Chapter 531: Meeting

    Chapter 531: Meeting

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    However, Fang Xingjian was so calm that Wang Xiaoyan felt a little disappointed. Fang Xingjian nodded and said nonchalantly, "The Dark Knight has already achieved four tiers of perfection? It's true that amongst those below the Divine level, his abilities are astounding. If I were to deal with him, a conservative estimate would be that I would need to take three to five moves."

    Wang Xiaoyan's mouth twitched as she felt Fang Xingjian was a little too arrogant. She could not help but continue saying, "This time around, in the fight with me over the position of clan head, Eldest Brother brought the Dark Knight, who represents the First Prince's influence. Although the Dark Knight lost to the Fifth Prince, the First Prince has too many experts under him. Moreover, the First Prince has also attained the Divine level. Looking at the overview, the Fifth Prince is probably not his match either.

    "My younger brother brought the Fifth Prince with him. Putting aside the fact that the Fifth Prince himself has outstanding talent and abilities, did you know that he has even become sworn brothers with the Great River Alliance's Fist Emperor? The Great River Alliance is the leader of the underworld and has taken charge over the Empire's 72 waterways. They are a top notch faction in terms of both wealth and power. Additionally, their leader, the Fist Emperor, had also taught himself martial arts and managed to attain a breakthrough to the Divine level, thereby becoming one of the ten Divine level experts in the Empire.

    "Although he didn't step forward by himself and he is also the weakest out of the three parties, he has just attained a breakthrough, becoming a Demigod with one tier of perfection in his body's toughness.

    "I only have myself to blame. For the past year, I've been too focused on the clan's businesses and neglected my cultivation."

    After saying these, Wang Xiaoyan sighed once again before taking a long look at Fang Xingjian. Then she said, "Eldest Brother, Younger Brother, Uncle, and myself... If we're to really fight for the position of the clan's head, I can be said to be the weakest of us all.

    "Fang Xingjian, right now, even if I have your help, I'll only be slightly better off than my uncle. There's no hope for us to go against the First Prince and the Fifth Prince."

    Fang Xingjian frowned and said, "With me around, I'll naturally be able to help you lead the Wang Clan. You only have to do a good job in forging a Divine Remains Equipment for me later."

    "It's true that you have great talent. If I were to give you a few more years, you might really be able to achieve this. But now..." Wang Xiaoyan let out a laugh, shook her head, and said, "I don't believe it. I don't believe that you'll be able to defeat the Fifth Prince, and even more so that you'll be able to defeat the First Prince. Have you forgotten that I've just returned from the Great Western Region?

    "If it could be said that I still had some anticipation in the past, then right now, I can be said to have thought it through. You people from the Second Prince's faction can't even help yourself now. How can you possibly help me fight for the position of the clan's head?

    "This time around, I'm asking for your help only to escape from this place. I'll continue to help you forge your Divine Weapon."

    Fang Xingjian spoke with indifference, "Since I said that I want you to become the clan head, you'll have to be the clan head. No one is allowed to object."

    Wang Xiaoyan frowned and said, "Fang Xingjian, I've already said that I've given up on the position of Wang Clan's clan head."

    Fang Xingjian said coldly, "Do you not understand yet? I said that no one is allowed to object to it, not even you. If I said that you'll be the one, you'll be the one. If I want you to take on the position of clan head, only you will be able to be the clan head. Any other person who becomes the clan head will have to die."

    Wang Xiaoyan frowned deeply, and her chest heaved continuously. She was so angry that her countenance had turned pale. "You're a lunatic."

    "Alright, you guys will be having a meeting to discuss the transfer of the clan head position, right? I'll make a trip together with you."

    Wang Xiaoyan let out a furious snort and punched out. It was if a metal hammer had smashed the air, creating an explosion. Amidst the howls which filled the air, her tender fist brought up strong gales, smashing toward Fang Xingjian like a plunging meteor causing rumbling sounds to ring out in Fang Xingjian's ears. Just the aerial blast alone could kill ordinary people.

    Seeing how the beautiful lady before him showed such violence the moment she made a move, Fang Xingjian appeared surprised as well.

    However, with his cultivation, he sent his right hand out in a slicing motion, intercepting Wang Xiaoyan's fist. Then his palm moved, as if pushing away the atmosphere, forming a spinning air current. The center of his palm even took on the earlier move and clamped down on Wang Xiaoyan's fist.

    Wang Xiaoyan struggled for a moment, only to find out that Fang Xingjian's fist was like a great mountain, preventing her fist from moving.

    "Woman, it's no longer up to you now. Come with me."

