Chapter 623: Becoming An Ordinary Person

    Chapter 623: Becoming An Ordinary Person

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    Right now, the First Prince's martial will was so weak that it was almost at the level of someone who was at the peak of the first transition. He had already lost the ability to materialize his martial will completely, and even his Heaven's Perception seemed to be a little blurry. His cultivation had degraded to an extreme.

    He gritted his teeth as he looked at Fang Xingjian. Without saying a word more, the First Prince appeared as dark and deep as hell.

    It was because he knew it was useless no matter what he were to say now. He knew Fang Xingjian was the same kind of person as himself and that it was impossible for him to change just because of something someone else said.

    Then Fang Xingjian swung his sword finger, and the myriad of sword Qis in the air charged out toward the First Prince's body. They gathered together in the First Prince's brain and stimulated a few mysterious points there.

    This stimulation caused the aura of the First Prince's body to deteriorate at an aggressive rate. His brain lost control over his body, and the vital energy and blood in his body deteriorated rapidly. His energy was also seeping away at an uncontrollable rate.

    Then the heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces between each and every physical particles broke off continuously. His body's toughness plunged drastically at a rapid rate.

    The First Prince's physical body deteriorated, deteriorated, and deteriorated. In the blink of an eye, he had deteriorated from the Divine level to the Demigod level, and then to an ordinary level 29. He continued deteriorating to the first transition, before finally deteriorating to the level of an apprentice.

    Fang Xingjian's unrivaled sword art condensed the First Prince's physical body into that of an ordinary person.

    Then, with a wave of his palm, Fang Xingjian placed the First Prince's martial will back into his physical body, and an endless sense of vulnerability filled the First Prince's consciousness.

    Right now, the First Prince's body was only at about the level of an olympic athlete, while his mind was only at about the level of a member of the special forces. Although he may be able to remain safe and healthy for his entire live, it was unknown how long he would take to retrain back to the first tier of the Divine level.

    The First Prince was struck by waves of vulnerability, and painful feelings came gushing up. After cultivating for several decades, how long had it been since he had felt these feelings of an ordinary person?

    However, there was no sense of dejectness in the First Prince's eyes. He merely looked coldly at Fang Xingjian, no longer infuriated nor mad. Such calmness made the others feel that he was very deep and dark. The First Prince seemed to have become even more enigmatic and unpredictable.

    "It's over?" The First Prince said nonchalantly, "Then can I leave now?"

    Fang Xingjian seemed slightly surprised by the First Prince's calmness as well. Even with his willpower, if he were suddenly crippled of all of his cultivation and needed to start from scratch all over again, there was no way that he could be as calm as the First Prince was right now.

    'Hmm?' Fang Xingjian's eyes narrowed and he thought, 'Could it be that this isn't his true body?' Fang Xingjian suddenly had this suspicion.

    If this was not the First Prince's actual body but just a clone that had been inserted with his martial will, then it was apparent that the First Prince had plotted and schemed out the entire thing for a very long time.

    For him to send a clone to join forces with the Blue Sacred Moonlight and the Tianmen Clan, and then getting them to fight against Fang Xingjian... This could really be said to be killing two birds with one stone.

    It would be best if Fang Xingjian would die. However,even if he did not die, this would still help the Empire remove a great faction, along with the Tianmen Clan which was one of the seven great clans. It would smooth out the path for the royal family to gather more power and attract a great wave of hostility onto Fang Xingjian. Once the royal family decided to go all out and deal with Fang Xingjian once and for all, they would naturally garner the support from the other factions and great clans.

    If this was the case, then the First Prince was really sinister and treacherous. It would mean that he had used Fang Xingjian as one of his pawns, getting him to act as his blade.

    'But this is nothing. To this world where there is extraordinary strength, little plots and schemes aren't the crux.' Lan Yue saw the First Prince's calm expression and also thought of the possibility of this being his clone.

    'But if this isn't his clone but his true body, then it'd be even more terrifying.' Lan Yue looked at the First Prince who was being extremely calm, and she suddenly felt a shiver run up her spine. 'To have attained the Divine level after cultivating for several decades and then for his powers to be drawn out by his hated foe, condemning him into an ordinary person... This is like plunging down from the clouds into a muddy swamp.

    'If an ordinary Conferred Knight were to encounter such events, their mental state would be affected, and they could even lose their mind and become crazy. However, the First Prince... if this is really his true body, then his mind is really too terrifying. For him to be cultivating in such a mental state... He will be able to pass through all obstacles without any troubles at all.

    'If he were to return and redo his cultivation with such a mindset, he may achieve even more than before. Moreover, he still has his experience and hasn't lost them.'

    The First Prince looked at Fang Xingjian very calmly and continued, "Why? Can it be that you're going to kill me? Are you worried about my talent and mentality, so you want to wipe me out right now?"

    Fang Xingjian shook his head with an indifferent expression as chaos flashed in his eyes. "There's no need for you to agitate me. I said that I'll leave you a way out, and that's what I'll do.

    "If you can't accept this defeat and wish to return to cultivate, you can go ahead. If you can cultivate to the extent that you can challenge me again, then I surely will anticipate it greatly.

    "I only hope that next time, you can take a few more attacks from me. Don't be like this time, gathering a bunch of useless people and only giving me disappointment."

    The First Prince's eyelids drooped down, and his tone grew increasingly indiscernible, "Don't worry, Fang Xingjian. I won't disappoint you next time." After saying that, he turned to leave. He headed out, taking one step at a time, just like an ordinary person. Wherever he passed by, the crowd would open up a path.

    Although he had lost his powers and become an ordinary person, the aura he exuded grew increasingly unfathomable. Moreover, he still had the remnants of his prestige, and there was no one who would dare to obstruct his path.

    Lan Yue walked up to Fang Xingjian and asked, "Sir, you're going to let him off just like that? Aren't you afraid that he'll be back to seek revenge after he has achieved success in his cultivation?

    "Having been through such a tremendous change, the First Prince's will has received the best tempering. Right now, his mental state is even more unfathomable than before. Moreover, he still has his cultivation experience and might really be able to cultivate back to the Divine level."

    "It's useless," Fang Xingjian said with a hint of loneliness in his tone. "If you fall behind by one step, you'll be lagging behind forever. With the changes occurring to the world right now, it will already be too late by the time he catches up and returns to the Divine level."

    Then he turned to look at this beauty of the Mingyue Mountain and said, pondering, "Your Master has been crippled by me. You don't hate me for that?"

    "I wouldn't dare," Lan Yue said in a soft and pitiful voice while acting like a docile lady who was about to weep, "Your sword arts are of a world-shaking level, and I'm merely a weak lady. What else can I do but submit to fate?"

    However, Fang Xingjian looked at the people from the Full Moon Shrine, who were walking over slowly, and said nonchalantly, "The other members of your sect don't think the same."

    The several hundred members of the Full Moon Shrine slowly surrounded them. Their eyes were filled with vengeance, terror, anxiety, and many other emotions.

    Fang Xingjian had dealt a crushing defeat to the Full Moon Shrine's pillar-the Blue Sacred Moonlight-and was clenching her in his fist. How could they not harbor feelings of hatred and the desire to seek revenge?

    However, Fang Xingjian's display of strength was too astonishing.

    In such a situation, if someone were to agitate them slightly, they would likely go crazy and risk their lives. It would turn out to be another huge massacre.
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