Chapter 692: Crushing Stomp

    Chapter 692: Crushing Stomp

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    Young Master Long and Young Master Lei, who were both on the ground, also revealed looks of astonishment when they saw this scene. However, at the thought of Devin's strange black magic and the Mage Association that was behind him, their hearts sank.

    "This isn't good. Why did Fang Xingjian barge in here all by himself?"

    "Didn't he go look for some helpers from the Second Prince's faction? How can he possibly be a match for Devin all by himself?"

    "Moreover, there's still the Mage Association behind Devin. Moving so recklessly will end up in a war with the Mage Association."

    "That isn't right. Fang Xingjian shouldn't be so rash. Hasn't he just come here to save people and negotiate conditions? I don't think that he'll fight it out with the Mage Association directly."

    Thinking of this, both of them wore anxious and nervous expressions on their faces. They only hoped that Fang Xingjian was here to save them and not fight with Devin.

    Ignoring everyone's fear and unease, Fang Xingjian looked at Devin directly and said, "Shorty, you're Devin?"

    Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, the countenances of the two Gold Robed Mages turned grim, and Young Master Ye's face instantly paled.

    It was true that Devin was very short. As a Gold Robed Mage, even after attaining the tier one of the Divine level, he did not have the regenerating abilities that Knights had and still continued to be very short.

    After all, Mages needed to refine diabolic energy for their own use in order to attain the Divine level. This would allow them to raise the power of their will, and there was no relation with attaining the five tiers of perfection for the physical body.

    Moreover, unlike the Gray Robed Mages, Gold Robed Mages did not have black magic that could allow them to modify their physical bodies.

    However, it was also because he was short that Devin utterly detested people calling him a shorty. Everyone who called him this would basically be killed by him in the most brutal way.

    Hearing Fang Xingjian address him in this manner, streams of blood vessels popped up all over Devin's eyes.

    "You have some nerve."

    As he spoke, Devin slapped out with his palm, and golden rays of light amassed together. They instantly turned into a huge golden palm and grabbed out fiercely toward Fang Xingjian.

    This was the diabolic energy he had stored in his body after refining them. It was the equivalent of having transformed them into his martial will and thus Fang Xingjian was not immune to it.

    This was because Mages could refine diabolic energy in order to turn them into their own martial will, as well as having the ability to perform all sorts of black magic which allowed Mages to dominate over many Knights.

    Faced with this palm that was striking toward him across space, Fang Xingjian did not even take a look at it. He sent out a sword slash, and a violent sword intent sliced the huge golden palm into two.

    "Shorty, didn't the Black Mage King tell you not to recklessly come to offend me?"

    Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, the countenance of everyone present changed drastically. They had not expected that Fang Xingjian had such nerve to dare challenge the Black Mage King.

    Devin was infuriated, and golden light burst out from him. "Arrogant."

    "Ignorant." Fang Xingjian sent his sword intent sweeping out and once again sliced Devin's martial will into two.

    Then, with a flash, Fang Xingjian darted through spatial gaps and stomped down toward Devin's head.

    "Hmmm?" Devin's countenance did not change. He unleashed the level 9 black magic-Gracefulness of Time. The flow of time seemed to have slowed down in a moment, and everything within 100 meters moved as slowly as snails. Fang Xingjian was the only exception, continuing to stomp down as if he was unaffected.

    "The Gracefulness of Time doesn't have any effect?"

    Devin's countenance change, and the golden light on him burst out. Golden martial will turned into a light screen, forming a shield before him.

    With a bang , Fang Xingjian's foot stomped down on the golden light screen. However, how strong was Fang Xingjian's physical body now? His martial will and physical body had merged together to form the Heaven-Connecting Sword Physique. This stomp had an explosive prowess equivalent to 600 points in his strength and 1,500 points in his martial will.

    With a boom , the golden light screen shattered into dust. Fang Xingjian's foot then stomped onto Devin's head directly. The latter's head exploded from the stomp and turned into a headless corpse, plunging toward the ground.

    However, neither the two other Gold Robed Mages nor Young Master Ye seemed to be anxious in the least when they saw this scene. It was because they knew that this death was not even considered to be superficial wounds to Devin.

    However, when Young Master Long and Young Master Lei saw this scene, their hearts sank hard and their scalps felt numb. They had the feeling that a great disaster was going to descend upon them.

