Chapter 598: Slaying Dragons

    Chapter 598: Slaying Dragons

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    Nine Hades Ghost Dragons were circling around the First Prince. However, right now, they had all shrunk down to over ten meters in length and were flying around the First Prince. It was obvious that they had been subdued by the First Prince.

    Each of the nine Hades Ghost Dragons had the potential to reach the Divine level and the First Prince had clearly gotten a large increment to his powers.

    However, he still seemed to be astonished when he looked at Fang Xingjian. It could be said that after coming to the Hades Vault, this was the first time that astonishment had flashed in the First Prince's eyes. Even when the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord had appeared, even when Rona had borrowed the powers of the Hades Vault, even when Fang Xingjian had snatched the Senluo Six Heavens Sword, even when the Hades Ghost Dragons had appeared... During all these times, the First Prince had stayed very calm, as if he was always in control of the entire situation.

    However, seeing that Fang Xingjian had attained the Divine level, he could not hold back the look of astonishment in his eyes.

    "Fang Xingjian, I didn't expect you to succeed in reaching the Divine level." The First Prince's eyes draped downward as he sighed, "An extraordinary talent, you're really an extraordinary talent. It seems that I must kill you here today. Otherwise, the world will be in chaos, with no end to the fightings. Your existence won't be a blessing to the world.

    "George." Fang Xingjian looked at the First Prince and said slowly, "I've said before that I would kill you. Today, I'll first wipe out this clone of yours before I take your Hell's White Bone Armor for myself."

    As he spoke, Fang Xingjian slashed out with his Instant, performing it directly with his deathly sword intent. It immediately turned into several hundred streams of sword marks, completely encompassing the Hell's White Bone Armor.

    Under the impact of the terrifying sword force, the Hell's White Bone Armor started to tremble slightly. Even the First Prince's eyes narrowed. For even the Hell's White Bone Armor to be struck to the point that it was trembling... How terrifying was this attack?

    At the same moment when Fang Xingjian had made his move, the nine Hades Ghost Dragons had roared furiously together, once again forming the Six Transmigration Formation as they got closer to Fang Xingjian. They brought waves of intent of the cycles of life and death, with all living things entering a cycle descended from the skies, as if wanting to bring Fang Xingjian into the cycle of transmigration as well.

    "Fang Xingjian! How dare you steal our Senluo Six Heavens Sword!"

    "Now have a taste of the powers of our nine brothers!"

    Faced with the nine Hades Ghost Dragons that had reached five tiers of perfection performing the Jade Dynasty's number one defence formation, Fang Xingjian did not even give them a single look. He just punched.

    "How do nine earthworms dare to act so brazenly before me!"

    Violent sword force gushed with Fang Xingjian's punch, passing through void space, and exploding in the nine Hades Ghost Dragons' bodies. Blood and flesh splattered everywhere and the formation collapsed. Fang Xingjian then tapped a few times and the sky was immediately filled with shattered pieces of dragon scales and hide.

    "B*stard! How dare you kill them before me?!" The First Prince's martial will suddenly torrented and first Overturned Hell then Mortal World Reversal each smashed into Fang Xingjian.

    A spiral-shaped space came pressing down as stacked layers of forces were being twisted and spun around. Even space itself was releasing crackling sounds, as if it was going to shatter the very next moment.

    The First Prince's Overturned Hell and Mortal World Reversal could be said to be the two fiercest Killing techniques that Fang Xingjian had encountered in battle this far. It could be said that ever since the First Prince had soared to fame, with his Overturned Hell and Mortal World Reversal under his belt, no one had yet been able to face him head-on in a fight.

    Faced with the explosive force from these two attacks, ordinary people would either have to dodge or focus all of their powers to defend themselves.

    But what kind of person was Fang Xingjian? Having unleashed the powers of over 10,000 specialty seeds and 1.08 billion physical particles, he was an unprecedented case of reaching the Divine level after attaining five tiers of perfection.