    Fang Xingjian was clearly bent on getting the Wang Clan. This clan, consisting of surviving descendants from a dynasty in the Western Land, not only owned the skills to forge Divine Remains Equipment, but they also held the secrets to the Panwu Heavenly Raiment. Moreover, as a royal family, there would definitely be unique traits to their martial arts legacies. There might even be records of methods to attaining the Divine level. How could Fang Xingjian possibly let go of this chance?

    Fang Xingjian's palm, which was grabbing onto Wang Xiaoyan's fist, shook, and a faint wave ran through Wang Xiaoyan's entire body from her fist. It shook off all of her resisting strength. Fang Xingjian then moved his right hand, grabbed onto Wang Xiaoyan's spine, and circulated his sword force. Wang Xiaoyan could only head outside under Fang Xingjian's control.


    Right now, in the hall of the Wang Clan's residence, various members of the Wang Clan's upper echelon had already arrived.

    The person who took the main seat was a young man with golden hair. He was wearing military clothes and riding boots, and had an extremely arrogant appearance.

    The man kept his head up high, using only the corners of his eyes to glance at everyone in the hall. However, there were clearly greed and desire reflected in his eyes, as if he wanted to take over everything in the world. This person was the Empire's Fifth Prince, the person with unrivalled talent, who was said to have started putting in hard work in his cultivation a few years ago after having encountered danger.

    Behind the Fifth Prince was a young man with a somber expression. His eyes were closed, and streams of aura coming out from specialty seeds kept on rising and changing. The young man was clearly condensing and training his specialty seeds constantly. This person was the Fifth Prince's personal guard, White.

    Seated next to the Fifth Prince was a young man who was about 20-odd years old. It was the Wang Clan's Second Young Master and Wang Xiaoyan's younger brother, Wang Fenghua.

    Seated slightly away from them was the Dark Knight, who was dressed in black clothes and armor. Beside him was a lady in purple clothes and hair. She was Li Zi, the lady whom the First Prince had personally led a team to pursue across the northern country's snowy plains. Back then, she had used her attack, Four Seals of World Creation, to go against the First Prince's Overturned Hell.

    After the Dark Knight ended up in a disadvantageous situation, Li Zi was also sent here to provide support to the Dark Knight in the fight for the position of the Wang Clan's clan head.

    Beside them was a middle-aged man with a somber expression and curly hair. It was the Wang Clan's Eldest Young Master and Wang Xiaoyan's elder brother, Wang Jiexiu.

    Slightly further away was the Wang Clan's current strongest expert and Wang Xiaoyan's uncle, Wang Hexuan. He remained seated quietly. As the strongest expert in the Wang Clan, he had always been one of the leaders of the entire Sunset Fortress. His reputation had spread far and wide, and he had gained himself great prestige. Wang Hexuan had devoted great effort into tempering his martial arts, and after becoming a Demigod with one tier of perfection, his ambition to become the Wang Clan's clan head had grown.

    Right now, the three people seated here were the three strongest influences who were fighting for the position of the Wang Clan's clan head. The many middle-aged and old men seated behind and next to them were the many members of the Wang Clan's the upper echelon.

    The Dark Knight stared at the young man next to the Wang Clan's Second Young Master, Wang Fenghua. When he saw that young man's brazen greed, he frowned.

    In fact, the Fifth Prince had looked alike to the First Prince to an extent, and he also seemed to have a little of the domineering aura which the First Prince had.

    However, in the eyes of the Dark Knight, if what the First Prince exuded was the assertiveness and bearing of a ruler of the mortal world who would dominate the world... then the aura from this Fifth Prince was closer to that of an evil aura that would engulf the world and take over everything beautiful in the world.

    Upon thinking of the fist techniques which the Fifth Prince had displayed, the Dark Knight's frown deepened even further.

    Although Li Zi had rushed over, the Dark Knight was still unconfident in winning against the Fifth Prince even if he were to join forces with Li Zi

    It was a pity that the First Prince was busy with the plans he had for the world and had sent the experts under him to suppress the various influences. Therefore, the First Prince did not have that many people he could send to help the Dark Knight.

    Seeing that the Dark Knight was looking in his direction, the Fifth Prince laughed out loud and said, "Dark Knight, Wang Hexuan, the two of you are the only ones who are fighting against me for the position of Wang Clan's clan head. The others are nothing much and not worth mentioning."

    With that, the Fifth Prince straightened his posture, and the smile on his face slowly dissipated. In its place, there was now a vicious, sinister aura which was filled with a strong desire to monopolize. It was as if he wanted to engulf everyone present. The aura also gave the feeling of a presumptuous guest who was here to usurp the leading role.

    The Fifth Prince then spoke with a teasing tone, "Today, let's have a good talk about who the position of the clan head will belong to. It's just right that everyone is present, and we can come to a thorough decision on this. It'll save us the trouble of having to fight ceaselessly and thus destroying the Wang Clan's properties."
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