Chapter 655: Grand Spectacle

    Chapter 655: Grand Spectacle

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    Fang Xingjian did not say anything. Since when would he care for a character like Elder Ou Bai? He merely lifted his head and threw a glance toward him, sending his martial will sweeping out. Just from this, Elder Ou Bai shivered, and his mind went completely blank.

    Then Fang Xingjian looked at Shan He and said, "Let's go and make our way there earlier."

    Shan He nodded and instructed the Elders next to her, "Let's go."

    Elder Ou Bai appeared just like a puppet with his mind in a blank state as he followed everyone else.

    The Tianmen Clan was a clan with a legacy of several centuries. Naturally, they would not just fly the way there in a huge group. That was something that those clans who had undergone sudden success overnight, as well as geniuses who had no foundations supporting them, would do.

    The people from the Tianmen Clan came to a platform where a dark blue cruiser was waiting for them.

    This blue flying cruiser was a great treasure that belonged to the Tianmen Clan-the Pantheon Ark. It was a great cruiser that the Tianmen Clan had created over a period of 50 years.

    Not only could it fly at a rapid speed of ten times the speed of sound, but it also garnered defense, attack, and investigation all into one. It could be said to a great weapon for war, as well as for keeping up the Tianmen Clan's appearance.

    Shan He looked proudly at the Pantheon Ark and then introduced it to Fang Xingjian, "This Pantheon Ark has gathered the countless efforts of our Tianmen Clan's predecessors. Its defense can hold off even some of the attacks from Divine level experts.

    "What do you think of it?"

    "It's not bad."

    After Shan He took the lead to bring Fang Xingjian onto the Pantheon Ark first, the Elders who followed behind them looked at Fang Xingjian while frowning slightly.

    They had never seen Shan He getting on such close terms with a man before. Moreover, this man seemed to have appeared abruptly, and they had never heard Shan He mentioned him before.

    The middle-aged Elder Grand, who had been the most supportive of Shan He previously, thought as he frowned, 'Who on earth is this guy? Why is Shan He treating him with such great respect?'

    However, although they were disapproving of Shan He suddenly bringing along a guy they knew nothing of, none of them said a word since she had the capacity of the clan head.

    After a short while, the flying cruiser was activated, and a powerful magnetic force was unleashed from it. The effect between the magnetic force and the earth's geomagnetic force caused the flying cruiser to fly out with a swoosh. In within five seconds, it reached ten times that of the speed of sound and flew rapidly toward the direction of the Northern Ice Region.

    Shan He stood alongside Fang Xingjian at the bow of the cruiser while Grand and a few other Elders stood behind them. Grand spoke up, "Clan head, this time around, the six clan heads will be there to attend the forming of the alliance between the seven great clans. The geniuses from various clans will also be there. We've gathered some information here. It's best to first get some understanding about them."

    Shan He nodded and said, "Go on. I'm listening."

    However, Elder Grand threw a hesitant glance toward Fang Xingjian, as if he was not willing to share the information about the other greata clans in front of an outsider.

    However, Shan He shook her head and said, "There's no need for any reservations. This person... is someone who can be trusted. You can just go ahead and speak up."

    Hearing this, Grand's frown deepened. Just then, Fang Xingjian said, "There's no need for that. They are just a bunch of useless people. What's there to listen to?"

    Hearing this, Grand's frown deepened even more, and he looked down on Fang Xingjian even more.

    'Hmph, Bai Di holds his weight across six clans and is supported as a young leader amongst them. Yet, he still shows courtesy to others and even became sworn brothers with the Young Masters from the other great clans. Even he isn't as arrogant as you are.'

    When the other Elders heard Fang Xingjian's 'words of arrogance', they also felt very uncomfortable.

    'Haha, he is really arrogant and ignorant. The six great clans have great accumulations of wealth and power, countless talents and experts. They aren't existences that you can look down upon.'

    'This kid is really ignorant. Even if Fang Xingjian were to come, Dongfang Ling were to participate, and the Empire's Fifth Prince were to know of this, they wouldn't look down on the people from our great clans either.'

    'He's really an ignorant junior. But with this, Miss Shan He should also know what he's made of now.'

    Just as the few Elders were waiting for Shan He to rebut Fang Xingjian, Shan He nodded and said, "That's true. Then we won't listen to it. Elders, you guys can all go back and have a rest. With the Pantheon Ark's speed, we'll soon arrive at the Northern Ice Region."

    In Shan He's opinion, since Fang Xingjian had been able to single-handedly kill the six clan heads with a single sword, then it was true that the juniors from the six great clans would mean nothing to him.

    However, Shan He's attitude caused many of the Elders to feel disapproval.

    "It's a pity. Although this person is very arrogant, Miss Shan He seems to trust him a lot. If this were to go on, it won't be the fortune of our Tianmen Clan."

    "That's right. Could it be that this person has performed some kind of martial technique and bewitched Miss Shan He?"

    Grand and the other several Elders communicated rapidly between themselves through information currents and exchanged worry-filled glances.

    Fang Xingjian could easily guess what they were thinking, but he did not care about it at all. There were too many people with varying thoughts in this world, and just thoughts alone would not affect him at all.

    No matter how these Elders saw him, it would not change the result of this trip that Fang Xingjian was taking. Therefore, there was even less a need for him to be concerned about them.


    Simultaneously, in a mysterious valley that was filled with bright sunlight, melodious chirps from birds, and the fragrance from flowers...

    There were pathways that passed through farming fields, flowerbeds, fields growing medicinal plants, and even a race course for horses. The place gave off the feeling of a utopia.

    A great manor had been built at the center of the valley, and this place was the Holy Light Clan's headquarters. Not only was it situated on a flat land in the valley and having favorable climate throughout the year, but the entire valley was also set up with a great formation of the Holy Light Clan. It could be said to enjoy exceptional advantages.

    Right now, the manor was filled with bustling sounds of people talking as waves and waves of important people gushed in continuously from the entrance.

    Amidst the crowd, a lady of unparalleled beauty stood out from the rest as she stood in a corner. It was the Northern Ice Region's top beauty-Audrey.

    Audrey looked curiously at the passing crowd and asked, "There are so many experts around? Why have so many experts all gathered here?"

    A cute young lady next to her smiled and said, "I told you I'll be bringing you to witness a grand spectacle. You didn't believe me."

    When Audrey returned to the Northern Ice Region to take a break, she was brought to participate in the gathering held by the six great clans by a close friend of hers, Xingxing`er.

    As many experts with strong auras, deep dispositions, and intensive vigor walked in, Audrey became more and more shocked. "There are so many experts here. And all of them don't seem to be from the Northern Ice Region...? Why is it that I don't know any of them?"

    Xingxing`er smiled and said, "You know of the eight Divine level experts who founded the Empire, right?" Seeing that Audrey nodded, Xingxing`er continued, "The people who are attending this gathering are the seven great clans left behind by the seven Divine level experts with the exception of the royal family."

    "It's actually them?" Hearing this introduction, Audrey broke into an astonished expression. These seven great clans had kept themselves hidden since the founding of the Empire, and even Audrey had only heard a little about them.
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