Chapter 696: Persuading

    Chapter 696: Persuading

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    Audrey replied to her father through the information currents, "Father, you're wrong. Back then, we surrendered to Fang Xingjian, so we are now members of the Second Prince's faction."

    "Sigh. Audrey, forget about Fang Xingjian," Audrey's father tried to persuade her. "No matter how strong Fang Xingjian is, how can he possibly be a match against the Mage Association? I heard that he was with the seven great clans previously. Did you meet him? Lord Devin has headed over to deal with the seven great clans, and Fang Xingjian has probably been defeated by him."

    Audrey looked at her father and shook her head, feeling disappointed.

    Audrey's father thought that Audrey had not thought things through and tried to persuade her more. He continued saying, "Audrey, it's just nice that you've come today. Lord Shi Shou's son, Shi Shi, will also be coming later. Go and get to know him later."

    "Father! You...!" Audrey looked at her father in disbelief.

    However, her father smiled bitterly and replied helplessly, "Audrey, I'm doing this for your good. Shi Shi is Lord Shi Shou's only descendant and is extremely doted upon by Lord Shi Shou. He is currently in his prime and is very handsome and charming. Moreover, he has exceptional talent. Not only is he a great genius amongst the gold faction Mages, he has also attained a breakthrough to tier one of the Divine level.

    "There's no harm to you if you were to be with him, only benefits."

    Audrey now looked at her father with only disappointment and coldness in her eyes. Although she knew that he was doing this for the good of their clan, his performance still made her feel very disappointed.

    Just then, a din broke out in the distance as an extremely handsome young man, who was clothed in golden robes, entered. A man in golden robes, who was also a Mage, was following right behind him with great respect.

    Seeing the appearance of the young man, Henry's eyes lit up, and he immediately walked over. "Lord Shi Shi, you're finally here. Everyone has been waiting for you."

    Shi Shi smiled slightly, appearing calm and endearing. However, if one were to take a more careful look, they would be able to see the air of arrogance in the depths of his eyes.

    This was a usual thing for all Mages. When had they ever paid much heed to the other influences in this world, aside from the people of the Mage Association and the Church of Universal Truth?

    The various aristocrats, great clans, officials, merchants here could be said to hold great influence and weight. However, to Shi Shi, they were merely bugs that could be easily smashed.

    Therefore, after smiling reservedly at the Henry Clan's head, Shi Shi did not say anything else.

    On the contrary, the aristocrats in the surroundings came crowding around, trying to get into Shi Shi's good books. It seemed that all of them hoped that their influencers would be able to gain greater benefits in the Northern Ice Region in the future.

    Shi Shi handled them one by one, but most of the time, he merely nodded with an air of superiority. It was as if he did not even care to take a glance at these experts, wealthy merchants, and officials.

    However, the people in the surroundings did not care at all. After all, they could not get into contact with the Gold Mage King, and Shi Shou was an existence that was very high up, just like a god.

    So, they could only try to get into Shi Shi's good books. So what if he was extremely arrogant? To these people, Shi Shi's status was greater even than the Empire's royal family.

    "Hehe, even the Empire's royal family and the Ancient Path of Hell's legacy can't be compared with the Mage Association."

    "Lord Shi Shou is an expert who is second only to the Gold Mage King amongst the Gold Robed faction, and Shi Shi is someone who is like the equivalent to the First Prince. If we can get him to like us even if it's just a little, our clan will be able to hold our weight in the Northern Ice Region in the future."

    Countless people approached Shi Shi with such thoughts, making this young Gold Robed Mage the center of the entire banquet.

    The Henry Clan's head, who was at the side, paid great attention to Shi Shi's reactions. When he saw a hint of impatience flashed in Shi Shi's eyes, he immediately waved his hand to push back the rest of the people.

    Shi Shi nodded. "I heard from my father that amongst the many clans in the Northern Ice Region, the Henry Clan has the oldest legacy and a deep accumulation of power and wealth. In the future, our Gold Robed faction will still need a lot of support from you in managing the Northern Ice Region."

    "That's of course," the Henry Clan's leader said respectfully. "You sirs are all top notch expects, and it really is the great fortune of our Henry Clan to be able to provide our services."

    Just then, the head of the Henry Clan, who had been carefully observing Shi Shi's emotions and interests, noticed a hint of astonishment in Shi Shi's indifferent gaze when he glanced at Audrey.

    The Henry Clan's head smiled. "That's the number one beauty of our Northern Ice Region, Audrey from the Pop Clan."

    "Oh?" A hint of interest flashed in Shi Shi's eyes. This was the first questioning tone he had spoken since he appeared.

    The Henry Clan's head was extremely crafty, and when he heard Shi Shi's tone, he immediately understood what his intentions were. The Henry Clan's head quickly said, "Haha, Audrey has always admired your talent. The two of you are a perfect match and will be able to get along well. I'll get the others to come over."

    While he was speaking, the Henry Clan's head had already sent out information currents to Audrey and Audrey's father, telling Audrey to come over quickly.

    However, Audrey did not pay him any heed. Audrey's father tried to persuade her, "Audrey, at least go and have a chat with him. Just a chat is fine, right? If you contradict Shi Shi too much, our Pop Clan will probably be unable to do well in the Northern Ice Region."

    Audrey sighed and said, "Father, you're wrong. In the past, the Northern Ice Region hasn't been in the rule of the Gold Robed Mages, it still won't be in the future."

    After Henry saw that Audrey had not taken any action even after a while, his countenance fell. He thought that Audrey did not know any better just because of her great beauty. He shouted, "Audrey, come over quickly. Lord Shi Shi wishes to meet you."

    He had shouted out directly, attempting to force Audrey to come over.

    However, Audrey only returned an indifferent glance to his shouts. Her eyelids lowered slightly as she said, "Henry Clan's head, did you forget that just a few months ago, you were defeated by Xingjian and that you pledged your allegiance to the Second Prince? How long has it been and you're already switching your allegiance?"

    Hearing Audrey's words, the face of Henry Clan's head turned extremely grim. The fact that he had been badly bashed up by Fang Xingjian and even the corpses of his four ancestors had been defeated was a great humiliation to him.

    How could he possibly not feel angered by Audrey's words?

    However, he held back his fury and said, "Miss Audrey, a prudent bird selects its tree. In the past, Fang Xingjian compelled and threatened our Henry Clan into submission with violence.

    "Now, Lord Shi Shou has come to the Northern Ice Region. The Gold Robed faction has held great standing in the world for several thousand years, and Lord Gold Mage King is a top notch expert in the world, a tier five Divine level existence.

    "What's wrong with me submitting to their grace?"

    Audrey continued to lower her head and gaze, saying with a sigh, "Aren't you afraid that Xingjian will come back and kill you with a slash for your fickle-mindedness?"

    "Hahahaha," Henry Clan's head laughed out loud. "Fang Xingjian is young and ignorant. In the past, he showed disrespect to the royal family and to seniors, relying on the sword arts he had learned from god knows where. He was unbridled and threw his weight around, creating great problems everywhere he went.

    "But Lord Shi Shou is now in Sun City, and the gold faction black magic is unrivalled in this world. They can control time and lifespan. How can a mere Fang Xingjian be a match for them?

    "Moreover, it's said that Fang Xingjian has hidden in the Holy Light Clan. Lord Devin has already led a group into the depths of the snowy mountains, and the seven great clans have been completely suppressed. Despite Holy Light Clan's head, Jacob, being suppressed one-sidedly, Fang Xingjian still didn't show up.

    "Even after over 50% of the Holy Light Clan's wealth was transported to Sun City, Fang Xingjian still hasn't shown up."
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