Chapter 640: Fell from the Sky

    Chapter 640: Fell from the Sky

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    Seeing Fang Xingjian kill the young man with great ease in less than a second, the Astral Ancestor was most astonished.

    It was because out of the three of them, he was the one who had fought with Tiandao the longest. So, he knew how terrifying Tiandao was.

    With the Astral Ancestor's great power and his accumulation as a Divine level expert, all of his wonderful experiences could be written into over ten biographies.

    As one who had attained the second tier of the Divine level and had the chance to attain the third tier of the Divine level, he had thought of himself as a top notch expert in the world. He might not be a match for the Mage Association's Mage Kings or the Church of Universal Truth's Guardian Kings, but with the exception of those people, he should be considered a top notch expert.

    However, the appearances of Fang Xingjian and Tiandao had made him feel that he was old and that his abilities and mental state were were not as good as during his younger days.

    'This young man's ability was extremely strange and involves the profoundness of time. His proficiency in black magic was probably at second tier of the Divine level. No... even third tier Divine level experts might not be able to do anything to him.' The Astral Ancestor looked at Fang Xingjian as if he was looking at a monster. 'Yet he was dealt with so easily by Fang Xingjian...?

    'I sense that Fang Xingjian's earlier move seemed to contain endless transformations and even the greatest profoundness of our Myriad Stars Palace. How on earth did he cultivate it?'

    When the difference between two people was about the same, one would have the impulse to catch up. However, when the gap was too far apart, there would only be despair.

    This was what the Astral Ancestor felt. The scene in which Fang Xingjian had killed Tiandao in a millisecond caused the Astral Ancestor to be unable to summon any will to contend for supremacy.

    Titan, who was at the side, was also very astonished. Her beautiful legs drew close together, and her beautiful figure shivered as she looked at Fang Xingjian with terror in her eyes.

    'Is he really immune to black magic? The time stop created by the Crystal of Time was achieved through accelerating the heavenly laws, thus Fang Xingjian was unable to break through it. However, the effect of the Gracefulness of Time's acceleration was supposed to be on Tiandao's opponent, yet Fang Xingjian wasn't affected by it at all.'

    Titan had watched the entire process very carefully, and she now felt a deep horror toward Fang Xingjian's immunity to black magic.

    'I had thought that his immunity to black magic was just fake news or that he relied on some kind of unique physique to be immune to some low level black magic. But now, it seems that he can really ignore black magic?

    'This kind of existence... How can there be an existence like this in the world? Could this person really be the natural enemy of all Mages and magic prints Warriors?'

    At this moment, Titan saw Fang Xingjian's gaze turning toward her, and she could not summon any will to resist. She knew that in terms of battle prowess, she was no match for Fang Xingjian at all.

    Fang Xingjian's cold gaze landed on Titan. He asked indifferently, "And who are you?"

    "Titan, yellow faction magic prints Warrior," Titan answered honestly. "The gold faction represents time, and the yellow faction represents evolution. The relationship between both faction's Mages and magic prints Warriors is considered good. Therefore, I came here with Tiandao."

    Fang Xingjian nodded and said, "You're not going to resist?"

    "Your powers are remarkable, and your sword arts cultivation is unrivalled in the world. If I try to resist, I probably won't be able to last more than a second. I know my own limitations," Titan said a whole lot before then saying, "But no matter how powerful your martial arts are, you're still losing in numbers by yourself. The royal family... aristocrats... factions... Are you also going to offend the Mage Association now?"

    Titan knew that it was useless to resist with violence and could only resort to trying both coercion and persuasion. She first showered Fang Xingjian with praises and then brought out the mention of the Mage Association, hoping that Fang Xingjian would have some reservations.

    However, Fang Xingjian waved his hand and said nonchalantly, "There's no need for you to bring out the Mage Association to pressure me. Tiandao wanted to kill me. So, even if the Mage King had come to shield him, I would still have killed him.

    "You didn't raise a hand. So, even if no one is shielding you, I won't kill you for no reason."

    Hearing what Fang Xingjian said, Titan breathed out. It was only then did she realize that she had broken out in cold sweat. The pressure that Fang Xingjian had given her was far too immense.

    However, she then heard Fang Xingjian say, "However, although you did not make a move, you still had the intention to harm others. I'll just give you a small punishment."

    Titan's countenance changed after hearing his words, and she retreated rapidly. In the blink of an eye, she had cut across the entire Xingwang Mountain.

    Despite that, she could still hear Fang Xingjian's ethereal voice.

    "Are you able to escape?"

    At the next moment, layers of sword intent came from void space, piercing directly into her body.

    Titan screamed out agonizingly, feeling as if her body had been pierced through by countless metal needles as she fell toward the ground.

    Titan could sense that there were waves of invisible sword intent piercing inside her body. When she looked deeper, she could see that these waves of sword intent were all formed from extremely minute longswords which had the words 'Infiltrating Void', 'Light Pursuit', 'All-Conquering', and 'Instant' inscribed on them. These waves of sword intent exuded an overwhelming killing aura.

    Titan tried to send her own martial will to collide with these sword intent, but she cried out agonizingly again. Not only did she fail to destroy those sword intents, but her own martial will was shattered instead.

    Right now, Fang Xingjian's will and deathly sword intents had once again condensed into the Heaven-Connecting Sword Physiques.

    His extremely cold voice rang into her ears.

    "This is my newly created skill, the Heaven-Connecting Sword Physique. You can bring it back and show the few Mage Kings. If they can't even destroy my sword physique, then don't come to my territory.

    "Otherwise, they won't even know how they died. Their deaths will be too unjust."

    Titan took a long look at Fang Xingjian with a pale countenance. "The Mage Association's power far surpasses your imagination."

    Fang Xingjian shook his head. Titan's beauty seemed to be unable to leave a single trace in his heart. He swung his hand, and the violent power pushed at Titan like a soft palm, sending her flying out.


    Titan instantly turned into a black speck, disappearing into the sky in the direction of the Uranlis Federation's location.

    With a single move, Fang Xingjian had sent Titan back to the city where the Mage Association was located.

    After casually dealing with Titan, he turned toward the Astral Ancestor and Lan Yue.

    Looking at the Astral Ancestor, Fang Xingjian nodded. "You've recovered? That's good then. You and Lan Yue should talk amongst yourselves. When the Second Prince comes out from his seclusion, you two should support him to become King.

    "I'll be sending people from the Great Western Region to take over the influences you have here."

    Seeing how the Astral Ancestor seemed to want to say something, Fang Xingjian waved his hand and said generously, "Don't worry, I won't be taking over your authority. I'm just getting you to meet and get to know each other. This is in order to integrate the powers under me and prevent you from getting taken down individually when I'm not around."

    Lan Yue asked puzzledly, "You're leaving?"

    "That's right. It's about time for me to go collect something."


    A few days later, in Uranlis Federation, Phantom City.

    The Black Mage King stroked his chin and looked at Fang Xingchen who was beside him. He then looked at the Mage, who was kneeling before him, and Titan, who was in a coma. The Black Mage King said, "You're saying that when you were training, this lass suddenly fell down from the sky?"
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