Chapter 584: News

    Chapter 584: News

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    Just as Fang Xingjian was helping the Fourth Prince to check out the Hades Vault...

    The event that had occurred in the Northern Ice Region also gradually started to take effect.

    The Pops Clan and the Henry Clan had jointly suppressed most of the influences in the Northern Ice Region. Relying on the prowess Fang Xingjian had displayed at the banquet, as well as their own powers, the two clans jointly dominated and unified a large number of the aristocrat influences in the Northern Ice Region.

    With a series of lightning speed operations, the influences of the two clans expanded rapidly. Then after they stopped their operations and were digesting the results of the battles, news of Fang Xingjian having defeated a part of Xia's martial will finally spread out at the speed of a typhoon. While Fang Xingjian was exploring the Hades Vault, he once again shook the world.


    At a manor outside the Imperial City in the Central Region, a young man with white hair, brows, and eyes sat cross-legged on the grass plains. With each breath he inhaled, the grass and trees on the grass plains shook with the same frequency.

    It was as if the white-haired young man had already merged as one with the entire world.

    Before him, another young man said, "Brother Ling, that Fang Xingjian has actually defeated a portion of Xia's martial will despite not even having reached 20 years old. Although it's just a portion of Xia's martial will, Fang Xingjian is too powerful. Are you really going to challenge him?"

    The white-haired young man opened his eyes. There was a feeling of emptiness inside them. It was as if there was nothing else in the world that could leave any traces in his heart.

    "Currently, the talented geniuses of the Empire are just the Fifth Prince, myself, the Supreme Chief, Fang Xingjian, and a few people from the seven great clans. The First Prince has already attained the Divine level and is currently suppressing two great factions in the Xingwu Region. There's no way I can disturb him.

    "Although the other four princes are also amazing, it'll take me no more than three moves to kill them.

    "The seven great clans have legacies spanning over two hundred years. It's a pity that they are all cowards who know only of hiding themselves and putting hard work in their cultivation. They don't show the air of a Knight at all.

    "Fang Xingjian is the only one who rose from the commoners, has extraordinary talent, has had many fortunate encounters, and is growing stronger at a rapid rate. Only a great genius like him is deserving to take an attack from my saber."

    Saying that, the white-haired young man lifted his head and look toward the sky. As his gaze moved, the cloud layers 10,000 meters high up in the sky started to tear into two, revealing the pitch black outer space. It was as if an invisible long saber had sliced up the sky.

    "I'm only one step away from attaining the Divine level. I just hope that this Fang Xingjian will not disappoint me and that he can let me have the chance to sneak a peek at the true appearance of the Nine-Tiered Heavens, letting me advance into the unrivalled realm of martial arts."


    In the northeast side of the Empire's Northern Ice Region, at the center of the Enraged Dragon River which was located in an area of snow and ice, several million tons of water kept gushing out with great impact and tearing up all physical matter before them into pieces.

    The chill of the river water was so cold that it could pierce through to a person's heart and freeze any animal to death.

    Under such a situation, a human figure emitted faint fluorescent light while wrapped up into something sphere-like.

    Behind him, a scar-faced man sent out a glare, and the water currents were pushed aside by his condensed martial will that seemed material. His martial will forcibly accepted the water pressure of several million tons of water and opened up a space in the center of the river.

    This person was the leader of the Great River Alliance and one of the Empire's ten great Divine level experts-the Fist Emperor. Beside him, the one that had been distorted into remnants of illusions, was the Fifth Prince who was only left with his martial will.

    Tian Yi was mixed in with the Fifth Prince, hiding in the deepest and most concealed part of the Fifth Prince's heart, helping the Fifth Prince to stay alive. Existing purely as a lifeform in the state of the will, it seemed as if even the Fist Emperor had not realized Tian Yi's existence.

    The First Emperor grabbed out across space toward the bottom of the river under his feet, and endless air bubbles surged up, accompanied by thunderous rumbles. It was as if the entire Enraged Dragon River was about to be crushed in his grasp.

    Looking at this world-astonishing power, a fire burned in the Fifth Prince's heart. 'This is the power of a Divine level expert. Fang Xingjian, just you wait. I'll definitely kill you.'

    At the next instant, the Fist Emperor grabbed out again. Then, as if he had shaken void space, a large crystallized substance was extracted from the center of the river.

    "Alright, this is the ice crystal formed from the gathering and condensing of the Enraged Dragon River's chill for tens of millions of years. Today, I'll create a Inborn Divine Physique with ice flesh and algid bones for you using this ice crystal. Go in quickly!"

    The Fifth Prince nodded and dashed into the ice crystal with a swoosh. In that instant, a gush of violent chill gushed forth, causing him to feel so cold that even his thoughts were almost frozen.

    "How is this possible? I don't even have a physical body now. I'm only left with my martial will. Yet to think that this ice crystal can affect me?"

    "Keep quiet," the Fist Emperor said. "This ice crystal was born after tens of millions of years, and it has absorbed the information and energy from an endless amount of ether particles. Therefore, it has already produced a simple will. As long as you can defeat it, your martial will will naturally improve."


    In the ice crystal, the Fifth Prince and Tian Yi worked together to fend off the waves of chilly intent that seemed to want to freeze even their thoughts.

    After ten days and ten nights, a snow-white figure dashed out from the center of the river. Violent chilly air shot out in all directions, freezing ten li of the Enraged Dragon River.

    All the river water within the ten li instantly froze over and became motionless, turning into many ice flowers that stood upright.

    "Hahahahaha," the Fifth Prince laughed out loud. "With ice as my bones and ice crystals as my flesh, the body created from this 10,000-year ice crystal has given me physical strength that can be a match for Divine level experts. Elder Brother, this is all thanks to you."

    The scar-faced Fist Emperor floated up slowly. He looked at the Fifth Prince and said, "Sworn Brother, are you going to look for Fang Xingjian to exact revenge now?"

    "That's right. My body has been created, and my martial will has absorbed the will in the 10,000 year ice crystal that can freeze the world over. Right now, even if a Divine level expert wishes to defeat me, they'll need to take it seriously and go all out.

    "Ordinary Conferred Knights are no longer a match for me." As he said this, a savage expression appeared on the Fifth Prince's face. "I'm going to look for Fang Xingjian to exact my revenge right now. I want him to suffer a pain that is ten or hundred times worse than what I experienced."

    The Fist Emperor frowned. If it were not for his relationship with the Fifth Prince's mother who was a great benefactor of his, the Fist Emperor would not really be willing to help to take care of this brat.

    So, he could only say, "Sworn Brother, have you forgotten that the reason you were defeated by Fang Xingjian previously was because you were too rash? I didn't tell you this before since you were cultivating, but Fang Xingjian had a conflict with the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon in the Northern Ice Region a few days ago. Xia sent down a part of his martial will, but it was wiped out by Fang Xingjian. This person's cultivation is already at a world-shaking level. Even now, you're probably still not a match for him.

    "Moreover, it's said that he is wearing a Divine Armor which has a power that's as strong as mountains and as vast as the seas. It's probably a Divine Remains Equipment."

    "What?!" Hearing this, the killing intent in the Fifth Prince's eyes surged even more. It was a vengeance that was inscribed in his heart. "He must have taken my Divine Armor and modified it into his own. This trash! I'm going to kill him for sure!

    "But why is it that his cultivation has improved so rapidly? To think that he's already able to go up against Xia's martial will?"

    Thinking of this, he lifted his head and looked toward the Fist Emperor, saying, "Elder Brother, why don't you make a trip to the Great Western Region with me and help me to kill Fang Xingjian?"
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