Chapter 657: Bringing in the Net

    Chapter 657: Bringing in the Net

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    'What's going on? What happened to me earlier?' At the next moment, he saw Fang Xingjian, who was standing behind Shan He. 'He did it?'

    However, the matter with Fang Xingjian was but an insignificant thing. The thing he was most concerned with was the benefit that Bai Di had promised to give him. Therefore, he paid Fang Xingjian no heed and quickly headed in Bai Di's direction.

    However, Shan He looked at Fang Xingjian and asked, "Are you going to take action right away?"

    Of course, Fang Xingjian did not make a move right away. He randomly found a place to sit down while sending his martial will darting through spatial gaps and having his Infiltrating Void sword intent sweep through the entire place.

    After the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation progressed once again, the structure of his martial will had undergone yet another change. Through the Heaven-Connecting Sword Physique, it was even more condensed than before. In the battle mode, his martial will, had usually also changed from deathly sword intents into Infiltrating Void sword intents, Light Pursuit sword intents, All-Conquering sword intents, and Instant sword intents. However, the four types of sword intents could now be interchangeable freely.

    As he sent the Infiltrating Void sword intent sweeping out, he managed to achieve the greatest limit he could in concealing and keeping himself hidden. As the sword intent ran through the entire manor, information on the condition of each and every Knight entered into Fang Xingjian's brain.

    Concurrently, the three white bone short swords and the Thunder Calamity were already darting through spatial gaps, circulating the entire manor and setting up the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation. From this moment onward, the entire manor had become a cage, allowing people to enter entry but not exit.

    Hearing Shan He's question, Fang Xingjian looked across the entire place indifferently and said, "The people from the six great clans haven't all arrived, right? Let me know when they have. I'll take care of them all at once."

    Hearing his words, Elder Grand finally could not help but step forth and said, "Mister, please mind your words. This place is filled with important characters of our seven great clans. If you continue to spout rubbish, be careful of bringing trouble onto yourself.

    "Young Miss brought you to help, not create trouble."

    Shan He frowned and said, "Elder Grand!"

    "It's fine," Fang Xingjian waved his hand and said, "Just do as you wish. I'll take action when everyone has arrived."

    Shan He nodded but was pulled away by Elder Grand and the others. The latter said, "Young Miss, let's go and meet Lord Bai Di first. Since we plan to join this alliance between the seven great clans, then we must take the initiative to get into contact with him and fight for better benefits."

    Shan He looked at the few Elders, shook her head, and sat down right next to Fang Xingjian. She was not a fool. After knowing that Fang Xingjian had consecutively killed the five clan heads, she now had a complete understanding of Fang Xingjian's powers. Moreover, since she had decided to do this, she should see through it to the very end. Since she had chosen Fang Xingjian, then her actions should be thorough in proving this. It would not be good if she were to be indecisive, moving between both sides.

    Seeing Shan He's action, Elder Grand and the others were all infuriated. In particular, Elder Grand glared at the two of them and said, "Young Miss, are you really going to listen to what this kid says? Listen to what he is saying! He is being extremely arrogant and ignorant! You believe in such words?"

    Shan He took a careful glance at Fang Xingjian. Seeing that he had closed his eyes and seemed as if he was cultivating, she said, "You guys can just sit here and watch the show. This time around, amongst the seven great clans, it's our Tianmen Clan's chance to be in the limelight."

    "Sigh. Young Miss, you'll regret it." Elder Grand sat at one side unwillingly. He had already made up his mind that if Shan He and that kid were to try anything else funny, he would stop them even if he had to go over the line.

    Elder Ou Bai, on the other hand, had already run off to look for Bai Di. However, there were too many people waiting to talk to Bai Di, so he had to wait for tens of minutes before he could squeeze in.

    Upon seeing Bai Di, Elder Ou Bai spoke up a little agitatedly, "Lo-Lord Bai Di..."

    "Oh?" Bai Di paused for a moment as if he had recalled who this man was. "Tianmen Clan's Elder Ou Bai?" He pat Elder Ou Bai on the shoulder and said, "You've done well this time around."

    Elder Ou Bai felt overwhelmed by Bai Di's grace and said, "No, it's nothing. This is something that we should do." He then pointed to the direction behind him and said, "Miss Shan He and the others are already here. The alliance between the seven great clans is definitely a story that will go down in history. It's my honor to be able to be part of it."

