatons has been fully loaded."

    "Preparation for Southern Wind 41 is complete."

    Fang Yuehe watched with a worrying expression as the preparations for the intercontinental ballistic missile were made. After all, Fang Xingjian had now become the greatest pillar in the Fang Clan. Additionally, although many clans in the Federation appeared as if they were in submission to him, there were many people who were secretly waiting for the chance to make their move.

    Fang Yuehe could imagine that if anything were to happen to Fang Xingjian, countless hungry wolves would pounced forth, swallowing the entire Fang Clan whole till there was nothing left of it.

    He could not understand why Fang Xingjian had to undergo this nuclear missile experiment. It would be good if there were no dangers, but if some accidents were to occur, it would be extremely bad for them.

    At the next moment, the intercontinental ballistic missile was launched into the sky. It pierced through the cloud layers at Mach 2 speed and went straight toward Fang Xingjian.

    Simultaneously, as it struck Fang Xingjian, the nuclear missile exploded. The missile, with a yield of 0.5 megatons, was a far cry from one with a yield of 50 megatons. However, the shock waves, heat, and radiation which had exploded in that instant were still very terrifying. In particular, the high temperatures and high level of pressure in the center were sufficient to render every material thing in human civilization into dust.

    However, Fang Xingjian's body toughness was now comparable to that of a level 29 Divine Weapon, and he still had the protection from the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor. When he was in danger, he could even perform Infiltrating Void and hide between spatial gaps. Fang Xingjian was not afraid of being struck by nuclear missiles at all.

    Compared to the damaging force of nuclear missiles, Fang Xingjian was more concerned about how the various radiations from the nuclear missiles would stimulate the physical particles within his body.

    Under the violent gush of the energy, Fang Xingjian could sense endless radiation and corpuscular flow striking against the physical particles in his body. Under such stimulation, the physical particles in his body started to awake, just like how many candles were being lit up.

    This continued on for about 0.1 seconds. Fang Xingjian felt as if his physical body had reached its limit and was about to breakdown. Therefore, he performed Infiltrating Void and entered the spatial gaps, comprehending the changes to the physical particles in his body.

    About 20 minutes later, an explosive bellow rang out across the skies, completely pushing away the mushroom cloud from the nuclear explosion, and revealing Fang Xingjian's unscathed body.

    After being blasted once, Fang Xingjian could already sense that 200 physical particles had awakened in his body.

    In terms of prowess, a nuclear missile with a yield of 0.5 megatons was definitely a far cry from one with a yield of 50 megatons. However, what Fang Xingjian needed right now was neither the high temperature nor high pressure. What he needed was the nuclear radiation. A missile with a yield of 0.5 megaton would allow him to be encompassed by the nuclear radiations for a longer period of time.

    Therefore, a nuclear missile with a yield of 0.5 megatons was more suitable for him, and its effect would be better as well.

    Surges of majestic power exploded from the physical particles, filling up his body both inside and outside. They formed streams of electricity and moved around his body.

    'Nuclear missiles contained the profoundness of the microscopic world, and physical particles are also things in Miracle World.

    'Because I've inherited the bloodline of Miracle World and have the physical structure of the people in Miracle World, my body is formed by 1.08 billion physical particles.

    'Nuclear explosions are the released power from the microscopic world, and they can stimulate the explosions of the physical particles. It's just like opening a brand new world, establishing the small worlds in the physical particles inside my body.

    'There's no problem. As long as I can avoid injuries when I experience each explosion, I will be able to make use of nuclear explosions for my cultivation and stimulate all 1.08 billion physical particles.'

    This was not the extent of it. For Fang Xingjian, a nuclear explosion with a yield of 0.5 megatons was actually easier to control, and it would also have less impact on the environment and the geomagnetic fields. It would deal less damage on electronic devices and also cause lesser societal unrest.
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