    Ever since he had transitioned into the Eternal Sword Seigneur, just how violent was the martial will which he had transformed? Moreover, he still had the terrifying reinforcements from the Sword Prowess and Sword Force, as well as the ability to activate the powers of the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent.

    After Fang Xingjian had reached the Divine level, level 30, he could finally harness the power of the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent in its entirety, no longer needing to deplete any potential in order to activate it. Now, he had activated his deathly sword intent and the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent concurrently, and the explosive powers he next unleashed were simply world-shaking.

    With a single sword attack, he activated his three great sword moves--Infiltrating Void, Light Pursuit, and All-Conquering. The black sword edge pierced the First Prince's attack with a single tap of his sword finger.

    Almost without any ability to resist, the distorted space was calmed down and the power of the of Overturned Hell was negated. Amidst rumbling explosions, Fang Xingjian explosively broke through the consecutive attacks from Mortal World Reversal and Overturned Hell. Then, he grabbed out, grasping one Hades Ghost Dragon by the neck. He gripped his own fingers and activated each of the Five God-Slaying Swords with them. With that, one of the Hades Ghost Dragons had its tendons drawn out and was automatically skinned alive.

    Then, with a step, he stomped on another Hades Ghost Dragon, sending it across space to its death.

    He then continued to tap with his left hand and another the  two 1   Hades Ghost Dragons were slashed into pieces.

    On the other side, the First Prince was completely engulfed by the black sword intent. Under the impact of the sword intents, the Hell's White Bone Armor was trembling furiously. If not for the fact that it had the effect of distorting space and of fending off attacks, even if Fang Xingjian did not break through the Hell's White Bone Armor, the sword intent would have been able to pass through void space and kill the martial will that the First Prince had hidden in the armor.

    After waiting for the black sword edge to fully disappear, the First Prince saw that Fang Xingjian had wiped out four Hades Ghost Dragons. His expression changed drastically. He had not expected that Fang Xingjian would be so powerful when he had only just attained the Divine level.

    "World Annihilation Heavenly Lord! How long are you going to keep hiding?! If we don't join forces to kill him now, it probably won't be long before Fang Xingjian becomes unstoppable!"

    As he spoke, the aura on the First Prince burned up intensely and he unleashed all of the power of the martial will this clone of his had, wanting to wipe out Fang Xingjian completely.

    It meant that after this attack, this clone of his would have depleted all of its powers and would disappear completely.

    An unprecedented tremendous whirlpool descended from the heavens. The space became distorted to an unimaginable degree and became pitch-black, just like a black hole in the universe. Any light rays that shot into the space of the Mortal World Reversal would continue to seethe in it, no longer capable of being reflected.

    This distortion stretched out for over ten kilometers, and under the pressure of this palm, the mountains and forests on the ground started to tremor crazily. Countless fowls and wild beasts ran off in all directions, as if the world was welcoming its end.

    Waves of will that seemed to eradicate kindness and evil, to overturn right or wrong gushed out, as if wanting to redefine the entire world's rules, reversing the mortal world.

    Just as the First Prince was going all out, a cold laugh rang out from the deep area of the sky.

    The World Annihilation Heavenly Lord descended from the sky. This time around, it was not his clone that appeared, but his true form with the Drought Demon True Physique.

    The moment he appeared, the temperature within a range of 100 li continued to increase at a rate of one degree celsius per second.

    When the Worm King died and the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord's clone was defeated, he immediately rushed over to the entrance of the Hades Vault in his true form, waiting for the chance to deal his full power attack when Fang Xingjian and the others escaped out.

    However, this was also within the First Prince's expectations.

    In fact, the main target of the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord was the First Prince, who was the strongest amongst them. However, he had not expected to be a tad bit too slow, with Fang Xingjian successfully reaching the Divine level and immediately being able to display such unrivalled and violent battle prowess.

    Even the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord was extremely wary after witnessing such terrifying potential.

    Therefore, when the First Prince's clone went all out, the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord made his move as well.

    It was an unprecedented situation where two great experts from the path of justice and evil joined forces in an attempt to bring down Fang Xingjian.
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