Chapter 559: Contention

    Chapter 559: Contention

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    The eyelids of Hoppes, the team leader of the Sword Tower, trembled crazily. These waves of power were too astonishing. Moreover, the other party kept on crushing the martial wills of those from the Regional Academy, causing them to have thoughts of wanting to flee quickly.

    In the next instant, the powers of the wind, thunder, earth, and fire gathered together, turning into waves of power that was pitch-black like ink. Just as this gush of power was about to explode, a light pillar rose from the ground, piercing toward the sky in a diagonal slant. It completely encompassed the Fifth Prince and the power he had gathered, then a series of world-shaking explosions were set off.

    If it was said that the power which the Fifth Prince had gathered earlier was astonishing, giving the impression that it could destroy the entire Regional Academy, then the power contained within this majestic light pillar could be said to be so powerful that one could not tell how great its prowess truly was. It seemed as if the entire Great Western City would crumble under this attack.

    Violent shock waves came gushing over, and in this instant, everyone felt as if they were being surrounded and attacked by the Reduced Force Fields of countless Conferred Knights. They had no choice but to retreat backward.

    It was only from several kilometers away that the shock waves then gradually dissipated, and people then had the time to look toward the sky.

    Accompanied by the whizzes of violent gales and exploding fireballs, all the dust and smoke were swept away. The Fifth Prince threw off all the smoke and dust from the explosion as if he was slapping dust off himself, and he appeared with a thick layer of golden light around his body. It was clear that the earlier attack had been fended off by his Divine Remains Equipment completely.

    James and Hoppes were both taken aback as they thought, 'Who on earth is this guy in golden armor? What violent fist arts. What amazing fist intent.'

    They then saw Tyrant standing before the Fifth Prince. Toward this man who had been brought back by Fang Xingjian yet never did anything but eat, sleep, and nap on the couch, James, Hoppes, and the others were not very clear of his background. However, from the looks of things, he had been the one to fend off the golden armored man earlier. So, his abilities were clearly not insignificant.

    Sensing this, James and Hoppes exchanged glances and smiled bitterly. They were both supposed to be people with the power to dominate in their own domain, existences who could be ranked in the top one hundred of the Empire.

    This was especially as James had eventually reached the level of a Demigod with one tier of perfection, appearing to be even more spirited than before. However, with the looks of things, with the world's metamorphosis, more and more experts had appeared. Even being Demigods with one tier of perfection seemed insufficient to allow them to do as they wished in the world.

    In fact, these was all because they were with Fang Xingjian. With Fang Xingjian's abilities, his enemies were naturally all top notch characters. Otherwise, all of his enemies would have been slashed and killed by him immediately.

    Otherwise, with the level James was at, a Demigod with one tier of perfection, he would at least be able to dominate over an area for a short period of time.

    In the sky, Tyrant sighed and looked at the Fifth Prince who was covered in golden armor. He suddenly sniffed and said while smiling, "You're that Fifth Prince guy?"

    The Fifth Prince was slightly taken aback. He had not expected that the other party would be able to identify him despite the fact that he was completely encompassed by the Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Armor. What he did not know was that previously, Tyrant had merged into one with Fang Xingjian to give him a good bashing.

    As such, with Tyrant's powerful physical body and sharp senses, he was naturally able to identify the Fifth Prince's identity just from his scent, form, and aura.

    However, what astonished the Fifth Prince even more was the God-Perishing Palm Tyrant displayed earlier. Its prowess was world-shaking, and even though the Fifth Prince was wearing a Divine Remains Equipment, he had found it to be a little hard to handle. Moreover, the attack was very similar to the one Fang Xingjian had performed in their previous encounter.

    Thinking of this, the Fifth Prince's eyes narrowed and he asked, "Who are you? What relationship do you have with Fang Xingjian?"

    Tyrant grinned, "We're just friends. Why, have you picked up some fist technique and returned to seek revenge from him? But with your current abilities, you won't even be a match for him. It might be a little difficult for you to seek revenge from him."

