Chapter 562: Leave, Leave, Leave

    Chapter 562: Leave, Leave, Leave

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    The moment Fang Xingjian's sword attack came slashing down, strong waves of turbulent deathly sword intents gushed into Tian Yi's mind, as if wanting to hit out his intent completely.

    Rumble! However, as their intents collided, not only was Tian Yi's violent martial will not struck out, it pushed back the sword intent instead, wanting to counter attack Fang Xingjian's mind.

    This attack revealed how powerful Tian Yi's formidable martial will had become through the process where he continued to get accustomed to the world.

    As for Tyrant's mind, Tian Yi did not try to defend it at all. This was because he knew that Tyrant had yet to reached the level of brain regeneration. So, if Fang Xingjian did not wish to kill Tyrant, he would not attack the brain.

    As expected, Fang Xingjian's body darted into the spatial gaps with a flash and then reappeared above Tian Yi. This time around, he had gotten even nearer to Tian Yi than before. More waves of sword intent plunged down from the skies, and it was as if the entire sky was going to collapse, destroying every living thing in the world.

    However, Tian Yi smiled coldly again. With a rumble, the light figure in Tyrant's mind sent out a punch, and violent martial will instantly destroyed Fang Xingjian's sword intent.

    As an existence that could purely use martial will to affect the physical world, Tian Yi was way above Fang Xingjian when comparing just their wills.

    Therefore, for a few consecutive attacks, Tian Yi had not paid any heed to Fang Xingjian's physical attack. He merely crushed Fang Xingjian's martial will during the repeated collisions.

    'Hmph, the reason I keep breaking your will is so that I can establish an impression in your mind that I'm invincible and cannot be obliterated.'

    However, just as Tian Yi was thinking of this, Fang Xingjian sent out another sword attack once again, and the corners of his lips revealed a hint of a smile.

    This time around, Tian Yi had completely broken through Fang Xingjian's will, yet he had not been able to break through Fang Xingjian's sword force.

    The most amazing factor in this sword attack from Fang Xingjian was the technique required.

    The sword of Infiltrating Void and the Light Pursuit sword ripples were activated at the same time. This sword attack consisted of the combination of the Infiltrating Void's mysterious ability to move through spatial gaps and the speed of the Light Pursuit's sword ripples.

    In that instant, over ten million streams of the Infiltrating Void's sword force exploded in Tyrant's mind. The terrifying power instantly vaporized his brain completely.

    If it Tyrant was by himself, it would not have been so easy for Fang Xingjian to attack his brain directly even if he wished to do so. However, as Tian Yi continued to not guard it time after time, it eventually became a habit.

    It was only when Tyrant's brain was being attacked that Tian Yi became stunned. "To think that he's not caring about the life of his subordinate?"

    While Tian Yi was in a daze, Tyrant's brain exploded. His skull cracking slightly, and a depicted scene of the six realms of rebirth 1   and soaring will came plunging down from the sky.

    A human's will required the support of the brain, and it was only with the brain's support that the will would then be able to control the body from a physiological level.

    Right now, without the support of the brain and while his consciousness was concurrently being shaken by the Six Heaven-Soaring Swords, Tian Yi's will finally turned into a light figure and slowly flew out from Tyrant's body.

    A furious message accompanied by his martial will was sent out in all directions at light speed.

    "Hmph, you're really vicious. To think that you would kill a subordinate, who is a Demigod with three tiers of perfection, just like that in order to drive me out."

    "Is that so? Are you sure that he's dead?"

    Their wills clashed, and information was exchanged. Tian Yi immediately looked in Tyrant's direction.

    In that instant, he was slightly taken aback.

    To think that Tyrant's corpse had started to regenerate again?

    Tian Yi, who had been cultivating in the Preeminent Sect since young, was not only unaware of the method to reach the Divine level, but he was also unaware of the existence of Mages.

    This regeneration that was against common sense immediately created an emptiness in Tian Yi's heart. However, with his cultivation, he was able to instantly fill up such a void in the blink of an eye, taking only one-thousandth of a second at most.

    However, it just so happened that amongst the people present, there was someone with a sword intent so powerful that it could seize the chance created from this one-thousandth of a second.

