Chapter 633: Condense

    Chapter 633: Condense

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    Under the Astral Ancestor's astonished gaze, Fang Xingjian's palm continued to move forward and press down on the Astral Ancestor's head, and then suddenly applied pressure. Then under the enhancement from the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation, the powers from the ether particles and physical particles within 100,000 meters gathered into surges of sword Qis, condensing outside and inside Fang Xingjian's body.

    With the reinforcements from the myriad of sword Qis, Fang Xingjian pressed down on the Astral Ancestor's head and sent it colliding into the mountain with a loud boom.

    The violent power distorted the space, turning over 100 meters of space into a blurry sight.

    Waves of power continued to spin and bounce off due to the spatial distortions, and then finally took effect on the Astral Ancestor.

    Only a small portion of the powers was leaked, but they crushed the mountain under the Astral Ancestor's feet. The mountains within a range of several hundred meters were shattered into countless pieces of crushed rock that soared into the sky, rolling into the sea of clouds.

    The Lonestar Knight, the Stardust Fairy, and the Starbeast Hunter were dumbstruck as they stared at this scene. They watched the Astral Ancestor being slammed into the ground by Fang Xingjian's palm without being able to resist at all. The distorted space seemed to have become like frosted glass, and everything only calmed down when more than ten seconds had passed after Fang Xingjian stopped.

    Right now, the Astral Ancestor's eyes were rolled back, and he had fallen amidst the shattered rock, having lost his confidence. His brain had been completely smashed by Fang Xingjian, and his martial will had been torn apart by the endless sword Qis and then sliced into fragments by the All-Conquering sword, which could slice light rays and martial will. Currently, his martial will was slowly assembling together once again.

    With a single thought from Fang Xingjian, a manual on the Astral Ancestor's body floated across space, appearing right before him. That manual was of an azure color. Unexpectedly, it was a stone that seemed pure as crystal. However, there were densely packed words inscribed inside it. It was the Myriad Stars Palace's great secret-the Universal Astral Realm Book.

    The Lonestar Knight put out his hand, as if he wanted to stop Fang Xingjian. However, the exchange from earlier was still etched deeply in his mind. So, he could only put down his hand and sigh while saying, "Mister Fang Xingjian, Master..."

    Fang Xingjian held the Universal Astral Realm Book in his hand and scanned through the words with his martial will repeatedly. Hearing what the Lonestar Knight said, he replied calmly, "I've shattered his mind and martial will, and he is trying to reassemble them now. If he's lucky, he might be able to recover. If he's not, then he'll probably still end up being in the same state."

    Hearing that, the eyes of the Lonestar Knight and his two martial siblings lit up.

    Truth be told, Fang Xingjian's display earlier had completely extinguished their wish to continue struggling. The power that he displayed earlier was far too indomitable. There was even this one thought rising up in their hearts.

    'Even Master was unable to resist this attack from Fang Xingjian... Could it be that Fang Xingjian is really unrivalled in the world?' The Stardust Fairy looked at Fang Xingjian, suddenly feeling that he was a very pleasant sight to her eyes.

    Lan Yue was also staring at Fang Xingjian. Her mind was still overwhelmed by the move Fang Xingjian had just displayed earlier.

    'The first time Fang Xingjian retreated showed that although the power of his martial will is very strong, it's still incomparable to the Astral Ancestor. However, when those four swords appeared, his sword Qis increased by many folds.

    'Moreover, to think that his sword technique and sword Qis can slice through martial will directly. This sword technique is really too terrifying,' Lan Yue continued to assess Fang Xingjian's abilities. 'Increasing the strength of the sword Qis by several hundred or thousand folds, along with a sword technique that can slice through martial will... Are these Fang Xingjian's trump cards?'

    At this moment, Lan Yue made an important decision in her heart, 'I must definitely not make an enemy out of this person. I might have to give up on seeking revenge in the end...'

