Chapter 541: Collecting

    Chapter 541: Collecting

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    Robert did not say anything and just handed over a document. Governor Devitt was stunned for a moment. After scanning through it with his Heaven's Perception, he said with raised brows, "Ways to condense 1,440 specialty seeds? Where did you get this from? Although the Second Prince has the legacies from the royal clan, he isn't able to share them with us due to the restrictions of the regulations. If this document were to be leaked out, it will probably be able to buy an entire Regional Academy."

    Looking at the document in his hand, Governor Devitt was slightly agitated as well. He already had up to the fifth level of the mystical prints and the effects of the world's metamorphosis. Now, with the methods to condense 1,440 specialty seeds, he had the confidence to strive toward attaining for the Divine level within a few years time.

    Hearing Governor Devitt's question, Robert said while smiling, "This is what Xingjian has collected from various factions in the Great Western Region."

    Head of Department James said, smiling, "He really has it all planned out. But for you to be giving this to us directly, you probably have something to ask of us?"

    Robert said, "That's right. There's one more thing that I'll have to trouble the two of you with."

    James said, "Oh? What is it about? If we can help, we'll definitely help." The assistance from the mystical prints had really made him and Devitt feel exhilarated. This was especially the case for James, whose lifespan was almost up. However, with the help of mystical prints, he might be able to succeed in reaching the Divine level and live for many more years. As such, he owed Fang Xingjian a great debt.

    Robert said, "There are still a few crucial items missing from the list of ingredients we're helping Xingjian to collect. These items are in the hands of some powerful people, and although we've offered a high price, they're still unwilling to part with the items.

    "These are all very rare ingredients, and they involve quite a number of experts. Lilia, Anderson, and Zhou Xingwen have already set off, but there are still two more places which we have no means to deal with."

    Robert had been tasked to help Fang Xingjian collect the ingredients for the tenth level of the mystical prints. However, the ingredients required for this level were far too rare. Some of them were even family heirlooms or treasures of sects. How could the ingredients possibly be brought out so easily?

    As such, they would need to pay them a trip personally, making use of both their martial prowess and money.

    James smiled, nodding. "I understand. Devitt, let's make a trip down personally."

    As Fang Xingjian was in the process of collecting the ingredients for the final level of the mystical prints and the final few rare ingredients had appeared, the experts under Fang Xingjian all made their move. However, their actions had also started to bring about more ripples in the chaotic world.


    In Beize Region 1  's Xuanming School.

    With a tremendous rumble , a figure crashed into a wall, causing it to collapse and bury the person under the bricks.

    In the courtyard, Anderson looked at the over 100 disciples of the Xuanming School, who had surrounded him. Anderson spoke nonchalantly, "As per the agreement, I've defeated the head of your school. Your school's prized Xuanming Treasured Sword is mine now.

    "Of course, although I have use for a material in your Xuanming Treasured Sword, I won't take it away just like that."

    Saying that, Anderson took out stacks of notes and said, "There's three million gold here. It's enough to buy 30 Xuanming Schools. Take it that I'm buying your Xuanming Treasured Sword."

    After Anderson said this, countless disciples turned their gaze toward that three million gold, with a lot of their hostility dissipated.


    In an extremely humid forest in the Southern Flame Region.

    Lilia moved through the forest like a gust of breeze. Streams of air currents encompassed her body, and she was like a swallow flying freely and darting through the forest at rapid speed. However, not a single speck of dust got onto her body.

    Moreover, she was still carrying a huge box on her back which looked as if it weighed several hundred jin. Despite this, her movement was not affected in the least.

    Lilia continued on until she arrived at a campsite. The moment she appeared, several tens of warriors came up and surrounded her. A burly looking man whose face was covered in tattoos smiled and said, "What a pretty young lady. Why have you thought of coming to our place?"

    Lilia spoke nonchalantly, "Are you the people of the Bloody Claw Tribe? I want the head of the Blood Clamor Beast which you use as sacrificial offerings. Name your price."

    After half an hour of explosions, fire, tremors, and astonished cries, the entire Bloody Claw Tribe sunk into a state of chaos. The entire place was filled with broken trees, overturned houses, and crying people.

    Lilia walked out directly, carrying a huge bone of a beast. Behind her, an entire box of gold was left on the ground.

    Countless warriors from the tribe started snatching the gold, no longer paying any heed to the beast bone which they had previously used as a sacrificial offering.


    On the grass plains at the borders of the Beize Region, a myriad of beasts were running amok as countless ferocious beasts fled for their lives in waves while crying out.

    Behind them, Governor Devitt stood quietly in midair as several hundred ice dragons chased the countless ferocious beasts.

    Meanwhile, Devitt's consciousness continued to receive light and sound waves, as if searching for something.

    Finally, his eyes narrowed as he looked toward a leopard that was over ten kilometers away. "I've found you, Transmuting Luiz."

    In that instant, several hundred ice dragons pursued that leopard, and thunderous sounds of explosions rang out.

    "Luiz, you won't be able to escape. Handover the Crimson Blood Stone which you've stolen."


    In a pitch-black and dried-up forest on the white snow plains in the Northern Ice Region.

    Above steep cliffs and precipices, two people, one young and one old, were engaged in a battle.

    The old man was wearing white clothes and had a slightly arching back, presenting an extremely revered look like that of an immortal. He gave off an elusive and illusory feeling.

    The young man, on the other hand, appeared to be energized and valiant, attacking the old man incessantly like a young leopard.

    He went in with his attacks from the left and the right, moving about close to the cliffs. His pair of fists were like numerous meteors, cutting across the air with many gleams of light. They formed a meteor shower as they attacked the old man ceaselessly.

    However, no matter how fiercely the young man attacked, his attacks were all casually fended off by the old man. After half an hour of attacking and defending, the old man pushed the young man to the side and said, "Alright, let's take a break."

    "Phew," the young man exhaled. Then puffs of white air currents immediately appeared next to his mouth. It clearly showed just how low the temperature was at the cliffs and precipices.

    The young man said, "Master, when can I go through my second transition? I've stayed at level 19 for the past three years."

    The old man shook his head and said, "Have you been provoked by some news?"

    "Hehe," the young man scratched his head and said, "Now, everyone across the Empire is saying that there's one sword, one fist, one saber, and one first. The one sword is referring to Fang Xingjian, the one saber is referring to Dongfang Ling, and the one fist is referring to Fifth Prince, Cuité Krieg. They are said to be the three people with the greatest talent, young geniuses who have the greatest possibility of attaining the Divine level.

    "They are about the same age as me. I wish to be able to catch up to them soon and have a spar with them."

    "I can understand how you're young and hot-blooded" the old man said, "But it's all the more because of this that you must accumulate more strength. There are many Knights who don't understand the theory of how good preparation is the key to success. All of them are in a rush to attain a breakthrough to the second transition without knowing that after the second transition, they would lose their potential. This is especially the case when in this world, there are more temptations and less threats. This will prevent one from being able to focus on training up his will."
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