Chapter 698: Cooperation

    Chapter 698: Cooperation

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    Shi Shou, the number two character of the Gold Robed Mages, was an absolute expert at tier three of the Divine level who had suppressed the entire Northern Ice Region single-handedly.

    At least at the current moment, when the world's metamorphosis had occurred less than half a year ago, a person who was at tier three of the Divine level would be considered a top notch existence in the world. Moreover, he was also a Gold Robed Mage.

    Therefore, when Shi Shou appeared, Shi Shi had felt excited. He had been looking forward to having his father seek revenge for him.

    Hope had also grown in the heart of the Henry Clan's head. He had hoped that Shi Shou would be able to defeat Fang Xingjian and help him regenerate his physical body.

    Everyone present had been on tenterhooks, not knowing what this number two character of the Gold Robed Mages would do.

    'Will he fight it out with Fang Xingjian?'

    'Tier three of the Divine level and also a Gold Robed Mage... I wonder if Fang Xingjian will be a match for him.'

    'Shi Shou is too powerful. His black magic can distort time and across the Empire, the King is the only one who can win against him.'

    Many thoughts had flashed in the minds of the many people.

    The Pop Clan's head, Audrey's father, had looked at Audrey with great fury. He had communicated with her using information currents in great disappointment, "Audrey, look at what you've done. You've completely pushed our clan to the opposition stand to the Gold Robed Mages. If the Pop Clan falls in the future, it will be all your fault."

    However, Audrey had not said anything, only shaking her head. Her eyes had filled with disappointment, feeling increasingly disappointed with her clan and her father.

    However, under everyone's astonished gazes, Shi Shou had come up next to Shi Shi and then landed a slap on the latter's face.

    Shi Shi was stunned, and he looked at Shi Shou in disbelief. It seemed as if he could not understand why Shi Shou would do this.

    Shi Shou did not pay any heed to Shi Shi's stunned state. Instead, he turned to look at Fang Xingjian and said, "Mister Fang, I've failed to take my son in hand. Please do excuse us."

    When everyone heard what Shi Shou said, they were bewildered.

    The Gold Robed Mages had held a great weight in the world for over ten million years. Right now, the number two character of the Gold Robed Mages-a great tier three Divine level expert, Shi Shou-had actually given in to Fang Xingjian.

    The Henry Clan's head was in great disbelief. It seemed as if he found it hard to believe what was happening before his eyes.

    Audrey's father was equally stunned, unable to understand what was happening before his eyes.

    "What's the matter? Why is it that Shi Shou will give in?"

    "How did things turn out like this?"

    "Could it be that Fang Xingjian... Could it be that his abilities far surpass what we know of?"

    Shi Shi also found it hard to accept what was going on. He stood up abruptly, looked at Shi Shou, and said, "Father, what are you doing? He publicly challenged our Mage Association. Are you going to..."

    Before Shi Shi could finish his words, he was sent flying by Shi Shou's palm once again, rolling out to several tens of meters away. Simultaneously, an enraged will rang out in his mind. It was Shi Shou's voice.

    "If you don't wish to die, then shut up. Fang Xingjian is no longer someone you can offend. Know where your place is."

    Shi Shi looked at Shi Shou, stunned. He could even see a deep feeling of disappointment in Shi Shou's eyes. Now, Shi Shi knew that his performance had disappointed Shi Shou.

    'But... why...' Shi Shi clenched his teeth tightly, still finding this result hard to accept.

    Shi Shou sighed. He recalled the information that the Gold Mage King had given him earlier, and when he looked at Fang Xingjian, a hint of astonishment flashed in his eyes.

    A few minutes ago, Shi Shou, who had been cultivating black magic by himself, had received information sent by the Gold Mage King.

    "Shi Shou, Fang Xingjian probably will arrive at Sun City very soon. Don't have any clashes with him."

    "Why? Although this guy has some sword techniques, he isn't a Mage and is just an ordinary Knight. He probably can't even deal with Devin or Shi Shi."

    "He has just killed Devin, and even though I rushed there using the power of the Time Primordial Spirit, I was crushed by him in a single move."

    The Time Primordial Spirit was a unique black magic to the Gold Robed Mages, and it borrowed the powers of diabolic energy to remodel one's martial will. Not only was it extremely sturdy but it could also solidify black magic, allowing them to perform black magic without seals or chants.

    "How is that possible? He killed your clone?"

    "That's right. Moreover, he is immune to black magic and ordinary diabolic energy. Only the power we get after refining diabolic energy into our martial wills will have an effect on him."

    When Shi Shou heard this, he was even more astonished. Having cultivated black magic for over 100 years, he found it really hard to accept that there was an existence in this world that was immune to black magic.

    "This matter is a highly classified secret even in the Mage Association. Only some relevant personnel and experts of the Mage King level will know. You must keep this to yourself for now and not say it out into the public. Otherwise, it can easily shake up the Mage Association's foundations."

    "I understand," Shi Shou accepted these information with great difficulty and then continued, "Then are we going to retreat?"

    The Gold Mage King said, "No need. It's true that Fang Xingjian is a type of unique existence and that he probably has attained a breakthrough to tier three of the Divine level.

    "However, if it isn't because I, Old Black, the King, and the others are preparing for that evil god ritual, it wouldn't be impossible for us to rush over and kill him directly.

    "However, we need to prioritize the evil god ritual over everything else. How much benefit we can get from this ritual will affect the achievements of our Gold Robed faction in the future. Therefore, don't make an enemy of Fang Xingjian and create complications.

    "Moreover, I've sensed from the river of time that Fang Xingjian may be of great help to the evil god ritual. Therefore, remember this. Even if he doesn't cooperate, don't make an enemy out of him. If we can get him to help us and work together with us, it'll be for the best.

    "As for dealing with him, wait for till the ritual is completed."

    "I understand."

    The news that the Gold Mage King brought had caused Shi Shou to be astonished time and time again. To think that Fang Xingjian had actually attained tier three of the Divine level? Moreover, he was immune to black magic? Additionally, even Shi Shou might not be a match for him?

    The even more terrifying thing was that this person might have relations to the evil god ritual.

    However, he would never have expected that with just a short delay, the people on his side had offended Fang Xingjian again.

    At the gathering, Shi Shou returned to the present from thinking about his memories. He looked at Fang Xingjian and said, "Mister Fang, it's true that we weren't very clear of your relationship with the Northern Ice Region earlier.

    "I've always been in great admiration for your sword arts. Even my Senior Martial Brother has always had great praises for your sword arts as well.

    "However, His Majesty the King has handed the Northern Ice Region over to the protection of our Gold Robed faction. If you're willing, you can join us, and we'll rule over the Northern Ice Region together."

    Everyone present was dumbstruck when they heard Shi Shou's words, which gave others the impression of weakness and that he was trying to befriend Fang Xingjian.

    This was especially after it was brought up that the Gold Mage King also had great praises for Fang Xingjian's sword arts. It stunned them completely.

    Who was the Gold Mage King? He was someone who held great weight in this world, a being capable of ranking in the top 20 or even top 10 amongst all the Divine level experts across the entire world. He was a top notch character who could really go up against the Church of Universal Truth.

    For a person like him to admire Fang Xingjian's sword arts... Would this not mean that Fang Xingjian's sword arts were already considered top notch in this world?
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