Chapter 664: Impact and Abnormalities

    Chapter 664: Impact and Abnormalities

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    The act of Jacob dropping to his knees represented that the people from the seven clans had submitted to Fang Xingjian.

    However, the people who had made this trip to the depths of the mountains in the north were all basically the core members of the seven great clans anyway, so their submission represented the seven great clans' allegiance to him.

    Of course, the news of Fang Xingjian suppressing the seven great clans only spread out amongst the small circle comprising of members of the upper echelon in the great clans.

    Fang Xingjian was still most well known for having killed the Undying Xia, defeating the Blue Sacred Moonlight, and crippling the First Prince. Although he had gained a great reputation from these feats, he was still not seen to be at the very top.

    However, Fang Xingjian did not care about these. After getting the seven great clans to submit, he stayed in the snowy mountains temporarily, ordering the seven great clans to each bring the martial arts legacy of their clan to him. He wanted to master all these martial arts and complete the tempering of his physical body that was required for the second tier of the Divine level.

    Simultaneously, the Panwu Heavenly Raiment was also sent back to the Great Western Region by Fang Xingjian and handed over to Wang Xiaoyan and Fang Qian. It was to be used for forging his next Divine level longsword.

    With the prowess of the Panwu Heavenly Raiment, this longsword, that was also a Divine Remains Equipment, would definitely be extraordinarily powerful.


    After seven days and seven nights, on the peak of a snowy mountain...

    Suspended 10,000 meters high up in the sky, Fang Xingjian was in a seated position as he looked at the raging clouds and falling snow.

    Countless manuals surged through his mind as all the different methods for one to temper the physical body, merge the soul and body into one, and combine one's martial will with the physical body continued to flash past incessantly.

    Audrey flew around Fang Xingjian, looking at him with a gaze of great admiration.

    She was wearing a white mantle over an extremely short blue dress, which revealed her pair of slender and beautiful long legs. Additionally, she was wearing black tights, which display her great figure.

    Matched with her fair and tender face, she was a femme fatale in the snow, flying and dancing about amidst the snowflakes.

    "Xingjian, are you trying to strive for the third tier of the Divine level?"

    "How is it that you can cultivate so fast?"

    "Are you really planning to head to the Imperial Capital?"

    Audrey continued to circle around Fang Xingjian, occasionally asking him questions. Even if she did not get any replies from him, she still seemed to be enjoying herself tirelessly.

    A few minutes later, she noticed that Fang Xingjian was still motionless, as if he had entered a deeper level of cultivation. He showed no reaction at all to everything in the outside world.

    Audrey suddenly neared Fang Xingjian, looking at his face with a clouded expression.

    Fang Xingjian had displayed great prowess, martial arts, and power. Now, he even controlled the seven great clans, the Great Western Region, and countless influences.

    A man like him was very attractive to any woman.

    As the top beauty in the Northern Ice Region, Audrey clearly had expectations and dreams for what her future partner would be like.

    However, no matter what she had wanted in the past, what Fang Xingjian had displayed far surpassed any of her previous expectations. He had surpassed her standards.

    The only thing she was not satisfied with was that he did not seem to be interested in her at all.

    At the next moment, Fang Xingjian's eyes moved and seemed to be looking at Audrey.

    Audrey was shocked and quickly retreated, saying, "You've woken up?"

    "Mmmm." Fang Xingjian's brows twitched, and all of his flesh and blood suddenly wriggled intensely. Looking at his own palm, he clenched it tightly, releasing explosive sounds.

    He could sense that there were streams of power being nurtured in his body, which was reassembling itself in an unprecedented manner.

    The numerous secret arts the seven great clans-Holy Light, Dark Shadow, Night Massacre, Thunder King, Fervent Dragon, and Tianmen-flashed through in his heart.

    With the ten tiers of the mystical prints and the world's best sword arts talent, Fang Xingjian was able to easily master these techniques and then freely combine them to help reforge his physical body.

