Chapter 694: Infiltrating

    Chapter 694: Infiltrating

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    No one had expected this, nor could anyone understand how Fang Xingjian was able to win.

    Gold Robed Mages could control time and reduce the speed of time for everything material. Just a level 9 black magic-Gracefulness of Time-would allow these Gold Robed Mages to go up against majority of tier one Divine level experts.

    Moreover, when it was the Gold Mage King's clone who had come down personally?

    To think that Fang Xingjian could crush even the Gold Mage King's clone with just a single stomp. How powerful were Fang Xingjian's abilities? Everyone was in a state of great shock, unable to say a single word as they looked at Fang Xingjian.

    Young Master Ye dropped down from the sky to the ground with a thud, going onto his knees and crawling toward Fang Xingjian.

    "Xingjian, I was forced. If I didn't listen to these Gold Robed Mages, they were going to kill me. Moreover, I took the chance to save many people from the seven great clans while I worked for them." Young Master Ye knelt down before Fang Xingjian. With even the Gold Mage King's clone being crushed with a single kick, no one present doubted Fang Xingjian's abilities anymore.

    Audrey murmured, "Xingjian... may really have the strength that will allow him to challenge Mage King level experts."

    Xingxing`er's now looked at Fang Xingjian with a gaze filled with great fervor.

    "This is a saga, a legend! I initially thought that although Fang Xingjian was unrivalled, he was only at the top of Knights. To think that he can go up against Mages like this..."

    Young Master Lei's eyes were overwhelmed with shock. "To think that he can defeat the Gold Mage King so easily... It seems that... the world is really going to change..."

    They watched as Young Master Ye, who kept on begging for mercy, was engulfed in endless sword light with just a glance from Fang Xingjian. Young Master Ye's physical body was turned into dust, and his martial will was wiped out as well, crushed into powder that scattered through the air. Young Master Ye was completely dead. Regarding people like Young Master Ye who would surrender to their opponents, Fang Xingjian would absolutely not tolerate them.

    Seeing how Young Master Ye was killed with a single attack, a chill ran down everyone's spine.

    Fang Xingjian looked toward Young Master Meng and said, "You stay here. Get the Holy Light Clan's items ready and then come to look for me at the Sun City."

    "Alright," Young Master Meng replied. Then he looked toward Fang Xingjian carefully and asked, "Sir, are you going to..."

    "Just call me Xingjian," Fang Xingjian said. Looking calmly toward the south of the snowy mountains, he added, "I'll go save Jacob."

    Since Holy Light Clan's head Jacob had surrendered and succumbed to him, there was no way that Fang Xingjian would leave him to die. Moreover, half of the Holy Light Clan's assets had been moved to Sun City, where there were also Gold Robed Mages. Earlier on, the Gold Robed Mages had also run amok through the entire Northern Ice Region. So, there was no way that Fang Xingjian could leave them be as it was.

    "Which of you are familiar with Sun City?" Fang Xingjian asked as he glanced at them.

    "I... I'm familiar with it." Audrey stepped out. This top beauty in the Northern Ice Region, a young miss from the Pop Clan that a wealthy clan in the Northern Ice Region, said, "I grew up in Sun City, so I'm very familiar with the place."

    Fang Xingjian nodded. Then he lifted his palm lightly and flew toward the sky together with Audrey. "Lead the way."

    In an instant, the two of them turned into two streams of light and flew toward Sun City.

    With Fang Xingjian's current speed, it was an easy feat for him to travel across the entire world. Even when he had to bring along Audrey with him, he was still able to travel at great speed. During the process, he paused for a few times to check out the directions. Then, under Audrey's guidance, the two of them arrived in the air above Sun City in a few minutes.

    Looking down at the glorious and brilliant city, Fang Xingjian's eyes narrowed slightly, and four longswords behind him pierced through the spatial gaps and swept out toward the borders of the entire city.

    The Gold Mage King had already found out about his existence. So, considering the speed and ability of a Divine level expert, it was highly possible for them to have made some sort of preparations in Sun City.

    If the opponents were to have close to light speed movements or tier two Divine level experts amongst them, then even Fang Xingjian would not be able to stop them easily.

    Therefore, when he arrived here, he did not try to gain the upper hand by displaying his strength. On the contrary, he started to set up his sword formation. He was going encompass the entire Sun City within his Celestial Eradication Sword Formation. As long as he had the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation set up, even if he were to face tier five Divine level existences, he would have the confidence to be able to deal with them.

    While he was setting up the sword formation, he was also planning to scout out some information.

    Concurrently, he looked at Audrey and asked, "Does your clan have any influence here? Let's head over and take a look first."

    Audrey nodded and led Fang Xingjian as they flew toward a manor in the north of the city. It was the Pop Clan's residence in Sun City, where one of her uncles stayed to manage the Pop Clan's businesses here. This was also the greatest manor in the Sun City, which showed how wealthy the Pop Clan was.

    Right now, the entire Sun City was in a state of high alert. The local government was almost dysfunctional, and all commoners hid themselves at home, not daring to come out.

    Fang Xingjian and Audrey darted through the spatial gaps, passing through the corridors and halls like two ghosts. They saw countless aristocrats moving around. Prominent characters in the Northern Ice Region were carrying glasses of wines and walking about. There was clearly a drinking party in motion.

    "What's going on?" Audrey said in surprise, "Stan Clan, Youhun 1  Clan, Lusheng 2  Clan... Why have all the aristocrats in the Northern Ice Region gathered here?"

    Fang Xingjian frowned and said, "The Gold Robed Mages have swept through the entire Northern Ice Region. By the looks of it, their main forces should be in Sun City. Go and find out to see if you can locate where Jacob is or the whereabouts of that Gold Robed Mage."

    Fang Xingjian's Celestial Eradication Sword Formation had yet to encompass the entire Sun City and he did not wish for his will to cause any alarm. After all, from tier two of the Divine level onward, one's attacks and movements had been close to light speed. Even Fang Xingjian would find it hard to stop them.

    Therefore, Audrey appeared after turning around a corner while Fang Xingjian continued to stand amongst the spatial gaps, following behind.

    "Oh, isn't this Audrey?"

    "Haha, Audrey, I heard that you were still at the Great Western Region earlier. When did you come back?"

    "You must have come back to meet Lord Shi Shou as well, right?"

    As the number one beauty in the Northern Ice Region and the Young Miss of the Pop Clan, Audrey attracted the gazes of numerous aristocrats almost at the moment she appeared. After a few exchanges, she managed to grasp the current situation.

    Half a month ago, the Gold Robed Mages arrived at the Northern Ice Region. The person in the lead was a Mage by the name of Shi Shou. This person was a tier three Divine level expert. He was a legendary character of the same generation as the Gold Mage King.

    Shi Shou had accumulated a lot of power over the decades and studied countless black magic. After the world's metamorphosis, he managed to strive up to tier three of the Divine level and could be said to be fully prepared.

    This person had led a group and swept through the Northern Ice Region, causing the entire Northern Ice Region to shiver in fear. Even the local government did not dare harbor any thoughts of resistance, let alone other factions or the aristocrats.
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