Chapter 695: Current Trend

    Chapter 695: Current Trend

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    Almost the entire Northern Ice Region was now under the control of the Gold Robed Mages.

    At the beginning, Audrey anxiously sought to get information about the situation of the Pop Clan, which she belonged to, and the Henry Clan, which was the Northern Ice Region's greatest clan that had already been suppressed by Fang Xingjian.

    Previously, the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon descended upon the Northern Ice Region, and the Undying Xia had wanted to snatch Audrey. However, Fang Xingjian had shaken up the entire Northern Ice Region, killing Xia's clone right on the spot and then getting the head of the Henry Clan to succumb to him.

    However, the arrival of the Gold Robed Mages had clearly changed the situation.

    Just as Audrey was anxiously finding out the situation of her clan, Andolf, the Pop Clan's head and Audrey's father, took a few steps forward. He rushed over like a bolt of lightning, appearing before Audrey and saying, "Audrey, thank goodness that you're fine."

    "Father." Audrey heaved a sigh of relief. However, her gaze turned, and she saw another person standing at the side. It was the Henry Clan's head, who had previously used four corpses of their ancestors to set up a formation to deal with Fang Xingjian but had later been easily suppressed.

    Earlier on, he had given the information about the formation to Fang Xingjian in exchange for his own life.

    However, right now, the Henry Clan's head appeared arrogant, domineering, and in high spirits. There was none of the dejection he felt previously.

    Seeing Audrey's gaze, he smiled and said, "Audrey, it's great that you're alright. Earlier on, when we found out that you went to visit the seven great clans as a guest, your father and I were worried that something had happened to you. Why, didn't you meet Devin and the others?"

    Audrey's gaze flickered slightly, but she did not reply the Henry Clan's head. Instead, she looked at her father and communicated with him using information currents. "Father, what is going on? Haven't the Gold Robed Mages come to the Northern Ice Region? Are you guys alright?"

    Audrey's father smiled bitterly and replied using information currents, "The entire Northern Ice Region is under the rule of the Gold Robed Mages. Even our Pop Clan has to listen to their commands.

    "However, by the looks of things, although they are domineering in their ways, they aren't unacceptable yet. Based on their recent actions, it seems that they wish to develop in the Northern Ice Region in the long term."

    When the Henry Clan's head looked at the two of them, he knew that they were communicating through information currents. He waved his hand and broke off their communication while saying, "Alright. Audrey, I know that you don't really understand the current situation yet.

    "Right now, Lord Shi Shou is the one domineering over the Northern Ice Region. The entire Northern Ice Region, the government, the great clans, factions, and academies, as well as the triads, trade associations, and financial groups, have all yielded to the Mages.

    "The matters concerning all the great clans are currently under my management. Audrey, if you have any issues, you can just come to me."

    Audrey frowned slightly. Although she had expected this to happen, she still could not help but ask, "Father, both you and Henry Clan's head have both gone over to join the Gold Robed Mages?"

    Audrey's father frowned slightly and did not reply. However, the Henry Clan's head replied, "The Mage Association is a great association that has a legacy of over ten million years, domineering over the world. Their great accumulation of power is beyond one's imagination, and in the course of history, only the Church of Universal Truth can compete with them. The legacies, power, and resources they have far surpass what the Empire possesses.

    "And right now, the Empire's royal family have joined forces with the Mage Association. Based on my latest news, the several large factions chosen by the Mage Association will be taking charge of the seven great regions, with the exception of the Central Region. From now onward, the passing down of their legacies will be completely merged as one with that of the Empire's."


    "So this is how it is?"

    "Then wouldn't the Empire be split up into eight?"

    "So that's how it is. Does this mean that our Northern Ice Region will be managed by the Gold Robed Mages in the future?"

    The appearance of the Henry Clan's head had already gotten the attention of many people. When these aristocrats, martial arts practitioners, and clan heads heard what he had to say, they revealed great astonishment. Those who were still slightly undecided earlier had all now made up their minds.

    "What?" Audrey listened to this in surprise. It was as if she had not expected that the Mage Association would take such great measures.

    Seeing the astonished looks from the people around them, the corner of the lips of the Henry Clan's head curled up slightly, appearing a bit complacent. He had gotten these news from Shi Shou one day ago, and the reason he spoke of them was to show off that he was highly regarded by the Gold Robed Mages.

    A short and fat wealthy merchant asked worriedly, "Is the Krieg royal family willing to accept this? They won't end up fight, right?"

    "That's right? What will happen if a war were to occur?" Another wealthy clan head asked.

    The Henry Clan's head waved his hand and said, "Don't worry, there won't be a fight. Putting aside the fact that Lord Shi Shou is already a tier three Divine level Mage, Lord Mage King has already attained a breakthough to tier five of the Divine level, having the powers to hold his stand in this world.

    "Furthemore, amongst the Mages from the other factions, the power of the Green Mage King, the Red Mage King, and the Purple Mage King are all astonishing. They aren't that much weaker than the Gold Mage King.

    "Moreover, the top person in the Mage Association-the Black Mage King-is there to keep watch over things. Even if the Church of Universal Truth comes, it will be a tough fight."

    Hearing the Henry Clan's head mentioning one Mage King after another, the hearts of the people present palpitated. When the people present thought of the power they held, it was as if they had a heart calming pill.

    It was true that the world was getting increasing chaotic. If they could be protected by a great presence like the Gold Mage King, it would be the best for them.

    Henry smiled and looked at everyone's reaction. He knew that the Mage Association's prestige had been slowly planted in their hearts, and as the pressure coming from the Mages get increasingly stronger, it would be easier for him to command these great clans.

    Just then, a white-haired elderly man walked out while using a cane to support himself.

    With the elderly man's appearance, everyone was once again taken by surprise.

    "Lord Governor?"

    "Even the Governor has come?"

    "It seems that even the government has acknowledged the Mage Association's status."

    That white-haired elderly man holding a cane was, in name, the person with the highest level of authority in the Northern Ice Region-the Northern Ice Region's Governor. He stood next to Henry and said calmly, "The majesty of the Gold Mage King's reputation and power spreads through the entire world. His Majesty has given the orders that the Gold Robed Mages will reign over the Northern Ice Region. Everyone here are reputable characters in the Northern Ice Region. Please cooperate well."

    Hearing the words of the Northern Ice Region's Governor, everyone present were left speechless. To think that even King Alexander had admitted the status of the Gold Robed Mages.

    The short and fat wealthy merchant said, "Sigh, it seems that the spread of the control the Mage Association has in this world is inevitable."

    "That's right. The Northern Ice Region will probably be in the control of the Gold Robed Mages from now on," the person who spoke up was the leader of a faction. His eyes revealed his acceptance of the current situation.

    With the way things were going, even the Governor and the Henry Clan's head had fully succumbed to the Gold Robed Mages. What could they, small sects and factions, do about this?

    Audrey's father noticed Audrey's expression suggesting her unwillingness to accept things. He spoke to her using information currents, "Audrey, don't be rash. The Gold Robed Mages ruling over the Northern Ice Region is something that will come to be. No one can stop the current trend of things."

    Audrey shook her head. Her mind was still filled with the domineering scene of Fang Xingjian stomping down and crushing Devin and the Gold Mage King's clone.
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