Chapter 555: Talk

    Chapter 555: Talk

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    Upon hearing the Fourth Prince's invitation, Fang Xingjian nodded. "Then let's have a good talk."

    He then disappeared at the same time with the Fourth Prince.

    Prince Philip threw a glare toward Sally and said, "You only know how to create trouble. Allen, bring the Young Miss back. Without my instructions, no one is allowed to let her out."

    Sally pouted, dissatisfied. However, when faced against her Divine level grandfather, she had no other choice.

    Earlier on, when she investigated the injuries concerning the Rebirth Sword Technique, she had already gotten herself involved with a whole bunch of trouble. After all, the people who could stop the Rebirth Sword Technique were all major players in politics or from the various factions. If it had not been because she had Prince Philip backing her up, she would have been killed in some small alley.

    Despite this, she had no other choice but to return to the Beize Region. However, she still could not sit still and started to wipe out the various evil influences on the grass plains, including slave traffickers and bandits.

    While doing so, she had accidentally encountered the Terrene Shrine's slave-capturing team and gotten caught.

    If it had not been for Fang Xingjian, she would have ended up in a bad plight.

    Thinking of Fang Xingjian, her expression became even more complicated. This young man, who had just become a Conferred Knight one year ago, was now a great person that even she would have to look up to.

    After Philip gave his instructions, he disappeared with a flash, clearly to chase after Fang Xingjian and the Fourth Prince.

    In the blink of an eye, he appeared several tens of thousand meters high up in the air, where both Fang Xingjian and the Fourth Prince were standing on void space, waiting.

    Nodding toward Prince Philip, the Fourth Prince looked at Fang Xingjian and said, "Xingjian, although you're not a Divine level expert yet, you've already gained some powers which can allow you to go up against Divine level experts. This is really unthinkable."

    "What other matters do you have? Could it be that you want to join forces with me to go up against the First Prince together?" Fang Xingjian asked.

    The Fourth Prince smiled. "Eldest Brother's method is to gather all authority and resources in his hands before distributing them. He wants to lead the entire country with a single will.

    "If his method succeeds, the Empire might really be brought to an unprecedented height. However, I know that as long as the Church of the Universal Truth is around, they won't allow Eldest Brother to succeed so easily.

    "On the other hand, while Second Brother did not seem to have done much, his method is like positive influence and education, slowly changing the entire country's foundation.

    "Between the two, I'm naturally more supportive of Second Brother's method."

    Fang Xingjian nodded. "But everything depends on power. Right now, the Second Prince has gone into seclusion for his training. If he can't take the last step successfully and attain the Divine level, everything will just be worthless talk. It will be useless, no matter what good policies or thoughts he has."

    "This is how it was supposed to be," the Fourth Prince said, looking at Fang Xingjian. "But Eldest Brother made a mistake, while Second Brother made an accurate decision. So, now, Second Brother has you!

    "When you were still a Knight, you single-handedly chased after Garcia's Great Warrior for three thousand li with a sword in your hands, all for the sake of your benefactor.

    "After you became a Conferred Knight, you've also been providing guidance and support to your subordinates.

    "Even when faced with the Terrene Shrine's evil, you have not lowered your head at all and instead dared to take on the Mages directly.

    "From the way you've been doing things, as well as with the strength and resolute in your martial will, I can tell that you're a person who would repay kindness and enmity in kind. It's just like your sword arts, preferring to break than bend."

    The Fourth Prince sighed and said, "And no one expected that your talent in sword arts would have reached such a level. While you might not be the strongest swordsman in the world yet, you've already become a Demigod within two years, and you learned the Supreme Chief's Astral Obscurity Sword on the spot. Now, you've even single-handedly engaged the Terrene Shrine in an intense battle.

    "I dare say that, in the entire world, there's no one whose sword arts talent is a match for yours."

    "What on earth do you want to say?" Fang Xingjian asked, his eyes flickering a little. He had not expected that the Fourth Prince of the royal family, the prince who had joined the Church of Universal Truth, would have such a deep understanding of him.

    "I would like to work together with you." The Fourth Prince smiled. "I believe that with your character and personality, I probably won't lose out if I work together with you.

    "Work together?" Fang Xingjian looked toward Prince Philip and said, "You already have the help of a Divine level expert. Why would you still need my help?"

    Philip smiled bitterly and said, "Do you think that I can do things as I wish? The Steel Lion Kingdom in the north has never given up on their wish to take over the south. The Papal State, the Church of Universal Truth, is located to their north. Since they do not dare to offend the Church of Universal Truth, they naturally turned to us.

    "I need to be constantly on guard in the Beize Region, unable to relax in the least. Moreover, as a Divine Region expert and a member of the King's extended family 1  , both the King and Abyss Lord have never trusted me. They've constantly had their eyes on me. Therefore, I cannot do things as I wish."

    Fang Xingjian asked, "Won't the King and the Abyss Lord have any suspicions between them?"

    The system of governance in the Empire was that within the Princes of each generation, one of them would ascend to the throne and become the King of the Empire, while another would lead the Ancient Path of Hell, inheriting the royal family's sect.

    Logically, as both parties represented different influences, it was possible for them to end up being wary against each other, regardless of how close they might have been in the past. However, by the looks of things, there were no signs of this happening between the current King and the Abyss Lord.

    Hearing Fang Xingjian's question, the Fourth Prince shook his head and said, "The relationship between Father and Uncle isn't that simple. The teamwork between them is flawless, and there are no suspicions between them. Moreover, their powers are so strong that they are unfathomable, and the experience and power they have accumulated are far beyond our imagination.

    "And with the world's metamorphosis happening such a long time ago, no one knows how much further they have reached in attaining breakthroughs in their cultivation.

    "In fact, before the world's metamorphosis, even the greatest genius could only reach tier one of the Divine level. Therefore, everyone has been gathering experience and power, comprehending the level that they are at. It's only now that the pathway toward what lies beyond the Divine level has opened up, and all Divine level experts will start making tremendous improvements.

    "Alright, let's not talk about them anymore. Fang Xingjian, did you know? As the world went through a metamorphosis, various treasures from ancient eras will be awakened once again.

    "These were all made and hidden by those Divine level experts so that humans can use them to withstand the onslaughts."

    "The treasures of past Divine level experts?" Fang Xingjian was slightly stunned.

    "That's right. After each time the world goes through a metamorphosis, it means that the next onslaught will be coming soon. In order to go up against the onslaughts, many intelligent people from the past generations prepared many powerful weapons, martial arts, and resources for their descendents," the Fourth Prince said. "It's a pity that they were still unable to eradicate the ambition in the hearts of the people.

    "Even though a huge trial is about to occur, as people get stronger, strong ambition, which they did not have in the past, will grow in their hearts. Not only will it be hard for majority of the factions to remain united amongst themselves, but it will only create more battles than there were originally.

    "It can be said many people will die in each onslaught. We must grab a spot for ourselves in this vast and fluctuating era. Other than continuing to get stronger, we must also seek to grab these fortunes left behind by the sages of the past and increase our accumulations of experience and power."

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