Chapter 568: Meeting

    Chapter 568: Meeting

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    Oliver looked at Kite and asked, "She's the Lilia that you've been thinking about all this time? Aren't you going to introduce us?"

    It was only then that Kite reacted. Thinking of his current achievements in the Northern Ice Region, he lifted his head with confidence flashing in his eyes. He looked at Lilia and said, "This is my cousin, Oliver. I followed him here to the Northern Ice Region for business. Our family has always been in the ore trade in the Northern Ice Region, and Oliver is the person in charge here. Right now, I'm his assistant.

    "We have many working relationships with the Pop Clan as well. That's why we're here to attend the banquet tonight."

    Thinking of how, during this period of time, each sum of money he spent was worth thousands or ten thousands of gold, and that each command he gave was followed by several tens of Knights... Moreover, with the aid from countless resources, his abilities had also soared tremendously. All these things made Kite straighten his back even more proudly.

    He threw a glance toward Fang Xingjian, thinking that this guy appeared extremely ordinary and that the clothes he wore were also very plain. Kite could not sense any hint of power coming from Fang Xingjian either.

    Due to this, Kite lost a large part of his wariness and asked curiously, "Lilia, why have you come to the Pop Clan? Is this man here a friend of yours?"

    Lilia took a look at Fang Xingjian. Seeing that his eyes were still tightly closed and that he was still cultivating, Lilia said, "He's my friend. I just came by to take a look at the banquet tonight."

    Kite smiled at Fang Xingjian. He could not be bothered to ask for Fang Xingjian's identity and just said to Lilia directly, "Lilia, accompany me over there. I'll introduce you to a few people. In the future, no matter what you're doing, it'll definitely be very useful."

    Kite was filled with impulses to show off his network in the Northern Ice Region to Lilia right now. Having gotten such a rare opportunity to encounter Lilia, he had to get her to stay.

    He also had a lot that he wanted to say to Lilia. Kite wanted to ask why she had withdrawn from the school, where she had gone, and why was it that he was no longer able to see her in the Great Western City thereafter...

    Hearing that, Lilia turned to take a look at Fang Xingjian. Although Fang Xingjian still did not show any reactions, Lilia still replied, "Thank you, but there's no need for that."

    Kite continued to say enthusiastically, "Lilia, don't be shy. Although I don't know what you're doing now, the people I'll be introducing you to are all influential people. As long as you form a close relationship with them, it'll benefit you greatly in the future no matter which domain you choose to be in."

    Beside them, Oliver frowned slightly when he saw Lilia look occasionally toward Fang Xingjian. He knew that the relationship between Lilia and Fang Xingjian was probably not something simple.

    He patted Kite on the shoulder and said, "Forget it. If she's unwilling, then let's go. I brought your name up to Bruce two days ago. He wants to meet you today. Come with me."

    At the beginning, Kite was still a little unwilling to part with Lilia. However, upon hearing the name 'Bruce', his expression changed immediately, and he nodded to Lilia, saying, "Then Lilia, I'll go off to meet an important person first. You must wait for me. I'll come look for you in a while."

    He was then dragged away by Oliver. Soon after, Oliver said to Kite, "You fool. Your goddess' relationship with that guy doesn't seem simple."

    "What? Impossible. That guy look so ordinary. They're probably just friends."

    Oliver grinned while saying, "Didn't you notice it? Each time you asked Lilia a question, she would turn to look at that guy. It's clear that her actions are all dependent on him.

    "Moreover, it's not only outstanding guys who are attractive. Some guys aren't capable at all but know the right things to say to keep girls happy. They are very popular as well."

    Kite frowned slightly and seemed to want to head back immediately.

    Oliver shook his head and said a little helplessly, "What are you being so impulsive for? Do you want to beat up that guy? Or are you going to question Lilia? You're really childish. Before you deal with others, you must first find out his background."

    Kite asked puzzledly, "How do I do that?"

    Oliver's expression relaxed. He looked at Kite as if he were playing a game. To him, teasing the people under him was also considered to be an interesting game.

    Oliver said, "There's an attendance list for all the guests who are here today. Later on, I'll get someone to check out the name of the guy who had came with Lilia. We'll be able to find out then.

    "These are all small matters. There are women anywhere. These are just two unimportant people, and we'll be able to deal with them anytime.

    "The crux is Bruce.

    "I'll be introducing you to Bruce today. So, I'm telling you, don't mess things up.

    "I brought up your name several times to him previously, and he's willing to meet you. There's no need for me to say more about how amazing Bruce is. You must perform well later."

    Kite nodded. Thinking of how he was going to meet Bruce very soon, nervousness flashed in his eyes.

    Bruce was the Eldest Young Master of the Henry Clan, a top notch clan in the Northern Ice Region. There were two members of the clan from two generations who had been the Governor of the Northern Ice Region. After one hundred years in the Northern Ice Region, they had become a deeply rooted clan in this region and possessed great influence.

    After the terms of the two Governors ended, the Henry Clan moved to the Northern Ice Region, instantly becoming the number one clan in the region.

    It could be said that if one wished to stay in the Northern Ice Region, without the support from the Henry Clan, they would be in two different worlds.

    Bruce, the Eldest Young Master in the Henry Clan, had already become a level 29 Conferred Knight despite his young age. Moreover, under his management, the Henry Clan's ore businesses had taken up over 70% of the market share. He was now an overlord in the region, and even the current Governor had called to meet up many times. Bruce could really be said to be a master of both martial arts and literature.

    Although Bruce had yet to fully take over the Henry Clan, everyone already considered him as the next clan head.

    Kite followed his cousin, Oliver, to a corner on the lawn, where they saw many young masters and young ladies, each with a great air of nobility, surrounding around a young man.

    This young man was wearing a dark golden suit and holding onto a scepter. There was also a ring with a green gemstone on his index finger. All of these together displayed the disposition, elegance, mystery, and low-profile dignity which were passed down through a 100-year-old aristocrat clan for decades through the generations.

    He was Henry Clan's current Eldest Young Master, Bruce.

    Upon seeing Kite and Oliver, Bruce laughed out loud. "Look who's here? My brother, Oliver."

    Just a simple line gave off a pleasant and comfortable feeling like enjoying a spring breeze. Bruce shared a light embrace with Oliver before turning to Kite and saying, "This must be the Kite whom you've often mentioned to me? I heard about the matter concerning the Black Quarry. You did quite a good job."

    Kite nodded, feeling a little overwhelmed by the flattery, and said, "You're praising me too much. Compared to the magnificent work you've done with the canal, what I've done is nothing."

    "Don't be nervous. You're Oliver's brother, so that means that you're one of us." Bruce patted Kite's shoulder warmly, closing in the gap between them. He was truly a born leader.
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