Chapter 582: Sword Formation

    Chapter 582: Sword Formation

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    Behind the tall tattooed man, the poor commoners cheered.

    The tall tattooed man let out a cold laugh and headed for the trio. "The three of you are good materials."

    However, at the next moment, he suddenly came to a stop and looked behind the three of them with a serious gaze. A young man had suddenly appeared without them realizing.

    Fang Xingjian did not say anything. He only took a look at the situation in the surroundings and then slowly walked up to the tall tattooed man.

    The handsome Knight also heard sounds and turned to look toward Fang Xingjian who was walking toward them. He shouted, "Be careful! His Myriad Phantom Fist can create illusions from fist force and be thrown out as an attack across space. Don't let him draw his distance from you..."

    However, before he finished his words, that tall tattooed man let out an explosive bellow and started to flee.

    "Oh? You know me?" Fang Xingjian raised his palm calmly and tapped down across space, pressing down the tall tattooed man onto the ground as if he were a fly.

    Then, he sent his sword intent sweeping outward, knocking all the commoner believers out.

    Seeing how Fang Xingjian had dealt with the other party with such ease, the handsome Knight and his two subordinates just stared, eyes and mouth agape.

    The tall tattooed man glared at Fang Xingjian and said while smiling bitterly, "To think that it's you. You've already gotten your eyes on us? It's really as True Lord Qingshan says..."

    "Who is True Lord Qingshan?" Fang Xingjian frowned and threw a quick glance toward the shadow in the south. There seemed to be sword light sweeping across void space and as an agonizing cry rang out. The tall tattooed man's partner, the short man, exited his concealed status, falling onto the ground while covered in blood.

    He had been pierced through his stomach.

    The tall tattooed man looked at Fang Xingjian with an expression of calmly facing death, "Fang Xingjian, you can only be arrogant now, while it still lasts. We already know of your background and our Shang is created just to stop you. Countless legendary characters, experts, and heroes will come to stop you. Even True Lord Qingshan has his eyes on you. You're dead meat. I'll be waiting for you down in hell."


    Fang Xingjian's expression was stunned for a moment. He then realized that the other party had already self-detonated his martial will, completely entering a vegetative state.

    Since martial will could be used to attack others, it could naturally also be used to attack oneself. When that happened, the person's consciousness would become countless shattered fragments, making it impossible to return to its original state. The person would either enter a vegetative state or become a lunatic.

    This method of suicide was light-speed fast and even Fang Xingjian had been unable to stop him.

    A person with such means of controlling their martial will should be at least a Conferred Knight. How had this person been able to do this?

    He then looked at the other one. The man had also committed suicide at the same time.

    Fang Xingjian frowned. 'They know of my background?' His eyes narrowed slightly. There were two things about his background. The first was that he came from Earth's Demonic City. The other was his sword arts talent.

    He did not care about others knowing that he came from Earth's Demonic City. It would not pose a big problem to him.

    However, his sword arts talent, the purple flame, the man dressed in black... He had yet to understand all these until now. He planned to head to the Church of Universal Truth that was situated in the north after he had attained the Divine level and to settle the matters in the Empire.

    To think that someone was saying that they had already seen through his background.

    'Could it be that someone knows about the purple flames as well?' As he thought about this, Fang Xingjian had already soared into the air and with a slight turn, headed for the direction of the Regional Academy.

    'The sense from Sudden Inspiration was right. There's someone who knows of this?'

    The moment Fang Xingjian returned to the Regional Academy, he gave out orders to investigate Shang, and to go all-out into bringing down this evil sect and into capturing their members.

    Fang Xingjian had immense influence right now. It could be said that after the Second Prince had gone into seclusion, he had become the spokesperson for the entire faction under the Second Prince, being the strongest expert in the Great Western Region, an unsurpassable existence by people from both the underworld and the righteous paths.

    The regional government sent people to investigate the Shang. Many factions, including the Radiant Cult and the Ice Palace had also sent people to help out. In less than a week, they had wiped out many of Shang's bases.

    However, the people from this organization were far too loyal. Almost everyone who had the chance to do so would self-detonate their consciousness to commit suicide, while commoner believers knew nothing of the organization's upper echelon.

    And as countless of their bases were wiped out, the entire Shang gradually fell silent, as if they had completely given up on the Great Western Region.


    In Hildebrand's manor in the Great Western City.

    Countless voices were engaged in an intense quarrel in Hildebrand's brain.

    "Damn it! Who was the one who did this? To think that they wiped out over half of our bases!"

    "This is the equivalent of having wiped out all of our recent achievements."

    "The most important thing is that we've lost quite a few people who had been revived. One of them had even been a Divine level expert in the past."

    "What should we do? With how stringent the investigations are, there's no way that we can continue our operations."

    Everyone's quarrel grew increasingly intense. Grand Duke Alba, a Divine level expert whose name had astounded the Jade Dynasty 5,000 years, ago, spoke calmly, "Alright, there's no need to quarrel. With the current situation in the Great Western Region, the only person who get can people from both the underworld and from righteous paths to work together, and even get great factions to surround and attack us is Fang Xingjian."

    "It's him?"

    "He has already noticed us?"

    "We must fight it out to the very end."

    "We must not give up."

    Saint Luoluo, the female Saint of the Church of the Universal Truth 3,000 years ago, also said, "We don't know if Fang Xingjian had did this unintentionally or if he is targeting us intentionally. If his actions are intentional..."

    Morudo, king of the ocean, king of the sky, and king of the earth, said, "It's impossible for his actions to be intentional. Our people would definitely not divulge any information. And if he was really targeting us, Fang Xingjian would be more likely to take action personally. He might even have found his way here."

    "The problem right now is what we should do from now on," said Grand Duke Alba. "It's too dangerous to stay here. But if we were to leave the Great Western Region, Hildebrand's influence wouldn't be enough to support our rapid development."

    At the mention of this, everyone looked toward True Lord Qingshan, who had lowered his head as countless thoughts flashed in his mind.

    He lifted up his head and said, "Then let's go. We'll leave the Great Western Region and head to the north. I sense that an overwhelming force is calling for me from there."


    In the Sacred Land, four short swords made of bone were floating right before Fang Xingjian. These four short swords had been made from his rib bones. They looked as if they were made of white jade, emitting waves of mysterious mist.

    The next instant Fang Xingjian clenched a sword incantation with one of his hands and the four short swords immediately emitted four colors-black, red, yellow and green.

    "Infiltrating Void!"

    The black short sword darted through void space and entered spatial gaps.

    "Light Pursuit!"

    The red short sword instantly disappeared, leaving behind several tens of thousands of sword marks on the ground.


    The yellow short sword soared into the air, tearing through the atmosphere, and unleashing a series of explosive sounds of the air disintegrating.


    The green short sword disappeared then concurrently appeared over 100 meters away.

    Watching as the four short swords once again flew back toward him, Fang Xingjian nodded. During this period of time, after having merged the Infiltrating Void, Light Pursuit, and All-Conquering, he had then tried to bring in Instant but to no avail.

    Afterall, Instant was too profound and powerful, thus it was not that easy to merge it with something else.

    Therefore, Fang Xingjian decided to let relax and start to study the art of formation. He wanted to turn the formations into his own sword formation.

    These four short swords were the results of his work.

    The Myriad Spirit Sect's formation was one that displayed different formation styles through separating the physical bodies and consciousness of multiple experts. Then, they would be able to control the ether particles in the surrounding space to increase their strength and unleash all sorts of attacks.

    Right now, the four short swords had respectively channeled four different streams of Fang Xingjian's sword intents by. They acted as if they were his clones, setting up the sword formation.
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