    Meanwhile, Fang Xingjian was extremely engrossed by the Universal Astral Realm Book. The cultivation methods concerning astral radiation and astral forces were really too unfathomable. The depth of the research far surpassed what the science and technology on Earth had managed. It even caused Fang Xingjian to be so deeply engrossed that he could not pull himself away.

    He decided to just sit amongst the ruins, and streams of gravitational waves overflowed from his body. Fang Xingjian started cultivating according to the Universal Astral Realm Book right there.

    Looking at this scene, the people present all exchanged glances. Lan Yue shook her head helplessly. Back at the Full Moon Shrine, she had already experienced Fang Xingjian's zeal in cultivation. He could almost cultivate at anywhere and anytime, paying no regard to the place or time.

    Lan Yue waved her hand and said, "You guys should bring Senior Astral Ancestor away to rest. I'll stay here to keep watch over Fang Xingjian."

    The Lonestar Knight and the other two nodded, then they carefully helped the Astral Ancestor walk away. Their eyes were filled with hope. If their Master could recover, then there would still be hope for the Myriad Stars Palace.

    The three of them left with the Astral Ancestor, leaving behind only Fang Xingjian, who was focused on his cultivation, and Lan Yue, who was standing next to him. The Lonestar Knight had also given the order to forbid anyone from getting close.

    Fang Xingjian had completely sunk into the profoundness of the Universal Astral Realm Book. The first thing he studied, or rather the primary thing he wanted to study, was the Myriad Stars Palace's means of cultivating the martial will and the means of forging a conjured physique-the Astral Spiritual Physique.

    All living things were affected by astral powers, and the greatest astral power that affected them was naturally the power of the star under their feet. This force was also known by many other names, including gravitational forces.

    The Astral Spiritual Physique was the process of changing the balance of the gravity in one's body, making use of the earth's gravity to forcefully forge a conjured physique after combining with one's martial will.

    Once the person succeeded, they would be able to be just like the Astral Ancestor earlier. They would be able to use the martial will directly to gather and make use of gravity, displaying endless and amazing prowess. With just the raising of a hand or a foot, there would be endless powers, and as one's martial will increased, so would their ability to control the gravitational force.

    Once Fang Xingjian merged this method into his sword arts, the prowess of his deathly sword intents and the damaging prowess of his Celestial Eradication Sword Formation would increase again.

    After one day and one night, Fang Xingjian let out a long breath. Countless rocks and sand in the surroundings seemed to have lost their gravitational pull and were floating up.

    'Gravity... it's everywhere...

    'And it's one of the strongest power to use against space and time.'

    Although the Universal Astral Realm Book's description of the gravitational forces was extremely profound, it was just right for Fang Xingjian. The knowledge that would take the Astral Ancestor several decades or until he was over 100 years old to understand was something that Fang Xingjian was able to comprehend immediately.

    He even thought back on the things he had learned in the past to verify against what was written in the Universal Astral Realm Book.

    'The Supreme Chief's Astral Obscurity Sword is a means of using gravity. This was why he was able to move through spatial gaps and achieve that kind of effect.

    'And it's the same for my Infiltrating Void. It's essence is also gravity...'

    Countless sword lights flashed in Fang Xingjian's eyes, and his body suddenly deteriorated. Then a black sword intent swelled up, bursting out from his body and turning into a black longsword that soared up into the sky.

    The black longsword continued to condense and distort, taking on a physical form. Its form also became increasingly clearer.

    It was a black longsword which had a total of four sides, with each side inscribed with the words Infiltrating Void, Light Pursuit, All-Conquering, and Instant respectively. The moment the longsword took its form, waves of killing aura came surging.

    A thunderous sound rang out in the air, and it seemed as if the entire world was going to be shocked by this killing aura.

    Then at the next moment, the longsword paused slightly and charged out toward the sky.

    Upon seeing this scene, Lan Yue was taken by surprise. 'This... Is he trying to condense his martial will? No, he's trying to condense his martial will while striving to challenge the Nine-Tiered Heavens and reach the second tier of the Divine level...? This is too crazy!'
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