Chapter 636: Tiandao

    Chapter 636: Tiandao

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    "I'm here to kill the Astral Ancestor."

    Hearing what the young man said, the middle-aged man's countenance changed, and he retreated a few steps, looking at the young man as if he was looking at a lunatic.

    Just then, a charming young married lady who was about thirty years old walked over. The lady was muffled up in a marten fur coat and a pair of leather pants. The pair of leather pants wrapped around her slender legs tightly, bringing out her beautiful figure.

    "I apologize. My younger brother is still young and likes to spout rubbish." The young married lady smiled at the middle-aged man. The man nodded and walked away quickly, clearly not wanting to bother with this arrogant young man anymore.

    At the young married lady's appearance, the young man smiled warmly. "Sister Titan, I wasn't spouting rubbish."

    The young married lady with long legs who went by the name of Titan shook her head helplessly and said, "Tiandao, it's really nothing for you to want to kill the Astral Ancestor, taking revenge for the feud from 15 years ago. However, Fang Xingjian is now at Xingwang Mountain, so you should do this next time."

    The young man and the young married lady were the two remaining Divine level experts from Earth-Tiandao and Titan.

    Hearing what Titan said, Tiandao's smile appeared even more gentle and shy. He rubbed his head and said, "I'm only going to kill the Astral Ancestor. I won't do anything to Fang Xingjian."

    Titan furrowed her beautiful brows as she crossed her beautiful legs and continued, "Fang Xingjian killed the Undying Xia and is probably on par with the Astral Ancestor. It's too dangerous for you to head up the mountain alone and take on the two of them by yourself."

    From Titan's words, it was clear that the news of Fang Xingjian having caused great havoc at the Full Moon Shrine and crippling the First Prince had yet to reach their ears.

    After all, the two of them were not based in Miracle World and had also just arrived at the Empire, so they did not have a powerful information network here.

    "Dangerous?" Tiandao smiled and rubbed his nose while saying, "But I would still like to give it a try. 15 years ago, the Astral Ancestor almost crippled me. There's no way that I can leave this lying down."

    Titan sighed, wanting to continue persuading him. However, Tiandao said, "Sister Titan, while I was cultivating at the Tower of Time a month ago, I challenged Elnoworth."

    Hearing what Tiandao said, Titan's countenance changed, "Elnoworth? He's the most doted direct disciple of the Gold Mage King. It's said that he has long attained the Divine level and can perform black magic that's level 10 or higher. Why did you think of challenging him?" However, as she looked at Tiandao's current expression, a thought immediately struck Titan, and she asked, "You... succeeded?"

    "That's right," Tiandao said, still appearing to be like a shy junior high school student as he scratched the back of his head. "I took the opportunity to kill Elnoworth while the Gold Mage King and the other experts were preparing for the ritual to summon the evil god. I also snatched away his Crystal of Time."

    This time around, Titan's eyes reflected true astonishment, "You actually killed Elnoworth? Then you..."

    "I fled," Tiandao said with a smile. "As you know, the Gold Robed Mages excel in controlling time, and there are not many of them to begin with. After I snatched the Crystal of Time... Unless the Gold Mage King comes here personally, there really aren't many of them who are able to capture me. The Astral Ancestor is nothing.

    "As for Fang Xingjian, he is amazing to have killed Xia who was at the second tier of the Divine level. However, amongst those in the first six tiers of the Divine level, unless its some unique jobs or black magic, there's no one else who can control time. As such, he is nothing to me."

    Hearing what Tiandao said, Titan exhaled softly, as if wanting to swallow all of her astonishment. She said slowly, "With that, you've really fallen out completely with the Gold Mage King."

    "That's nothing." A blush flashed on Tiandao's face, as if he was a young child who had been praised. "Sister Titan, in the end, the reason we cultivate the martial arts is for ourselves. With the Crystal of Time, I've already gained the ability take on the world.

    "Right now, the only thing I lack is a top notch physical body. The bodies of our magic prints Warriors are still a little worse off as compared to the Knights here.

    "Do you really think that the reason I'm in such a hurry to come look for the Astral Ancestor is so that I can seek revenge for the feud from back then? I'm not that petty. The reason I've come is for the Astral Ancestor's body.

    "He is a senior Divine level Knight and has also mastered the Myriad Stars Palace's Astral Spiritual Physique.

    "After I perform the 'Time Resurgence Technique' and snatch his body to make up for the flaws in mine, I'll be able to strive for the second tier of the Divine level. I may even be able to strive for the third tier of the Divine level with the help of the power of the Crystal of Time. By then, even if the Gold Mage King were to come here personally, he may not be able to capture me and bring me back."

    Titan took a long look at Tiandao. There was not a hint of evil or selfishness in that pure gaze of his. It was as if what he had just said was something as simple as eating food or drinking wine.

    Such a character that turned the pursuit of power and cultivation into one's instincts was a unique character that Tiandao had ever since he was young.

    However, Titan still shook her head. "Even if there's no one on Xingwang Mountain who is your match, it's still not good for you to offend the Gold Mage King and even the Mage Association like this."

    Tiandao smiled, rubbed the back of his head, and said, "Then Sister should come with me to have a look. With the Crystal of Time, the people on Xingwang Mountain are but a bunch of useless people."

    Titan sighed, then with a flash, the two of them disappeared without a trace.

    Divine level magic prints Warriors could absorb the diabolic energy in Miracle World directly, performing black magic without any reservations. They were more than 100 times stronger here than they were when on Earth.

    It was just like how Divine level Mages like the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord were existences that even the First Prince had trouble dealing with back then. Only people like Fang Xingjian who were immune to black magic and had exemplary powers would be able to go up against them.

    Titan and Tiandao had barged into Xingwang Mountain, and it was as if they had entered a realm that was empty of people. Just by shooting out their martial will to cover up the five senses of the other people present, no one could discover them.

    A short moment later, they found the Astral Ancestor's bedroom. Tiandao kicked open the door and saw that the Astral Ancestor was laying on the bed with his eyes closed tightly. The Lonestar Knight, the Stardust Fairy, and the Starbeast Hunter were beside the Astral Ancestor, looking at him with great concern.

    Just as Tiandao kicked opened the door, the trio turned their heads concurrently.

    The Starbeast Hunter bellowed furiously, "Who allowed you guys to come in?"

    However, Tiandao paid him no heed. He continued to wear that shy smile as he looked at the Astral Ancestor who was on the bed. Tiandao said a little embarrassedly, "He's actually injured? It seems that Heaven really is on my side."

    Then, as if he had not seen the Starbeast Hunter, the Lonestar Knight, and the Stardust Fairy, he walked over toward the Astral Ancestor.

    The trio let out cold snorts and was about to take action to stop Tiandao when he suddenly appeared next to the Astral Ancestor with a flash.

    Simultaneously, the three of them felt an intense pain as their heads suddenly burst open. They dropped down to the ground, convulsing incessantly while trying to regenerate.

    "The tiny particles in the air should just remain quiet," Tiandao said calmly. He then grabbed out toward the Astral Ancestor's head, and waves of vortexes extended out from his palm, encompassing the Astral Ancestor.
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