    "You're courting death!" The power from waves of martial will provided the Fifth Prince with reinforcements. He instantly broke through sound barriers, bringing along many supersonic waves as he charged out toward Tyrant. The Fifth Prince unleashed a punch with unrivalled ferocious, and his entire fist and arm was like a raging dragon, smashing out toward Tyrant's face.

    Boom! With a loud explosion, his fist smashed Tyrant's face with no reservations at all. However, it was as if an ordinary person had punched titanium alloy. Tyrant's body shook slightly, but no marks were left at all.

    This was the current power of Tyrant's physical body. After having engulfed the bodies of two Divine level experts, his body's strength was now only a little bit weaker than that of Fang Xingjian, who had condensed 10,710 specialty seeds.

    Tyrant grinned and said, "There's no pain or itch. How about this? I'll only fight you with my legs. If I use my hands, it'll be my loss."


    The Fifth Prince let out a cold laugh and performed his Sovereign Fist at full power. This time around, it truly displayed the Fifth Prince's outstanding talent on the path of fist arts.

    This was not a simple fist technique. The Fifth Prince's Sovereign Fist contained the various bare-handed techniques across the world, including clawing techniques, finger techniques, palm techniques, seizing, and wrestling.

    Furthermore, in each and every move, there was a dominating aura that seemed to want to engulf the world, the sun, and the moon. As power circulated, the layers of stacking and reflecting techniques were like a top notch mastery in fist arts.

    However, this time around, the Fifth Prince's Sovereign Fist met its match. When faced with the Fifth Prince's fist technique, Tyrant paid his opponent's stances and power no heed, and just kicked out repeatedly.

    If he could fend off the fists, he would do so with a kick. Otherwise, he would forcibly take the attack. With his two hands wrapped around his chest and his legs turning into a series of afterimages, he pressed toward the Fifth Prince. Waves of overwhelming power, that seemed to bear the weight of Mount Tai, caused the Fifth Prince to be a little at a loss, leaving him to continue absorbing and converting the forces.

    The Fifth Prince's fist intent kept on crushing down, yet to think that there was not much effect at all?!

    Tyrant had often received the willpower impacts from Fang Xingjian's martial will. Although the attacking prowess of his martial will was not high, his defense and endurance were enough. Otherwise, how could he allow the Fifth Prince's fist intent to come at him as it wished?

    Although the Fifth Prince had not succeeded even once, he could sense through the repeated collisions that his fist intents, which kept slamming toward Tyrant time after time, had caused Tyrant's consciousness to shake continuously and show signs of collapsing.

    'Hmph. In at most two minutes, the fist intent of my Sovereign Fist will be able to crush him completely.'

    Just then, Tyrant laughed out wildly and kicked out toward the Fifth Prince's stomach. The Fifth Prince let a cold snort and sent a Sovereign Fist down. The Fifth Prince's hands dropped down like the skies had collapsed and the ground had sunk in, negating Tyrant's kick. However, Tyrant quickly moved his foot back then sending it shooting out at lightning speed once again. The Fifth prince bellowed furiously. Being left with no choice, he sent out a kick to meet Tyrant's. With a bang , the two forces collided, and the Fifth Prince felt as if the bottom of his foot had gone numb.

    However, Tyrant appeared as if nothing had happened and continued to kick out toward the Fifth Prince. The kick was negated by the spinning force from the Fifth Prince's palm and then landed on the Fifth Prince's stomach.

    At the next moment, the Fifth Prince's countenance changed drastically. A stream of expressions like the fury of wild beasts flashed in his eyes.

    "You! You dare...! My stomach....!"

    "That's enough," a voice rang out from the Fifth Prince's body. It was Tian Yi's voice. Even an idiot could sense the fury in Tian Yi's voice. It appeared to sound calm. However, under that calm, there were flames that could burn through everything. It was like a volcano that was about to erupt.

    "This is too unsightly. I shall personally take action."
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