    "This isn't good. Fang Xingjian is really going to war against the Mage Association."

    "Although his sword arts are amazing and his cultivation is very powerful, he's probably still a little weak compared to a Divine level Mage like Devin. Moreover, Devin has the entire faction of Gold Robed Mages and the Mage Association behind him."

    Thinking of this, both of them felt terrified. They were afraid that they would be implicated with Devin or the Mage Association, and if that were to happen, things would not be as simple as them having to dig through ruins.

    When Devin's corpse was in midair, it regained its original appearance. Golden martial will swept out violently, and he straightened up once again. Great fury burned in his eyes as he looked at Fang Xingjian. Simultaneously, he formed seals with his hands, and the level 11 black magic-Futuristic Vision-was activated.

    "You dare go up against our Mage Association? I'll let you know what real terror is."

    From that moment onward, he would be able to preempt Fang Xingjian's attacks one second earlier.

    However, Fang Xingjian did not pay that any heed. He took another step and stomped out.

    "I warned the Black Mage King before to not come and offend me. Since your Gold Robed faction has offended me, I'll stomp down and wipe out your Mage Association."

    Strong killing intent flashed in the faces of the three Mages. They looked at Fang Xingjian as if they were looking at a lunatic, a dead man. They had never expected that Fang Xingjian would dare to challenge the Mage Association like this.

    The people from the seven great clans turned pale and looked worriedly at Fang Xingjian, who was in the sky.

    Through his Futuristic Vision, Devin knew how Fang Xingjian was going to attack. He pushed his palm upward and mixed with a strong golden light to fend off Fang Xingjian's attack. All of the martial will in his body had been used in this palm for defense, and the piercing golden light seemed to want to penetrate through the skies. The surrounding space was distorted into many layers and stacks, extending out to an area of several hundred meters.

    It was true that having diabolic energy turned into their own powers allowed Mages to far surpass Knights in terms of pure strength. The power of this palm alone was equivalent to that of a tier three Divine level expert.

    Simultaneously, he tapped out with a finger from his other hand, activating level 12 black magic-Shuttle to the Past. His body, which had been relatively empty, now had golden light surging in it again.

    The black magic, Shuttle to the Past, was one that allowed one to tap into the powers they had in the past. At this moment, Devin seemed to unleash explosive powers as if there were two of him. One was used for defense and the other for attack.

    However, at the next moment, the golden light shattered, and Devin's palm that was pushing upward was stomped into dust by Fang Xingjian's foot. Then Fang Xingjian continued to stomp down onto Devin's face.

    Devin's head exploded again from the stomp, and he plunged straight into the ground, sending dust splattering up into the sky.


    At the next moment, golden light burst out, and a total of nine Devins came charging out, bellowing. Each of them had 100% of Devin's power.

    This was level 12 black magic-Chaotic Army. It allowed the user to summon eight of himself from different timelines and use them to attack concurrently.

    However, they had just come charging over when they were sent back by Fang Xingjian with the stomping of a single foot, and their heads crashed into the ground. Under the huge terrifying force, their noses sunk in, their cheekbones were smashed, and their brains were crushed. Their heads were crushed once again.


    Golden prints cut across the sky, and two sharp blades that represented the profoundness of time descended. Wherever they passed by, it was as if the time there would accelerate and everything seemed to be falling before these two sharp blades.

    The level 13 black magic, Blade of Time, was a high level black magic that allowed the user to collect the opponent's lifespan.

    However, the more lifespan it collected, the same amount of lifespan of the user would be depleted.

    Devin had gone all out.

    However, faced with Devin's all out attack, Fang Xingjian merely put out his finger, flicked twice, and sent the Blades of Time flying away. He then stomped down and crushed Devin's head again.

    Everyone watched in a daze as Devin crawled up time and time again, bellowing furiously. However, each time he got up, he would be stomped back into the ground by Fang Xingjian, turning into meat paste.

    After stomping down on Devin's chest and crushing it, Fang Xingjian's gaze turned to Audrey and said, "Gather everyone first and collect the Holy Light Clan's resources while you're at it. I'll still need some time here."

    He looked at Devin, who was regenerating, and stomped out once again, sending golden light exploding into the sky. He crushed Devin's neck with a single stomp, sending Devin's head flying out.

    After moving his head a little, Fang Xingjian said,

    "After all, even if they are ants, it'll still take some time to stomp them one by one."
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