Chapter 666: Pondering

    Chapter 666: Pondering

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    Half an hour later, Fang Xingjian floated in midair while sitting cross-legged. The television in the distance kept changing channels. Two laptops flew about, with several tens up to 100 websites popping out at every single second.

    Behind Fang Xingjian, a man's identity card floated by. The man's photo had a close resemblance to him. This man did not only look like him, but his name was also called Fang Xingjian.

    Simultaneously, Fang Xingjian was also trying hard to understand this world's culture, background, and situation.

    'Culture wise, it's very similar. Even the language and written words are very similar. The geographical landscape and stars are exactly the same as well, situated in a solar system that's about the same.

    'In terms of the universe's environment, it's unlikely for such a coincidence to happen.

    'Could this really be a parallel universe? That's why the geographical landscape and culture are about the same? However, the concrete details and people are completely different?

    'Moreover, this world seems like it hasn't discovered any extraordinary strength that is similar to that of Miracle World.'

    At the same time, Fang Xingjian assessed the situation of his martial will. 'Without ether particles, the martial will can only rely on the basic energy replenishment. The efficiency is too low.

    'I must find the means to sense my physical body as soon as possible.

    'So many people have cleared the Nine-Tiered Heavens. It's impossible for it to be a dead end.'

    However, Fang Xingjian had already made multiple attempts. He had reviewed the methods recorded on the manuals which had been left behind by the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor, as well as the many factions including the Full Moon Shrine. Despite meditating and trying to use his martial will to sense the existence of his physical body, he had not achieved any success.

    Logically, with the great power of my martial will, I should be able to sense my physical body very easily by relying on the mysterious connection between my body and will. Yet why is it that I can't do that now?

    'So many people in history succeeded, so there's no reason why I can't.'

    Fang Xingjian continued to think about recorded gains his predecessors had achieved in the past. They seemed to have gone to a world that was similar to Miracle World, and at the beginning, they would lose their memories. Then each of them would take a different duration to awaken. Could it be due to this reason?

    'I came from Earth? That's why I've gone to Earth's parallel universe and not Miracle World's?'

    Just as Fang Xingjian was in the deep thought, his head suddenly turned 180 degrees and looked toward the bed.

    The beautiful young lady from earlier had woken up once again. When she saw Fang Xingjian's head turning 180 degrees, she screamed out once again and fainted.


    With an upward hook of his finger, the young lady immediately flew over. Then Fang Xingjian swung his palm, and a tap was turned on. A basin's worth of water poured over, splashing onto the young lady.

    She opened her eyes and screamed out again when she saw Fang Xingjian. However, she did not faint this time around and merely looked at Fang Xingjian in horror while shouting, "Don't kill me! Please don't kill me!"

    "I have not thought of killing you," Fang Xingjian said helplessly. "Why would I want to kill you?"

    "Aren't you an alien? I promise that I won't reveal your identity. Please don't kill me!" The young lady wailed as she broke down in tears.

    The young lady's face was stricken with tears. Moreover, considering how she was completely naked and hugging onto only a blanket, she looked extremely pitiful.

    Fang Xingjian shook his head and said, "Go put on your clothes. I won't be killing you."

    The young lady trembled as she put on her clothes and then washed her face, revealing a cute face with a little bit of baby fat. When she changed her clothes, she checked her body and heaved a sigh of relief when she realized that she had not been violated.

    As there were no clothes belonging to the girl in the room, she could only change into a baggy pair of jeans and t-shirt, revealing a large area of her fair chest. The two rising bumps and the snow-white chest cast a shadow, making her appear extremely attractive.

    She sat on a chair, feeling a little worried and scared. Occasionally, she would look at Fang Xingjian and the computers, television, and books that kept on spinning around him. There was curiosity and anxiety in her eyes.

    Suddenly, Fang Xingjian asked, "Who are you? Why did you appear in my bed?"

    Thinking of this, the young lady snorted angrily before saying, "You brought me here yesterday. Don't you remember?"

    Seeing how Fang Xingjian appeared to be at a loss, the young lady was even angrier. However, at the thought of Fang Xingjian's strange abilities, she did not dare to unleash her fury. She felt increasingly aggrieved to the point where her eyes turned red, and she said, "You gave me a glass of wine at the company's gathering yesterday. I felt dizzy after drinking it, and I fainted. When I woke up, I'm already here."

    Fang Xingjian nodded. It seemed that this person whose body he had taken over had wanted to violate this young lady. This was really stupid.

    He then asked again, "Who am I?"

    The young lady was stunned for a moment. However, under Fang Xingjian's intense gaze, she replied carefully, "You're Fang Xingjian, Fang Tian Corporation's General Manager and Fang Clan's Young Master."

    Fang Xingjian stroked his chin and thought, 'My identity in the parallel world?' A hint of understanding suddenly flashed in his heart. 'If the second of the Nine-Tiered Heavens projects one onto their identities in a parallel world, then it's not hard to understand why I've come to this world that's similar to Earth.'

    'Is it also because I'm not in Miracle World's parallel universe that I find it hard to sense the existence of my physical body?'

    By this time, Fang Xingjian had already made some guesses to his current situation. However, he had yet to think it through on how he should resolve this situation.

    Looking at the pitiful-looking young lady who was pursing her lips together, Fang Xingjian asked, "What is your position in the company?"

    "Human... Human Resource."

    "From today onward, you'll be my personal secretary."

    "Ahhhh!!!" The young lady cried out and said, "No, no, no... I won't be able to do it."

    "If I say you can, then you can."

    "I promise that I won't divulge your matters. Please let me off!" The young lady cried out.

    Fang Xingjian said indifferently, "How much was your pay when you were working at the front desk?"

    "5,000 a month."

    "From today onward, I'll pay you 50,000 a month. You'll be my personal secretary."

    The young lady was stunned as the image of $50,000 flashed in her mind. Then the money immediately became countless meat, hotpots, sushi, barbeques, seafood, and many other food. In addition to those, there were also many clothes and cosmetics.

    Her eyes shone brightly, and a drop of saliva dripped down without her realizing.

    Before she got out from the temptation of money, Fang Xingjian had already floated into the walk-in closet. Then a suit, tie, belt, and other clothes were automatically put onto his body.

    "Right, what's your name?"

    The young lady was stunned for a moment before she said in a daze, "Zhao Yuting."

    She suddenly reacted, sat up straight, and then asked, "Are you really giving me 50,000 a month?"


    "I'm not selling my body!"


    "Will you eat me up?"

    "Mmm... I won't."

    In an instant, Fang Xingjian had changed his clothes. With a loud snap of his fingers, he headed out with Zhao Yuting following him.

    "Let's go. Come along with me to the company."
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