Chapter 654: Appraisal and Preparation

    Chapter 654: Appraisal and Preparation

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    Bai Di shook his head, "Previously, I only wanted to become a recluse, staying in the mountains and not wanting to fight for the position of the leader. However, considering how turbulent the current world is, there's a need for someone to step forth and save the world. At a glance, most of the people in the world aren't able to accomplish anything.

    "The Krieg royal family is selfish by nature and they extort heavy taxes from the people.

    "There is endless internal strife within the Church of Universal Truth, and no one person with foresight.

    "The Mage Association is savage and inhuman, and incapable of bringing good fortune to the world.

    "As for the other useless people, they aren't even worth a mention. They'll probably all be wiped out and turned into dust with the arrival of the onslaught."

    The beautiful lady asked, "Dongfang Ling has exceptional talent and will probably attain the Divine level soon. Is he no good either?"

    Bai Di shook his head, "He's but a martial arts maniac and it would be quite difficult to raise him into a great figure. There's a limit to how far he can go."

    The beautiful lady asked again, "What about that Fang Xingjian who killed Xia, defeated the Blue Sacred Moonlight and crippled the First Prince? Despite his young age, he's already at the second tier of the Divine level. Is he considered a hero with great achievements?"

    "He is one who exhausts all resources to build up power, making enemies everywhere, and he has no foundations at all. Although he does appear to be very impressive, he is actually in an unstable state and on the verge of collapse."

    The beautiful lady then asked curiously, "Then what about the First Prince? Among those of the younger generation, he was the first to attain the Divine level, and although he has been crippled by Fang Xingjian, he can be said to be even more unfathomable. He puts in great effort in his cultivation every day and has not sunk into despair despite taking such a huge plunge from the very top. A mind like his is extremely terrifying."

    "With the world's metamorphosis, all the experts in the world are progressing at a tremendous rate. George has lost. He has fallen behind. No matter what he does, he won't be able to hide this fatal flaw. Among all the heroes in the world, from the moment he was crippled by Fang Xingjian he had already fallen in the rankings."

    Bai Di then shook his head and sighed, "Due to this, I have no other option but to step up and take on the role."

    The middle-aged man said, "Sir has a great sense of righteousness. The fate of all lives in the world rests in your hands."

    The beautiful lady looked at Bai Di with a brilliant glow in her eyes. She sighed and thought of how in another three days, the world's history would change. To be able to witness the rise of a legend was truly her greatest fortune.

    The middle-aged man asked, "I wonder when the six Old Ancestors will be coming back."

    "With the seven great clans forming an alliance, we'll become a force that can stir up the world. Master and my adoptive fathers will definitely come back," Bai Di said. "If they're early, they should be arriving today. Otherwise, it'll be three days later, on the day when the alliance is formed. They'll definitely come back for this."


    At the same time, in an unknown underground cave.

    The Night Massacre Clan's head opened his eyes, still reflecting the pain that he had suffered before his death. Now that he had suddenly woken up, he asked in a daze, "I'm still alive?"

    He lifted his head and saw that Jacob, as well as the heads of the Illusory Clan, Fervent Dragon Clan, Thunder King Clan, and Dark Shadow Clan were all smiling at him. He asked, "We're all dead?"

    "We died, but we've been revived. However, we should still consider it as us being dead," replied the Illusory Clan's head. "We were killed by Fang Xingjian, but Alexander used his great arts to look for our personal information from the ether particles, reforming our wills."

    The Dark Shadow Clan's head added, "Thereafter, the Black Mage King personally performed a level 12 black magic spell to create new bodies for us, reassembling our physical bodies."

    With two great experts having performed their secret arts concurrently, this could no longer be considered a revival, but rather new individuals that had been endowed with the memories of the five clan heads.

    As for whether these newly created people with their memories would still resemble the five clan heads, this was a philosophical question. No one present cared about it.

    Hearing that the Black Mage King and Alexander had performed their secret arts together, the Night Massacre Clan's head exclaimed, "They've joined forces?"

    "They didn't really join forces." Jacob smiled coldly as he said, "The two top notch experts formed an alliance for the evil god summoning ritual. However, this was just a front, as they are actually divided. They wish to control our six great clans through their actions, but we can take this opportunity to take advantage of them.

    "They've also depleted a lot of their power in the process of creating our will and physical bodies. But this is a good deal for us."

    He then took out the Panwu Heavenly Raiment from behind him.

    The Panwu Heavenly Raiment had regained its luster and the power it now contained was even greater than before. It shone with a colorful glow.

    However, the Divine Armor's will was nowhere to be seen. This allowed for the Panwu Heavenly Raiment to be usable by humans now.

    Jacob spoke enthusiastically, "The Panwu Heavenly Raiment has been restored by the Gold Mage King and he has also killed the will within it. It's now even more powerful than it was before. However, its power is overwhelming and one wouldn't be able to control it single-handedly. They thought that we would fight over this Divine Armor, but they didn't expect that our six great clans are now as one, helping each other out. Our rapport is something unexpected for them."

    The Fervent Dragon Clan's head also grinned, "Since they've sent us the Panwu Heavenly Raiment, the six of us can now refine it together and thereby become even stronger."

    Although the Panwu Heavenly Raiment was not as good as the Hell's White Bone Armor, it had been created after the Mountainous Sea Dynasty had devoted all their efforts for it. The power contained within the Divine Armor was not to be underestimated and it could cover up for the loss of, or even surpass the damage that the loss of the Gates of Heaven had brought them.

    The Illusory Clan's head said, "These aren't the only benefits. The Black Mage King has helped in reforging our bodies by using black magic. Due to this, we're now able to secretly comprehend the profoundness of black magic, helping us forge our conjured physiques.

    "Do they think that we're unaware? The diabolic energy has endless power and it is the greatest example one could try to imitate when condensing the martial will. As long as we can comprehend a thing or two from the black magic, we'll have greater chances in striving for the second tier of the Divine level."

    Jacob smiled. "Excellent, excellent, excellent. Firstly, we'll go into seclusion for three days to refine this Panwu Heavenly Raiment, in order to fully stimulate its power. We'll then try to study the profoundness of black magic and then attend the gathering Bai Di has organized for the formation of the alliance three days from now.

    "Hmph, after we've completely digested all these resources, we'll join forces to deal with that Fang Xingjian."

    "That's right, my mind won't be at peace if I don't get rid of that b*stard."

    With that, Jacob grabbed the Panwu Heavenly Raiment's helmet. "The Panwu Heavenly Raiment's power is tremendous and we won't be able to keep it under control single-handedly.

    "Let's divide the parts, so each of us will control the power of a different part and then assemble to completely unleash the prowess of the Panwu Heavenly Raiment.

    "I'll take the head!"

    He grabbed with his hand, holding the Panwu Heavenly Raiment's helmet in his palm.

    "I'll take the body."

    "I'll take both arms."

    "I'll take the right leg."

    "I'll take the left leg."


    Three days later, Ou Bai looked at Shan He with some degree of perplexity as they stood at the entrance of the Tianmen Clan. His gaze swept toward the young man next to him and he asked, "Young Clan Head, this time around, we're dealing with the alliance of the seven great clans. This matter is of great severity and people who aren't involved shouldn't be brought here."

    Shan He frowned and said, "This is a friend I've made while travelling to gain experience and to train myself. I trust him with my life. With him around, I'll be at ease."

    Ou Bai looked at Fang Xingjian, who had slightly altered his appearance. He then smiled coldly and said, "Young man, this gathering is between our seven great clans. Outsiders who join will just invite ridicule upon themselves."
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