    Bai Di smiled and calmed Elder Ou Bai down before continuing to say, "Has Shan He arrived as well? Where is she?"

    Elder Ou Bai immediately said, "She was still with me a moment ago. Lord Bai Di, please hold on a moment. I'll go get her here right away."

    Bai Di smiled to the people around him. "My apologies everyone. Let's all wait for Miss Shan He then."

    "Haha, we should. This is Shan He's first time coming," Young Master Meng said with a smile.

    Young Master Ye also said, "Ours are small matters. Let Shan He come over here first."

    With consecutive flashes, Elder Ou Bai ran up to Shan He and grabbed her hand, wanting to rush over to where Bai Di was. However, after a slight tug, he realized that Shan He was showing no intention of getting up.

    He said anxiously, "Young Miss, Bai Di has called for you. Let's go over quickly."

    Shan He did not reply but merely looked in Fang Xingjian's direction. The latter still had his eyes close like he had lost connection with the entire external world.

    Therefore, she replied, "I'm not going."

    Ou Bai glared and said furiously, "Young Miss, what are you saying? Bai Di, the Four Gentlemen, and many other experts are all there waiting for us."

    Shan He waved her hand and said, "I'll just stay here. You can go by yourself if that's what you want."

    Ou Bai was infuriated, but no matter how hard he tried, Shan He would not budge. Just then, Uncle Ying, Bai Di's follower, came over and urged, "What's the matter. Why are you guys taking so long?"

    Just when Ou Bai wanted to explain, Fang Xingjian finally opened his eyes. His eyes were filled with shining sword light, as if they contained a world of swords.

    "Has everyone arrived?" He asked Shan He.

    Shan He nodded and said, "Most of the six great clans' upper echelon have arrived."

    Fang Xingjian threw an indifferent glance toward Uncle Ying and said, "Your cultivation isn't bad. Are you a member of the six clans' upper echelon?"

    Uncle Ying frowned and said proudly, "I'm but a small sidekick next to Lord Bai Di." He then looked at Shan He, "Miss Shan He, everyone is waiting for you over there. Come with me quickly."

    Fang Xingjian shook his head and said, "Get Bai Di to come over here. I have something to discuss with him regarding the matters of the six great clans."


    Uncle Ying was stunned for a short moment. He thought that he had heard wrongly.

    Elder Grand, Elder Ou Bai, as well as the other Elders from the Tianmen Clan also started to feel nervous. They looked at Fang Xingjian with eyes that seemed to be spewing fire and quickly explained, "Mister Ying, this guy isn't a member of our Tianmen Clan."

    "He's spouting rubbish. Don't pay him any heed."

    However, Uncle Ying's eyes gleamed coldly as he took great strides toward Fang Xingjian. "Miss Shan He, it's not that I'm not showing you any respect. However, there's no way that I can let this man off when he dares to insult Lord Bai Di. Otherwise, what's going to happen to the Holy Light Clan's regulations that have been passed down through the centuries? What will become of the prestige of the six great clans?

    "Young man, today I'll teach you a good lesson. I'll let you know what it means for there to be strict rules and regulations, and what it means when they say that trouble comes from one's mouth."

    Fang Xingjian said calmly, "Why does the weak one... want to fight?"

    Then, with a single tap of his finger, an Infiltrating Void sword intent darted into Uncle Ying's body. The latter was infuriated and wanted to retaliate. However, he immediately felt great pain, eventually crying out in agony and then in despair.

    In such a short amount of time, his lifetime of cultivation was crippled, and he dropped to the ground on his knees, looking at Fang Xingjian with a gaze that was filled with hatred and fury.

    "Lord Bai Di won't let you off. Do you think that you'll be able to leave this place after doing these things?"

    Elder Ou Bai gasped and looked at Fang Xingjian with great hatred. "B*stard! Are you trying to cause our Tianmen Clan to die?"

    Elder Grand moaned painfully as he looked at the crippled Uncle Ying with a face of terror.

    The other Elders from the Tianmen Clan were first appalled, then expressions of great despair hung on all of their faces.

    To think that Bai Di's subordinate had been crippled. No one dared to even try imagining how infuriated Bai Di would be.
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