    As Fang Xingjian's body undulated, layers of stacking sword physiques seemed to have appeared on the surface of his skin. It was as if countless longswords had formed his physical body.

    At the physical particle level, each of his physical particles seemed to have been completely changed. They became four sided longswords, like Fang Xingjian's Heaven-Connecting Sword Physique.

    However, this change was only sustained for a couple of seconds. At the next moment, his physical particles had once again turned back to their original form.

    'The qualities of physical substances undergo huge transformations due to their structures.'

    Through the many manuals left behind by the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor, as well as those in the Full Moon Shrine, Myriad Star Palace, and the seven great clans, Fang Xingjian now had a deep understanding toward the methods of cultivating the physical body.

    However, it all just boiled down to the merging of ether particles and physical particles, changing the structures of physical substances, creating different physical qualities, and eventually reaching a state where the body and the martial will were one.

    At the next moment, Fang Xingjian's physical body exploded abruptly. Then it gathered together once again while bringing in endless power from the ether particles, forming a faint human figure.

    He had started the process of retempering his body.


    Far away in the Imperial Capital, the First Prince stood in the training room, swinging his fists and kicking out with his feet. He was slowly cultivating the Ancient Path of Hell's martial arts one step at a time, starting from scratch.

    Although it was the most basic kind of martial arts, he did not appear dejected in the least nor did he hold it in contempt. On the contrary, he was extremely focused and serious in his practice.

    Half an hour later, the First Prince stopped his movements, let out a long breath, and stopped his cultivation.

    He walked up to a stone table at the side, had a short rest, and poured himself a drink.

    The First Prince appeared very much at ease and did not show any signs of dejection due to having his martial arts crippled.

    However, at the next moment, his eyes narrowed. He saw a piece of paper had been placed under the teapot without him noticing.

    He picked up the slip of paper and saw that there was only a single word written on it-Shang.

    Looking at the writing on the paper, the First Prince broke into a cold smile with contempt in his eyes.


    In the Northern Ice Region, at the bottom of a huge frozen river.

    The Fifth Prince was sealed under layers of icy mountains, and at an extremely low temperature of negative 200 degrees Celsius, the entire world seemed to be at a standstill.

    At the next moment, the Fifth Prince opened his eyes abruptly, and two beams of cold light were unleashed from his body.

    His entire body trembled furiously, then he charged out from the river bed, went through the icy mountains that weighed several million tons, and flew into midair.

    As a long whistle rang out, cold air scattered out in all directions, and the icy mountains that weighed several million tons turned into endless ice and snow. They scattered out, causing snow to fall in the area within a radius of 1,000 lis.

    "After laying low and exercising great endurance, I've finally succeeded."

    The corners of the Fifth Prince's lips curled up into an evil smile. He had finally attained a breakthrough to the Divine level.

    However, at the next moment, he turned his head abruptly to see a veiled lady in palace clothes standing there.

    "Mother? Why have you come?"

    The lady in palace clothes laughed coldly and said, "If I delay coming any longer, my son is going to become a worthless good-for-nothing. To think that a prince of the Empire isn't able to win against a little b*stard and can only hide here to work hard in your cultivation?"

    "Mother!" The Fifth Prince said furiously. "I'm only laying low for now. I've already succeeded in cultivating the Asura Way and attained the Divine level. Once I've strengthen the foundation of my cultivation, I'll look for that Fang Xingjian to get my revenge."

    "There's no need to do that. Even if you go now, you'll just be courting death and get further and further away from the throne." Saying that, the lady in palace clothes tapped out lightly with her finger, and a slip of paper floated down before the Fifth Prince.

    There was only a word 'Shang' written faintly on that piece of paper.

    "I have no either what your father is thinking either, allowing that Fang Xingjian to continue becoming stronger. Come with me to meet someone. He'll have the means to kill Fang Xingjian.

    "Only by killing Fang Xingjian and snatching away his trump card will you then have the chance to inherit the throne."
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