Chapter 605: Fist and Sword

    Chapter 605: Fist and Sword

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    Lilia stood among the ladies, brimming with youth and beauty, and exuding great vitality. Even when standing amongst so many young ladies she could still be considered a rare beauty.

    Of course, Xia would not let go of a beauty like her, especially when this pretty young lady was Fang Xingjian's disciple. Therefore, this increased Xia's desire to subjugate her.

    However, just as he reached out his hand to grab at Lilia, a beam of piercing sword light exploded at the center of his forehead, just like a firework that had been set off in an instant. HIs entire body was encompassed by light, unleashing a series of clink clank sounds, as if countless longswords were striking against metal.

    Xia casually slapped with his hand, scattering the sword light. He then looked at the sky and saw the Empire's Prince Philip standing on stacked layers of white light swords. The light swords were laid out across the sky, and Philip seemed to be just a little black dot standing on them. However, the very next moment, he had appeared above the academy, standing only several hundred meters from Xia, facing him.

    After Prince Philip sensed that his clone had been destroyed, he had been worried for the Fourth Prince's safety and immediately set off to the southern borders personally. However, what he discovered was only large areas of ruins, with the Hades Vault nowhere to be found.

    Therefore, after a slight pause, he immediately rushed over to the Great Western Region's Regional Academy. He wanted to see if Fang Xingjian and the others had already returned, and it was then that he encountered this scene.

    Looking at Philip, the corner of Xia's lips broke into a hideous smile, "Why, old man Philip, are you going to stand up for Fang Xingjian?"

    Philip frowned as he looked at Xia. As the leader of the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon, a Divine level expert who had fought his way up through battlefields, Xia was an extremely troublesome opponent.

    Furthermore, considering that the clone which he had imbued with 30% of his power had been destroyed and that there was no one standing guard at the northern borders, he really did not wish to fight against Xia.

    However, no matter how bad a state he was in, he would still have to go all out in order to not be undermined by his opponents. In times like these, it was all the more important for him to not show any signs of weaknesses. Otherwise, with Xia's ambitious character, the man would only find ways to take advantage of him.

    Philip said calmly, "Xia, that's enough. Stop making a scene here. Or does the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon really want to go to war with the Empire? If that's the case, then I'll be stopping you here."

    Upon Philip's arrival and hearing his voice, the people on the training ground were all delighted and agitated, feeling as if they had just narrowly escaped a disaster.

    "It's Prince Philip! That's wonderful! To think that the Prince has managed to make it here!"

    "The Prince is one of the ten great Divine level experts in the Empire. His Universal Truth Longsword has reached the acme of perfection! Even the Pope of the previous generation praised him for it before!"

    "This is great! With the Prince around, there's no need to worry."

    Head of Department James exhaled, relieved, 'Thank goodness, thank goodness. With the two Divine level experts to hold each other back, Xia shouldn't be able to run amok anymore.'

    A hint of agitation flashed in Audrey's eyes as well. Only Divine level experts would be able to deal with Divine level experts. With Philip's arrival, there was finally a hint of hope.

    Both Fang Qian and Wang Xiaoyan heaved a sigh of relief as well. They exchanged a glance, their eyes rejoicing.

    That violent and brutal aura from Xia had encompassed their entire bodies. Their backs were almost entirely soaked with sweat by now. Only a hint of belief had helped them remain standing without collapsing. Now that Philip had arrived at the scene, their legs almost fell limp and they were struggling to stand.

    The pressure that Divine level experts gave off, especially one like Xia who was unscrupulous and who had no sense of morals, was too great.

    However, there was still worry in Tyrant's eyes. 'Philip isn't in his optimal condition at the moment, right? With at least 30% of his power gone, he probably won't be able to get the upper hand. I hope that Xia will make the decision to fall back.'

    It was a pity that as someone who was well-experienced in warfare, Xia's mental spirit and determination were both extremely strong. It was far too difficult for someone who was extremely headstrong to take the initiative to retreat.

    Xia, laughed savagely in the skies, raised his clenched fist, and unleashed multiple loud air explosions.

    "Philip, the best language between experts is the fist. If you want me to leave, then you'll have to beat me first."

    At the next moment, Xia struck out with his fist and an invisible martial will akin to a raging dragon clashed fiercely with Philip, striking at his body. The attack was stopped by layers of Universal Truth Longsword's light swords, causing a myriad strong forces to be unleashed.

    Philip snorted indifferently and sent out the Universal Truth Longsword's sword intent, turning it into a huge spherical space, and encompassing the entire training ground.

    "Xia, with me around, you won't get to act wantonly today."

    "Hahahahaha!" Laughing crazily, Xia seemed to have turned into a raging dragon, moving in the sky as he repeatedly circled around and landed punches on Philip. Each of his punches, mixed with physical strength and martial will, was able to to send out huge, violent, raging invisible dragons.

    Survival of the fittest, natural selection, the beastly nature dominating over the human nature... These were Xia's beliefs. These also shaped his ideology in martial arts.

    Therefore, his Killing technique was called the Heavenly Law Fist. It was because his idealogies were survival of the fittest and natural selection. The manifestation he struck out with was a kind of invisible and incorporeal dragon-shaped force because in ancient legends dragons stood at the very top of the food chain, above all other living creatures.

    As Xia punched out repeatedly, each of his punches caused air currents to explode and space to distort. The martial will in his punches that depicted the survival of the fittest and 'my way is the heavenly way' was extremely terrifying as well.

    Before this Heavenly Law Fist, everything physical would be crushed to dust by the seething will of the heavenly law if it could not surpass Xia's strength.

    Faced against Xia's Heavenly Law Fist, as long as one's power was inferior they would simply be crushed repeatedly without any ability to resist. And right now, of all times, Philip had lost 30% of his powers and was not in optimal condition.

    As Xia punched repeatedly, amidst the raging dragon shadows, the light circle that Philip was maintaining grew increasingly smaller. It kept on shrinking as it defended, being repeatedly pushed back.

    "Old man Philip, you're really f*cking weak!" Xia bellowed loudly, raising his fists high up and dashing from several hundred meters away with extreme craziness and brutality. His fists smashed fiercely like meteors from beyond the heavens, causing the Universal Truth Longsword's light circle to flicker, as if it would break down at any moment.

    "Since you're so weak, then let me kill you in one go!"

    As Xia's fists trembled, they seemed to have turned into two huge dragons, bringing about the unstoppable seething forces of the heavenly law as they crashed down. They turned into gusts of strong gales and raging storms as they struck at Philip's light circle.

    Moreover, each of Xia's punches brought intense distortions to space. The layers of distortions made his powers extremely condensed, with very little loss of energy. All of his powers had accumulated into the small mass that his two fists formed, unleashing unrivalled damaging prowess. Not even 1% of his powers were wasted on the repercussions from his attacks.

    It was clear that in terms of the power circulation techniques characteristic to Divine level experts, Xia's ability far surpassed those of the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord and of the First Prince. Each of his punches and kicks condensed his power through space distortions. Although the damaging prowess of these attacks seemed inferior to those of the First Prince and of the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord, they were in fact all fully locked and focused onto the opponent.
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