Chapter 658: Those Who Kneel Shall Not Die

    Chapter 658: Those Who Kneel Shall Not Die

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    Elder Ou Bai was the first to react. With a furious bellow, his body flashed with over a thousand beams of white light bursting out from his body, taking on the appearance of several thousand gods.

    He then punched out across space, and the several thousand gods also punched out together concurrently. It was as if the gods were in a rage, delivering divine punishment.

    A myriad of thunderbolts and flames gushed out toward Fang Xingjian. Elder Ou Bai's infuriated attack had been brought out with his full power.

    However, how many experts were there present in this gathering? With there being the seven great clans and countless other powers, there were over 100 people present just among the second transition Knights alone. There were also over ten Demigods. As such, Elder Ou Bai's attack attracted gazes of the many people present.

    Different thoughts flashed through everyone's mind at lightning speed.

    "Hmmm? This is the Tianmen Clan's Pantheon Saintly Palm?"

    "What a dominating palm force. To be using one's force to imitate the power of the gods and using one's physical body to act as the Heavenly Court... This is the power of the Tianmen Clan."

    "This is Tianmen Clan's Elder Ou Bai? Who is that young man he is attacking?"

    "Ou Bai's is considered to be quite strong. Seems like this young man is dead meat, unless someone saves him."

    Many different thoughts went through everyone's mind. However, at the next moment, Fang Xingjian's foot was already stomping down on Elder Ou Bai's chest.

    Then the white light dissipated, and the thunderbolts and flames were extinguished just like someone had blown out a candle's flame lightly. Fang Xingjian had stomped down with a force that broke through Ou Bai's palm attack completely. Simultaneously, Ou Bai was kicked down to the ground with a loud boom. He rolled all the way over to where Uncle Ying was, coming to a stop in a kneeling position, where his upper body fell limply onto the ground.

    Fang Xingjian had managed to send Ou Bai back with one kick. He said calmly, "You can kneel along with him."

    Ou Bai roared out furiously but realized that he could not even open his mouth. Wanting to stand up, he summoned all his strength. However, he realized that there were waves of sword intent suppressing him, only allowing him to kneel alongside Uncle Ying.

    Seeing this scene, everyone's face flashed with emotions of shock, surprise, curiosity, as well as expressions of watching a good show.

    A glimmer of light flashed in Elder Grand's eyes. He felt as if great trouble was going to fall upon them, and he was completely scared speechless.

    Xingxing`er was also shocked as she watched this scene in a daze. 'Who on earth is this guy? To think that he would dare to raise his hands here. He is now doomed. The Holy Light Clan will probably not let him off.' She then heard a gasp and turned to look at Audrey, only to find Audrey staring at Fang Xingjian with great astonishment.

    Xingxing`er asked curiously, "Audrey, do you know him?"

    Bai Di and the others also turned their gazes in Fang Xingjian's direction. However, when they saw Fang Xingjian kicking down Elder Ou Bai, none of them took any action. It was as if they did not care enough to take any action.

    Young Master Meng, who had purple hair and appeared very dreamy, saw that Bai Di was frowning and immediately stepped out. He looked at Fang Xingjian and said, "Who on earth are you? How dare you raise your hands here?! Do you want to make enemies out of our seven great clans?"

    "Make enemies?" Fang Xingjian threw a glance in his direction and said, "You guys don't even have the right to escape when you're right in front of me. How can you possibly be enemies?"

    Young Master Meng was so angry that he burst out laughing, "What an arrogant and ignorant fool. Shan He, where on earth did you find this clown?"

    Shan He had not spoken a single word right from the very beginning and just quietly stood behind Fang Xingjian like a docile attendant.

    The other people present were also very astonished when they saw her doing this. They looked at Fang Xingjian with an amused expression. To think that even Shan He was acting so obediently... All of them were now curious about Fang Xingjian's identity.

    "Who on earth is this person?"

    "To think that he would dare to raise his hands here... He must have some kind of backing."

    "So what if he has some backing? There are people from all seven great clans here. Lord Bai Di has attained the Divine level, and the six Old Ancestors are also extremely powerful. No matter how strong his backing his, is it possible for them to go up against the seven great clans?"

    Audrey also looked at this scene in great surprise. Although Fang Xingjian's appearance had changed a little, she could still faintly see some familiar areas.

    'Could he be Fang Xingjian? Why is Fang Xingjian here? Why is he making enemies out of the seven great clans?

    'This is bad. The seven great clans are a social circle that keep themselves hidden, and Xingjian probably still doesn't know that the six Old Ancestors have attained the Divine level. This is not going to go down well.'

    Thinking of this, Audrey's face was filled with anxiety. She wanted to remind Fang Xingjian about the matters concerning the seven great clans.

    Hearing Young Master Meng's words, Shan He finally looked up, shook her head, and said, "Young Master Meng, you don't understand. Before Mister, it's meaningless even if the seven great clans join forces. You better surrender to prevent any regrets."

    "Hahahaha," Young Master Meng laughed maniacally when he heard this. It was as if he had just heard the funniest joke. "It's no use even if the seven great clans join forces? Do you think that he's Alexander? Or that he is the Church of Universal Truth's Guardian King? Even if the Church of Universal Truth's Guardian King comes here today, they won't dare to easily humiliate our seven great clans. Kid, you've had your share of the limelight today. Now, you can pay for it with your life."

    Young Master Meng had already launched his attack before finishing his words. He seemed to have turned into green smoke, completely losing a physical form. A dreamlike and illusory feeling gushed forth. In everyone's eyes, the sky seemed to have dimmed, the earth distorted, and the entire world turned into fragments. Distances, light and darkness, as well as directions seemed to have become contradicting, and it was as if one had enter the depths of a dream.

    Everyone could not help but feel great admiration for this move, and they were full of praise for Young Master Meng.

    However, at the next moment, a foot came descending from the skies like the foot of Hell's demon lord. It tore through the sky, shattered the ground, and turned the illusory atmosphere before him into fragments.

    Young Master Meng cried out in surprise and wanted to retreat. However, he felt a strong gale gush toward him together with Fang Xingjian's power. The wind pressure was so intense that it felt as heavy as Mount Tai, and as it pressed down on him, he was rendered unable to move.

    Divine light glowed, and several tens of beams of colorful light burst out. They were from the various Divine Weapons that Young Master Meng had equipped on his body.

    However, before this foot, those Divine Weapons were like a child's toys. Bang bang bang! Amidst loud explosive sounds, they exploded under the pressing sword force that came across space.

    With a loud bang , the foot finally stomped down on Young Master Meng's head. There was a popping sound, and the force from the sole of the foot pushed Young Master Meng down to his knees, smashing two small holes in the ground.

    However, this gush of power did not stop at all and continued to stomp down.

    "Ahhh!" Young Master Meng roared furiously. The power of the 1,024 specialty seeds burst out from his body, and the many streams of aura of sweet dreams rose up.

    However, his bones continued to creak and his body bled furiously. Young Master Meng was unable to hang on for a millisecond. Then he once again fell to the ground, and his head was stomped in.

    Fang Xingjian kept the foot on Young Master Meng's head, keeping him in the ground. He crossed his arms before his chest and looked at the seven great clans who were in front of him.

    "I'm Fang Xingjian.

    "Those who kneel within the next one minute won't have to die."
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