    Waves of pure black sword edges dashed out from Fang Xingjian's body. The Heaven's Volition Sword Intent was activated!

    Fang Xingjian had chosen not to use the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent all this while, allowing his martial will to be be at a disadvantage and even exploding Tyrant's brain. This then created a gap in Tian Yi's soul in that instant. Fang Xingjian had planned out so many moves just so that he could unleash the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent at this very moment.

    Boom boom boom boom boom!

    In that instant, the light figure, which Tian Yi was in the form of, let out a world-shaking and agonizing cry. Violent martial will was unleashed, causing over 1,000 people in the Regional Academy to faint at this very moment. Countless animals with weaker wills even died, bleeding from their seven apertures.

    As for the light figure which Tian Yi had transformed into, it was now like scorching hot oil that had been shaken crazily and was even starting to melt.

    Like pouring burning petroleum onto white paper, the pitch black Heaven's Volition Sword Intent instantly crushed Tian Yi's martial will layer by layer, as if wanting to melt it completely.

    "Let's leave!"

    In that instant, having turned into a beam of extremely strong white light, Tian Yi wanted to bring the Fifth Prince with him and leave.

    Right now, both of them were purely in the state of wills and could move at light speed. Even though they were no match against Fang Xingjian, their fleeing speed was not something which Fang Xingjian could be a match for. With a flash, they had turned into light rays that cut across the air and completely disappeared.

    "To think that he exists purely in the state of the will?"

    Fang Xingjian's eyes narrowed. With a flash, he traveled a distance of several thousand meters and arrived before the Four-eyed Heavenly Winged Armor, wanting to bring it with him.

    After absorbing the Fifth Prince's flesh and blood, this Divine Armor went through an amazing transformation. It seemed to have evolved just like a living creature.

    However, just as Fang Xingjian had reached out his hand to grab the armor, a tremor emerged, stirring up water-like ripples. Then at the next moment, a gray palm reached out.

    The moment this palm appeared, the temperature within 100 li of the entire Great Western City seemed to rise. All the water in the air seemed to be reducing at an astonishing speed.

    To think that just the appearance of a palm would almost trigger the creation of an endless stretch of barren land?!

    However, when faced with the sudden appearance of this claw wanting to snatch the Divine Armor, Fang Xingjian looked unsurprised like he had expected it. He activated his Heaven's Volition Sword Intent once again and slashed out with Instant.

    An additional second seemed to have been added to the time of this world, and the gray palm clashed with a sword attack. Due to there being an additional second, Fang Xingjian managed to grab hold of the Divine Armor.

    That gray palm showed no signs of any yearning for the armor. In the blink of an eye, it once again retreated back into the dark space passageways, disappearing completely. It was as if the temperature change and the creation of barren land had been an illusion.

    Looking at the surrounding sky, Fang Xingjian's eyes narrowed slightly, and there seemed to be killing intent gathering in them.

    Tyrant rushed over from the side and said, "What terrifying powers. Don't tell me that was..."

    "The World Annihilation Heavenly Lord," Fang Xingjian said calmly. "On my way back, I felt that a kind of faint malicious intent had wrapped around me. Therefore, when I was fighting against the Fifth Prince and the other guy just now, I had done so in many steps, rather than going all out right from the start. I was preparing for this.

    "I didn't expected that the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord would still be tailing me.

    "It seems that he wasn't satisfied about letting me off. But with this test, he should know how strong I am as well."

    After the exchanges and training which went for seven days and nights, Fang Xingjian's soul had become even clearer and sharper. Now, even the Five God-Slaying Swords showed signs of merging together.

    If it had not been for the training during the past seven days and seven nights, allowing his sword arts to improve once again, he might have been put at a disadvantage today.

    Fang Xingjian thought, 'Having collided with the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent and the Instant sword, the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord is probably feeling surprised and doubtful, and won't not be taking action recklessly again.'

    Tyrant gasped, "It's really him? I have yet to see him in action even after having been with the Terrene Shrine for so long. To think that you've even exchanged a move with him?"

    He could not help but ask anxiously, "How was it? How was your trip to the Terrene Shrine this time around?"
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